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Add a fresh look to your living space with beautiful vases to keep flowers or simply use as they are from ExclusiveLane. Browse our wide collection of handpainted ceramic and terracotta vase.

    99 products

    Buy unique decorative vases online

    “He who loves the decorative vase also loves what’s inside”… And so goes the age old African proverb. Decorate your home with beautiful flowers in equally alluring ceramic vases. And not just any run of the mill, mass produced one albeit the product of the sweat and labor of a talented artisan working away quietly in some idyllic hamlet of the country. Whether it’s the perfect housewarming gift or a cool addition to your showpiece shelf, we have the most awesome, decorative vases for home décor. The “Crackled Finish” Studio Pottery Decorative Ceramic Vase (9 inches)is a beautiful piece of art that’s surely gonna be the perfect flower vase for the living room, or a lovely gift for your loved ones. You can get numerous decorative vases online at reasonable prices on Exclusive

    Awesome exclusive decorative vases set for home and studios

    Good décor has the potential to turn the drabbest of places into the sassiest and coolest of party hotspots! So whether you are looking for quirky chandeliers, quirky decorative hangings, handicraft items or extraordinary garden décor, you can be assured of finding the coolest and choicest handcrafted stuff  in the caverns of

    Sometimes what you are looking for is sets of the good stuff and not just one! We heard you amigos! Check out exquisitely crafted ceramic hand painted vases and decorative flower vases online in Exclusivelane including  the, “Tribal Pot Faces” in Terracotta (Set of 2) which has all the potential to be a cracker of a conversation starter and may just serve as the ice breaker when you someone you fancy over for dinner!

    Your one stop shop for all out-of-the box handicraft needs

    Our country has a rich & varied cultural heritage and when you decide to invest in genuine pieces of handicrafts or hand painted vases you surely wouldn’t want to pick out something mass produced under the faux garb of being handmade. This is where stands out. Every piece of pottery that you buy from our store is the product of the toil of an artisan behind the potter’s wheel in the hope of keeping his craft alive. Support such endeavors and feel the difference. 

    So whether you are a working lady, in search of boho-chic jewellery pieces to up your corporate style game or an artist who loves to hear the sound of earthy wind chimes while it rains in the backdrop, we have something for every mood and desire. 

    Give a girl the right piece of jewellery and she can conquer the world or a jewelry box to organize her things . Try out pieces of handcrafted necklaces and earrings and we are sure that you won’t feel like going back to your regular pieces! Inspired by the hitherto unexplored culture of the Dhokra tribes from the Indus, “The Relics of Mohenjo-daro” is our bespoke range of intricately crafted earrings and necklaces for the divas who are trendsetters in their own right. 

    Decorate your home interiors or spruce up your workstation, or redo your home temple with idols and pieces that are as connected with the earth 

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