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    One of a kind study furniture just at ExclusiveLane 

    No doubt, our study tables, and study sets are a masterpiece. They are made from the finest materials like - solid mango wood, solid Sheesham wood, solid Sheesham wood with the cane, and lastly, the master combo of solid Sheesham wood and mango wood with the love and perfection of artisans all over India. Solid wood study tables like Hercules, Andromeda, and Apollo with walnut, teak, natural finish are specially curated for you to use. The study tables are either mango wood study furniture or Sheesham wood study furniture, but either way, they are the best handcrafted wooden study furniture offering you storage. It has a rectangular shape top making it spacious, with black hairpin legs or quirky elongated legs giving it an edge and even designs that are catchy yet straightforward suitable for every person who should be using a study table to study. 

    Finding a matching chair or pulling a sofa every time you need the study table is not possible, and that is exactly why we have come up with study sets that include a study table with a chair. These solid wood study tables and chair sets are made from solid mango wood, solid Sheesham wood, solid Sheesham wood with the cane, and lastly, solid Sheesham wood and mango wood. The finish is walnut, teak, black or natural, giving a classy look. It is also a one-seater providing you storage for your books, gadgets, and whatever you need while you work on the table. These study sets are durable, affordable, and avoid cracks, giving you a worry-free comfort to study. The study table chair sets are made in a way that is comfortable, chic, and at the same time, suitable for your posture. The chair's fabric has been finely upholstered in blue, white, and different colors. So if you are looking for study furniture, explore the ExclusiveLane Study furniture collection. 

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane? 

    Gone are the days when you had to look for furniture in every corner of your city or find artisans who could make you the perfect masterpiece you have dreamed of. ExclusiveLane is just the online store you are looking for, it is an online Indian handicraft store promoting small artisans throughout the country to showcase their talent and earn the living they deserve. You can find all the great artists and their works of art at our one-stop destination - ExclusiveLane. We aim at promoting our culture while keeping in mind the current trends in the world. Our range of products shows our nation's diversity through the work of different artisans. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our website and look at other things for you in-store, from home decor to Lighting, Furniture to handmade gifts. We have everything that would make you and your house happy. ExclusiveLane Indian handicraft store is a one-stop destination for you, giving you the best quality furniture at a reasonable price you will not regret. 


     Q1) What kind of table furniture is best for studying?

    Wooden table chair sets or wooden study tables made from the finest quality of Sheesham wood having great storage are the best for studying. You can easily store whatever you need on the table, and you no longer have to worry about a matching chair, we bring to you our matching study sets that would match your room aesthetics just at ExclusiveLane. 

    Q2) What is the most comfortable table chair set for studying?

    The most comfortable table chair for studying is our ‘Aegis’ collection made from the finest quality solid Sheesham wood having a walnut finish. The table is spacious and has storage, whereas, on the other hand, the chair has been made in an elegant square design that makes it comfortable.

    Q3) Which is the best wood for furniture?

    The wood for furniture is undoubtedly the finest quality of Sheesham, and Mango wood is algood choice. It is durable and avoids cracks in your furniture. So do not leave this chance and get the best wooden study table at ExclusiveLane. 


    For the best quality products, you can also browse through study tables, study sets, wooden furniture, storage furniture, console sets, bookshelves and even for any handicraft bulk orders.


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