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Sharing gifts with your loved one is a gesture of affection and care. To make your gift shopping experience easier, ExclusiveLane brings forth a premium gift collection for every festivity. Explore various gifting options, ranging from Diwali gifts to corporate gifts, and make them smile wider on a special occasion.

Light up the festive season this year with exclusive gifts from ExclusiveLane!

As we all know, the festive season is just around the corner. Starting with Navratri till Dussehra, the festive season will come onto Ganesh Chaturthi and end after Diwali. These festivals are meant to commemorate the victory of good over evil, the light over darkness. While, in Navratri, we offer prayers to the Supreme Goddess Durga, in all of her forms, we condemn the evil Lanka King Ravana on Dussehra. Finally, in Diwali, the festival of lights, we celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after his fourteen years of exile. During these auspicious occasions, some things are customary in almost all Indian houses. Firstly, we clean and renovate our homes in time for the festive season. The second most important aspect of the festivities is the act of gifting. Festivals are all about spreading love and happiness, and what better way is there to show your affection for your loved ones than exchanging gifts? For this reason, we at ExclusiveLane have brought you a whole range of different collections of gift items for the upcoming festivals.

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We have a range of several collections for the upcoming festivities. Besides having Diwali lights and gifts, we have a horde of best gift items for Ganesh Chaturthi and offer items on sale for Dussehra. Keep reading to find out more about the things we curate in our collections.

Corporate gifting: In this collection, you will find a range of items that you could gift to your colleagues or employees. From collections of Lamps, wax candles, tableware to garden and home decor items, you would find lots of gift options to gift your colleagues or employees this Diwali, all at the most affordable prices too! ‘Glowing Ferns’ Handcrafted Wall Sconce Tea Light holders in iron with Glass Holders (Set of 2): Among the range of other corporate gifting items, we also curate tea lights and diffusers, and this item would not only enhance the ambience in your colleague’s house but is also a great home decor to gift just in time for Diwali. The uniqueness of these light holders is in each wall frame’s spiral fern shape, handcrafted with iron.

Diwali lights: Diwali is quintessentially the festival of lights, and one of the best items to gift to your loved ones for Diwali are Diwali lights. The celebration would get even better if you purchased those Diwali lights from ExclusiveLane. We have a range of beautiful products that are not only perfect for Diwali but can also be used all year round as home decor.
‘Moroccan flame’ Hand-etched Pendant lamp in iron: This handmade lamp skillfully crafted by some of the best artisans in India makes for a beautiful showpiece during festivities and in normal times as well. When you light this lamp, it shows a breathtaking Moroccan pattern that captivates anyone who sees it.

Diwali gifting: At ExclusiveLane, you will get the most exclusive range of items that you can give to your friends and family in this Diwali season. Moreover, you will also find amazing sales and discounts throughout the festive season and can get your choice of items at the most affordable rates.
‘Seven tuskers in Brown’ Hand carved and Handpainted showpiece in fiber: Showpieces are an amazing gifted option for your friends, family and loved ones for Diwali. At ExclusiveLane, you will get a range of products for home decor, and among them, we curate a beautiful collection of showpieces. This piece consists of seven elephant figures, is hand-crafted with high-quality fibre and is painted with multiple colours that add another layer of beauty.

Dussehra sale: Dussehra is even closer around the corner than Diwali as it is celebrated just at the end of Navratri. Dussehra is celebrated as an ode to the goodness of the world that is triumphant over evil. It is celebrated by burning a voodoo doll of Ravana to welcome goodness and prosperity in our lives. ExclusiveLane thus enhances your occasion with amazing deals and discounts.
‘The Banana Leaf’ Serving Platter in Ceramic: ExclusiveLane brings to you a collection called ‘The Banana Collective’ for Dussehra, celebrating our age-old Indian tradition of eating on banana leaves. This ‘Banana Leaf’ platter measures 13 inches, and you can use it in the microwave as well since it is microwave-safe. It makes for an excellent gifting option.

Ganesh Chaturthi sale: Yet another festival that is here already is Ganesh Chaturthi. We offer our prayers to Lord Ganesha, for he is the God who removes all of our obstacles in life and bestows upon us peace and prosperity. For the Ganesh Chaturthi sale, ExclusiveLane brings to you yet more collections of amazing gifting options. ‘Peacock boulevard’ Hand engraved ceramic vase: We have brought you the collection ‘Peacock boulevard’ for the Ganesh Chaturthi sale as it is the bird that signifies truth, honour and self-love, all of which we should practice on this auspicious occasion. This vase is made of ceramic, and the designs on it have been engraved by hand, thus making it an excellent and unique gifting option.

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ExclusiveLane is not your ordinary gift store online because we curate the most intricate collection of items for each occasion. Besides that, you will find that all of our products are also great to use in your daily lives, adding to the beauty of your home. We are different from other gifting stores on the Internet because of the range of products we curate and the quality of each of our products. Hence, you will never be disappointed after buying gifts online from us, whether you buy Diwali gifts or for Dussehra.


Q1.What to gift parents on Diwali?
Ans. You can choose any items in our myriad of collections to give to your loved ones during Diwali. In addition, you can check out our Diwali lights and Diwali sale collections.

Q2. What are the most popular corporate gifts?
Ans. We have significant corporate gifting collections, which you can check out at Corporate gifting for Diwali.

Q3. What candles are used for Diwali?
Ans. ExclusiveLane enlightens your home with the best-ever exclusive collection of candles for Diwali, which you can check out in our Wax candle collection.

Q4. Is a candle a good Diwali gift?
Ans. Candles are amazing Diwali gifts since they serve the purpose of the festival Diwali which commemorates the victory of good over evil and is the “festival of lights.”