Transforming Your Outdoor Space Into a Summer Oasis


Summers are slowly coming in their full bloom and many people might think that their patios and balconies are going to lose their charm, as the heat is going to make it impossible for anyone to sit outside. We have come up with some exciting ways to create a more relaxing backyard so that you can avail that space all through the year. 

Our outdoor decor tips will come in handy for you while putting together outdoor decor ideas. 

No matter how big or small your home’s outdoor area is, the right home decor accessories and furniture can accentuate the appeal of that space and turn it into a cute and cosy corner for you and your guests.  

5 Ideas to decorate your outdoor patio space with Furniture & Accessories

These Budget-Friendly Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Oasis will surely help you put your outdoor decor needs in perspective. 

  • Create A Lounging Space 

You can browse through some amazing balcony furniture ideas and choose something that suits your needs and fits into the available space. You can opt for a lounge chair, hammock, rocking chair or anything else that lets you unwind after a rigorous day at work. You can look at some amazing wooden furniture at ExclusiveLane while choosing outdoor furniture. 

  • Be Generous With Seating 

You can use colourful cushions and other accessories to add extra seating space to your balconies. This will help you in providing extra seating space as well as augmenting the vibrancy of that area. You can use beautiful wooden furniture, garden showpiece and various other items to put together an enchanting outdoor seating space. 

  • Use Curtains 

Many people feel that the greatest drawback of outdoor seating is that it isn’t too private. These curtains will add layers to your outdoor seating and they will also enable you to have a private seating space. 

  • Add Water Features

You can also add a small water feature such as a fountain or a pond to create a calming and soothing aura. Furthermore, the sound of water can be a great day stress buster and it can also help you relax. 

  • Go For A Tropical Vibe 

You can also plant tropical plants and flowers like palm trees or bougainvillaea to create a lush garden in your backyard. In addition to adding a dash of colour, tropical plants and trees will also give an exotic and ethereal look to that space. You can use various hanging planters, floor planters, table planters or railing planters for planting the flowers and plants of your choice. 

6 Tips For Creating A Gorgeous Outdoor Summer Oasis

You can adhere to the following tips if you are looking for ways to create a more relaxing backyard:

  • Go For Comfortable Seating

Always opt for comfortable seating options and mount the same with colourful cushions. You can also experiment with jute rugs for a more boho vibe.

  •  Don’t Forget To Add Some Shade

You should make arrangements to get some shade from the sun if you wish to use your outdoor spaces more effectively. You can use an umbrella or a canopy to resurrect a stylish-looking shade. You can also entwine some lights all around to make your summer shade look more aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Don't Forget The Lighting

Lighting is a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can use fairy lights, lanterns, string lights, tea lights, aroma diffusers or any other product to boost the feel-good factor in a particular area. 

  • Focus On Creating An Anchor Point

You can add a little fountain, some sculpture or anything distinctive at a certain place in your outdoor space to turn that into a focal point of that area. You can plan your garden aesthetics, shade and sitting around that place to create your own little ethereal sitting.

  • Try Having A Kitchen Garden or Even An Outdoor Kitchen

If you have a grill or any other appliance that you might need to cook, it will come easy for you to entertain guests. Needless, to say, a small kitchen garden won't just be super functional, it will look like applying as well.

  • Accessorise

Choose garden decor items and accessories like Bird House and Feeder, wind chimes, statues, rugs, lights or anything else that you feel like to accessorise that space. Just like our clothing, the right accessories can be very helpful to perk up the entire look and feel of your outdoor space.


Overall, creating a beautiful summer oasis in your home’s outdoor space can be a fun task and it will help you in exercising your creative abilities as well. It will become like your own little project and you will end up taking so much pride and joy in doing up that space.

After all, anything that makes your home feel like a vacation destination is a great thing, right?

The above-mentioned ideas can help you create beautiful, bold, vibrant and functional spaces that will help you relax and enjoy, all summer long. 

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