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Contemporary houses benefit from hanging ceiling lights because they add a sense of style. When i...Read More

Contemporary houses benefit from hanging ceiling lights because they add a sense of style. When it comes to mansions and palaces, chandeliers or pendant lamps have always been the choice. It is important to consider a few factors when choosing lights. Consider the needs of your home interior before purchasing one, whether it be pendant lamps, hanging lights, or another decorative lighting. Pendant lights are adding beauty to the homes. Enhance the look with the awesome hanging lights from ExclusiveLane and make your house look classy during the date night evening.Read Less

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    61 products

    Introduction to the world of Pendant lamps

    Pendant lamps are exquisite pieces of luxury. The price of pendant lamps depends on the material that has gone into its making and the cost of those materials as well as the intrinsic value of the lamp. A pendant lamp which has antique value will definitely cost a fortune because you don’t get them as easily as an ordinary lamp and they are real objects of art which are priceless.

    Pendant lamps date back to ancient times in Greece where they were used interestingly. They were mostly used to hang animal fats and perfumes kept in containers. You would have found them on either side of a bed in the '50s in India and other countries. Pendant lamps for bedroom represent the subdued yet elegant objects of pièce de résistance. You may very well buy pendant lamps for kitchen and pendant lamps for bedroom in the form of table lamps for bedroom.

    If you are a lamp enthusiast especially related to pendant lamps, you may order pendant lamps online. You can simply type in the words pendant lamps online in India. Nowadays, pendant lamps are mass-produced which have lesser value than the hand-crafted ones. It all rests on your taste and the place where you want these pieces of beauty to adorn and to add brightness and style to your house. Be it pendant lamps for the living room or any other room you can brighten up even a bare room with the mere presence of a pendant lampshade that has been chosen with care.


    Varied Styles in Pendant Lamps

    Pendant lamps are suspended from ceilings as tea-lights or by rods or chains. They light up the dark places, providing grace to space and are a feast to our eyes. These are simpler than chandelier lamp shades with a series of arms that are outstretched in all directions. A pendant is a little more than wall lamps hidden under a shade. It swings with the draft of wind. There is a wide variety of shape, size and dimension of these exotic things.

    The purpose of a pendant light is defined by the things or materials that went into the making of its shade. There are the ones made of glass, a colourful one that is blown by mouth in the factories, and there are those with fabric-covered domes that throw light creating a particular ambience in a room.


    Understanding the Anatomy of Pendant

    Knowing the pendant in these lamps will help you select the right piece that will serve its purpose. Here are the following components:

    Mounting strap: These are anchored fixtures to the outlet box in the ceiling.

    Canopy: It’s a decorative piece like a cover to hide the unwanted electrical parts.

    Nipple: These thread into the mounting strap

    Hanger loop: This one is the connecting chain

    Chain or rod: It is used to hang the lamp from the ceiling

    Socket: It is there to provide power to bulbs.

    Shade: They have control over the direction and spread of light

    Washer: It supports the shade 


    What is a pendant lamp and what is it used for?

    A pendant light is also called a drop or suspender light, which is being hung from the ceiling through a chain, or metal rod. These are lights that are suitable for high sealing buildings. For eg, The lights are usually hanged on the receptions halls which has a higher ceiling for more inches. They are generally used in couples, triple or more since they also act as an act of classiness and decoration for the place. Choose the size based on the length and width of the building, and select which could be the perfect option for you.

    What are the different types of hanging lights?

    Hanging lights are something that is very common in most homes and nearby places. The light can be hanged from anywhere in the building, through means of a chain. There are many different types of hanging lights like chandeliers, mounted lights, accent lighting and many more. Each light has its own features, and choose them based on your needs and necessity.

    What is the right place to hang pendant lamps?

    Pendant lights are perfect when you have a bigger ceiling. When you choose a bigger length of light, then the width should also be of the same size. Generally, pendants are been placed 30 to 35 inches or 72 inches above the floor. It is also a good option to place two to three medium-size pendant lights in your living room for better lighting and luxurious settings.

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