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Diwali is a festival that India celebrates with vigour. The Hindu community lights lamps and burs...Read More

Diwali is a festival that India celebrates with vigour. The Hindu community lights lamps and bursts crackers to signify the triumph of good. Diwali also signifies the beginning of the Hindu new year. Read Less

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    Sikhs have another story behind Diwali. For them, it commemorates the return of the sixth Guru Nanak. The sixth Guru Nanak refused to leave the Gwalior Fort without other political prisoners. When they all returned, every Sikh lit candles and the night sky was decorated with crackers. It signifies Sikhs’ commitment to human service. 

    The days of Diwali 

    The Festival of Lights stretches beyond the bounds of religion and culture; almost all religions celebrate this festival. Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is suitable for all ages, from young ones who love bursting crackers to elder ones who want to worship god and cleanse their homes of dirt. 

    Here are the specialities of the five days of Diwali: 

    First Day 

    The first day of Diwali is called Dhanteras. It’s also known as Dhantryaodashi. It marks the beginning of Diwali and sets the stage for the upcoming celebrations. 

    Hindus pay homage to Lord Dhanwantri. Lord Dhanwantri is a Hindu god born with Ayurveda in one hand and Ambrosia in the other when the ocean was churned. This myth relates to the story of the tiff between Devas and Demons for Amrut. He was a surgical specialist as well. He is said to bring Hindus healing practices for their development. 

    Individuals bathe with holy water at the crack of dawn and light a lamp around the Tulsi plant. They pray to Lord Yama, the lord of death, for their well-being. Finally, people pay tribute to god with a havan or holy fire and chant mantras in remembrance. 

    Individuals start decorating their houses using decorative items. You can find Diwali decorations online for great offers in the Diwali sale! 

    Second Day 

    The second day is called the Narak Chaturdashi. This day marks the defeat of ‘Naraksura’, a demon who kidnapped 16,000 maidens. Lord Krishna defeated him and saved the ‘gopis’. 

    Individuals clean their houses spotless and decorate them with flowers and fragrant oils. They draw rangolis with vibrant colours at the threshold. Every room of the house has a diya to light it up. 

    Narak Chaturdashi is referred to as ‘Choti Diwali’. People also get massaged with oil to eliminate all the tiredness and stress. They then shower and relax to celebrate this day. Individuals also travel to relatives’ houses to wish them a prosperous Diwali. You can buy your friends and family handmade Diwali gifts this year to add a touch of our culture’s authenticity! 


    The third day of Diwali is one of the most celebrated days out of the five. This was the day when Lord Rama returned from his 14-year-old long exile with his wife, Sita and brother, Laxmana. He was welcomed to his kingdom with beautiful diyas lighting up the path. 

    This day is said to coincide with the return of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata from their exile. 

    Deepavali translates to a line of lamps. And that’s how Hindus decorate their houses. Public and parks have lights on this day. Colourful fireworks adorn the night sky. You can buy these Diwali decoration items online

    Hindu households prepare for the Lakshmi pooja and worship the Goddess of Wealth. Lord Ganesha is also honoured with her. Then, a pandit performs the pooja, and all family members participate in the celebration, offerings, and rituals. After the pooja, everyone gets ‘Prasada’ or sweets. 

    Businessmen perform the ‘Chopdan Pooja’ to inaugurate their account books for the new year. This is a way to ask for blessings for good luck and wealth for their business. 

    In West Bengal, Bengalis utilise this day to celebrate Goddess Kali. 

    Fourth Day 

    On the fourth day of this Diwali, individuals do the ‘Govardhan Pooja.’ The legend behind this pooja dates back to when Lord Krishna asked why the people of the village where he used to reside were staunch followers of Lord Indra. 

    He advised them to pray to the Goverdhan Parwat instead of the Lord of Rains. This hill protected them from calamities, including rain. The villagers worshipped the part, and that’s when Lord Indra got furious. 

    He cursed the village with heavy rains. Lord Krishna saved the natives of Gokul by picking up the Govardhan parvat with his little finger and using it as shade. The people of Gokul decided that the Govardhan Parvat would be worshipped through the years and honoured on this day. 

    Individuals wear new clothes and jewellery and distribute presents and sweets amongst relatives. Moreover, you can get Diwali decorations for sale to decorate your house for the guests that will grace your home with their presence! Additionally, for gifts, reap the benefits of any  Diwali gift offer you can find online or in person. 

    This day is also known as Vishwakarma Day, where individuals worship their arms, instruments, and other machinery. Most establishments remain closed. It’s also called Annakut. 

    In Gujarat, it’s popularly celebrated as the day of ‘Bestu Baras’, where ‘Bestu’ refers to upcoming and ‘Baras’ means year. 

    Fifth Day 

    On the fifth day of Diwali, Hindus celebrate Bhai Beej or Bhai Dooj. It’s also known as Bhai Tilak or Bhai Fota. On this day, Lord Yama was said to visit his sister Yamuna much after her insistence. To welcome her brother, Yamuna decorated her house and lit it up. 

    Pleased by his sister’s welcome, the Lord of Death granted her a boon. Yamuna asked her brother to reserve this day to visit her every year. 

    Another legend says that Lord Yama granted her a boon that whoever visited her on this day would attain Moksha. Therefore, brothers and sisters come together on this day to celebrate their bond and unconditional love. So, likewise, sisters wish for their brothers’ prosperity, happiness, and success. 

    Pooja Essentials

    Now that you know the significance of every day, you know that the poojas in Diwali don’t seem to end! The essence of Diwali lies in worshipping deities and celebrating these auspicious days by the most traditional method. 

    Poojas or Havans are a way to establish a connection with the deities. The prayers chanted aim to praise the Gods or tell their story. Natural objects such as fruits, flowers, and sweets are used in Pooja. 

    However, there are other things you need for your Diwali poojas. Here is a list to make things easier for you. 

    1. A Pooja Thali 

    You can use a brass thali with some design to enhance your Diwali pooja’s essence and decoration. 

    1. Diyas

    Diyas are an essential part of a pooja thali. This year, you can indulge in getting some Diwali handicraft items as Diyas. 

    1. Pooja Bell 

    A bell is considered holy to welcome divinity and eliminate evil.

    1. Hawan Kund 

    This is used in every ritual, including yajnas, birth and naming ceremonies, and marriages too. 

    1. Choupala 

    It is used to store sindoor or kumkum and haldi. It sits on the pooja thali. 

    1. Kalash 

    This pot stores holy water that is offered to God. It represents power and prosperity. 

    These are some of the essential items you need other than fruits and flower garlands. 

    Diwali Decor Ideas

    Diwali is a festival of decorations. Everyone is expected to decorate and clean their houses until it looks like a palace. One of the main aspects of this decoration includes diyas since Deepavali signifies light. 

    This Diwali, get Diwali items for sale online. You can buy diyas as the following to decorate your house. 

    • The ‘Glowing Peacock’ Brass Diya 
    • The ‘Gleedful Ganesha’ Wall-Hanging Diya 
    • The ‘Golden Parrot’ 
    • The ‘Rustic Mughal Diya’, Tea-light holder and Hanging Iron Diya 
    • The ‘Paradise Peacock’ Bell brass diya 

    These are some of the most beautiful pieces of diyas used as decoration. If you’re looking for Diwali gift ideas, handmade gifts are the best option this year! Diyas are one of the unique Diwali gift ideas since they’re handcrafted and beautiful! You can gift these to your relatives and help them decorate their house this diwali! 

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    India is a vast country where people from diverse cultural backgrounds live under the same roof and celebrate different festivals. Every festival celebrated in India exhibits a very strong message to the entire world. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a grand affair in the Indian subcontinent. This festival symbolises the ascendancy and triumph of good over evil. On this auspicious occasion, the whole family comes together from distant corners of the world and celebrate the festival with happiness and excitement. This festival feels people’s heart with its glory and positivity. 

    People decorate their houses with bright lights and diyas to spread light and bring prosperity into their homes. Check out exclusive Diwali decoration items to glorify your interiors and enhance their look this festive season. These days, handicraft items are so much in demand due to their vibrant colours and exquisite designs. ExclusiveLane Indian handicraft store brings you a wide range of handmade Diwali items that will help you decorate your indoors in the best manner possible this Diwali.  

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    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS

    What are the best handcrafted Diwali gifts?

    Best handcrafted Diwali gifts consist of handmade Diyas, handmade vases, pots, wall hangings, mugs, table lamps, tea lights, tea light holder, aroma diffuser, Ganesha idol, planting pot and many more. 

    What are traditional gifts given during Diwali? 

    Traditional gifts like Ganesha idol, table lamp, tea light holders, Diya’s, planters are given during Diwali. 

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