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Give a rich feel of elegance to your table tops with handmade jugs. Explore the exquisitely designed handcrafted ceramic jugs & kettles exclusively brought to you by ExclusiveLane.Read Less

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    Understated beauties: Jugs and kettles

    We are always gushing about the new coffee mug that we found or the new tea set we are so fond of – but, we hardly ever pay attention to kettles and jugs! Yes, that’s right – now that you know it, you will always think about it and browsing for jugs & kettle online! And this will help you how? To get your kitchenware décor and accessories on point! Because admit or not, a well-decorated and aesthetic kitchen will always have your heart.

    So, coming back to jugs and kettles – they are important accessories and they add on to the entire aesthetic sensibility of your kitchen. And – they are extremely handy! Still not convinced why you need to be paying attention to kettle sites online and browsing for jugs online?


    Let’s take a look at some more than compelling reasons:

    1) To begin with – they are useful. Imagine a tea set without a pot! How odd and difficult to use will that be! So, if you are buying cups and mugs online, why not buy kettles too? You can mix and match them with different tea sets especially if you want to keep it indie and see how beautiful it looks and how useful they are. Jugs you can use to store water, milk, whichever you want. They too are useful.

    2) Next comes the aesthetic factor. Well, for kettles and jugs, they really add colour and pop to your kitchen. For example, if you go with a ceramic kettle teapot then it would make a great fit and would stand out. That is something that you can try to play around with. Ceramic kettles and jugs are almost never failed. So, if you want to up your kitchenware look, you can always go with them!

    3) You can pair them with almost anything and everything. Think about it, if you get kullads online who will not love a ceramic kettle with that? It will simply make both the cups and the kettle stand out on its own. That’s something that you will really want to have around in your kitchen.

    4) And finally, they have double usability. Suppose you get a kettle online and it becomes a little worn off with use, you need not dispose of. You can recycle it. Use it as a vase, place in your terrace garden – whatever you want – you can always reuse it. In fact, the same stands true for all tea kettle set and even jugs. Cracked jugs, cracked kettles can also be used for decorative purposes.


    So, whether you go with a teapot with cup and saucer set or you want to go for individual kettles and jugs, do not miss out on these understated beauties, because they add both usability and colour to your kitchenware. The next time you browse for beer mugs, bottle online, do not forget to browse for these beauties as well!

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