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Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen shelves and countertops with a unique handmade kitchen st...Read More

Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen shelves and countertops with a unique handmade kitchen storage collection. ExclusiveLane presents a wide array of handcrafted kitchen storage items.Read Less

86 products

    86 products
    Sheesham Wood Spice Box With Floral Work
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    Old Fashioned Ceramic Jar With Hand Carved Tray
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    Let your kitchen speak a story with the ExclusiveLane Kitchen storage collection

    In most Indian households homemade food is the way to express happiness and love. If you are the leading lady of the house, decorating your kitchen space will mean a lot to you. Building a state-of-the-art kitchen and installing modern-age gadgets in the kitchen will only come to play when utility and décor go hand in hand.

    Let your kitchen speak a story that is yours. Let your kitchen speak the routes you belong to. You can play with various kitchen containers storage collections from Exclusive Lane. Their wide range of collectable kitchen storage containers can be well combined with the kitchen interiors to give it an earthen look.

    All the products you use in your kitchen must be food-grade and non-toxic. Exclusive Lane holds on to the basics by offering kitchen storage essentials made of ceramic, wood, and glass.

    Kitchen storage containers that will add spark to your kitchen space

    The kitchen storage ideas brought to life by ExclusiveLane are unique. The collection is an amalgamation of classic and modern designs. You will find exclusive products that are made from high-quality ceramic or carved from Sheesham wood. The textured finish, colour combination, and shape of each kitchen storage container set are unique and commendable.

    Give your kitchen a pattern to follow and make it soothing and catchy at the same time. Select ceramic and wooden kitchen storage boxes that are stylish and elegant at the same time.

     Few Kitchen storage items that are must buy

    It will be difficult to select just a few for this list. But here you can get an idea of the excellence that you can expect from Exclusive Lane as you buy kitchen storage online.

    Sheesham wood pyramid spice box- Most spices of India boxes could be spotted in round shape. This triangle spice box is an excellent geometrical-shaped spice box that will certainly add definition to your kitchen. The Sheesham wood also adds elegance and royalty to the entire piece. 

    Jar set with tray and spoon-These is small jars with a spoon and tray. The exquisiteness of this kitchen storage container set is the brass metal handle and the Warli painting on the kitchen containers set and the tray.  

    Mughal Hand painted ceramic oil bottle-Blue and white floral design inspired by the Mughals has been well depicted on the ceramic oil bottle. This is an excellent piece that shows workmanship with utility.

    Cake stands- Whether you are prepping for a celebration or buying kitchen essentials for your new home, a cake stand is a must-have. Basic wooden cake stands can it be or you can decorate them as you like. 

    Mortar and pestle -These are the essentials for the Indian kitchen. Buy a mortar and pestle for the kitchen made of wood. This wooden spice mortar is handy and non-toxic. You can use it hassle-free. 

    Cutlery holders in wood and metal- Choose rustic wood or copper and brass to be your friend for the cutlery holder. Cutlery holders have separate compartments to store cutleries in different sizes and forms. 

    These cutlery holders can be used for two original purposes. You can use it as a pen holder in your study and match it with wooden bookends or use it as a cutlery holder in your kitchen.

    As you explore the online store of ExclusiveLane, you will fall in love with the collection of kitchen essentials, storage, plates online, and essentials. Select from a wide range of designs, materials, and finish and complete the look of your kitchen.

    Kitchen containers bins are a useful tool for maintaining a clean, organised kitchen. Among the several kinds of kitchen containers or kitchen containers set are those used for groceries, refrigerators, spices, tea, coffee, and sugar, among others. Other alternatives include plastic, glass jars, ceramic, steel, and others. In order to keep certain foods fresh for a long period, such spices or tea, they must be kept in an airtight container. Refrigerator food can be kept in stainless steel containers.

    There are various kitchen container types to satisfy your demands and specifications. Kitchen Containers for storing food, eggs, groceries, milk, multipurpose containers, oil, pickle containers, utility boxes, and other items are all available. You will need at least one of each of these kitchen containers set if you are setting up a new kitchen, and you will also need some of these containers if you have food items that you use straight from the packing.

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    What are the different kitchen containers available online?

    Food storage options include cookie jars, egg jars, honey jars, milk jars, oil jars, pickle jars, refrigerator containers, utility containers, spice containers, tea, coffee, and sugar containers, bread containers, cereal dispensers, and sprout makers.

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