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Your search for a unique wall décor far and wide ends here! At ExclusiveLane, we have a range of wall plates to accentuate the beauty of your house and satiate your desire for something very exclusive. Shop a variety of Warli and Madhubani folk art inspired wall plates to up your décor game to the max.

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    12 products

    Importance of Wall Plates in Homes 

    When you buy a new house or apartment, one of the first things that you would search for is home decor. We want our houses to look aesthetically pleasing and there is a range of items that are available in the market, offline or online, that you can adorn your house with. One great piece of home decor is a wall plate. You will find wall decor, wall hangings, wall clocks, wall hooks and several varieties of wall mirrors, also wall plates that are made of different materials and of different colours. You can also opt for changing your wall plates to a different variety to fit in with the decor and appearance of your home. ExclusiveLane brings to you a huge collection of decorative wall plates. We have many varieties from which you can choose your favourites that would look great in your house.

    Buy beautiful wall plates and home decor online from ExclusiveLane

    ‘ The Warli Tales’ Hand-painted Terracotta Wall Plates Wall Decor:’ The Warli Tales’ is a collection that was inspired by the Warli tribe of Maharashtra. Made by the talented local artisans of India, this wall plate is made of terracotta and has been painted by hand. The paintings depict Warli art and are done in contrasting colours. They would look great on any wall in your home.

    ‘The Madhubani Tales’ Hand-painted Terracotta Wall Plates Wall Decor: Yet another amazing Wallplate made by the local artisans in our country is this terracotta wall plate. The paintings on it are done by hand and depict the Madhubani art forms. Painted with bright colour on a black background, this wall plate would look gorgeous in your home.

    Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall hanging: Besides wall plates, you could check out this rectangular wall hanging as well which is handmade with Terracotta and depicts the Gayatri Mantra. It is an ethnic piece that would enhance positive vibes in your home.

    8 Terracotta Warli handpainted Pots with Sheesham wood Wall Hanging: This is an excellent piece to have on the wall of your living room. The 8 pots that are part of this wall hanging are made of terracotta and the hanging itself is made of Sheesham wood. Each of the pots depicts warli art.

    “White-Haired Horse” handmade & Hand-painted Garden Decorative Wall Hanging in Terracotta: This is another beautiful and unique piece to have in your home. The horse handmade of terracotta with white hair also features bright paintings done by hand.

    Why choose ExclusiveLane?

    Besides these above-listed wall plates, ExclusiveLane is home to many other home decor items and daily essentials. We curate the best quality handicraft products for you to adorn your house and increase its beauty. We understand that daily essentials should not only look good but also must be functional and we have different ranges of products catered exclusively to your needs.


    Q1. What sort of designs is available in Wall Plates?

    Ans. You can check our wall plate designs from the collection available on our website.

    Q2. What are decorative Wall Plates?

    Ans. Decorative Wallplates are those which have been painted by hand and depict different art forms.

    Q3. Where can you use decorative wall plates in your home?

    Ans. You can use decorative wall plates in the living room or your bedroom and even in your garden.

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