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You are 5 minutes late to your office, and the moment you reach your door, you realize the keys are nowhere to be found! This problem is known to everyone and can prove to be a real hassle when you are going out for urgent business. But worry not, ExclusiveLane is here to your rescue! Save yourself from the task of looking for keys and organize them with sturdy keyholders. All you need to get started is to have a designated place, preferably near the main door, to keep your keys organized and forget not about your keys but about misplacing them ever again! We bring you a variety of stylish and convenient key holders to keep track of your keys, and at the same time, give your home a personality of its own.

'Birds On Planks' Warli Hand-Painted Key Holder In Sheesham Wood with six hooks 

Fan of Indian tribal life? This handiwork key holder carved out of Sheesham wood portraying birds on planks painted with Wali art will give your house a tribular look you have been looking for! Varnished wooden planks with autochthonous art forms and finished with a wooden base will truly bring out the tribal vibe of your house flaunted with Warli painted birds. Get a pair of your indigenous birds on Sheesham wooden planks today! 

'Brass, Wood & Colours' Madhubani Hand-Painted Dhokra Key Holder In Sheesham & Teak Wood (6 Hooks) 

Adorned with two dancing brass human figurines and styled in the beautiful Madhuban art, this exquisitely handcrafted keyholder carved out of Sheesham and Teak wood will never fail to catch your attention while you are heading out of your house. Your house will be filled with an atmosphere of celebration and adoration, with this keyholder representing the traditional Indian society. The Madhubani paintings depicting traditional Indian Elephants are the cherry on top of this keyholder outfitted with six hooks and three pallets. So get one of yours today, exclusively!

'Panels Of Paintings' Warli Hand-Painted Key Holder In Pine & Teak Wood 

This is beautifully crafted from Pine and Teak wood and adorned with vibrant colored planks depicting the Indian tribal life in the unique Warli art style, which gives your house an auspicious look and is ideal for all regular use. It is equipped with three pallets and six hooks, giving you enough storage to hang all your keys safely while being able to enjoy the serene beauty of this workmanship piece set along with the deep-rooted native Indian tribal society. Better grab one for yourself before it runs out of stock!

'Tribal Borders' Warli Hand-Painted Dhokra Key Holder In Sheesham Wood 

Portrayed with energetic tones of Dhokra tribal figurines on the borders, this keyholder crafted with Sheesham wood will brighten up your house with its indigenous art adorning the wooden planks. Provided with six hooks and a variety of vibrant colors makes it perfect for hanging your keys and getting a peek at the raw Indian tribal culture and a reminder of our Indian tradition. The ringing of the metal bells attached to it will fill your house with the sweet ringing of the rural scenery itself. So get one today itself and decorate your home with this 'Tribal Borders' keyholder today!

Flower Block Key Holder In Sheesham Wood

Equipped with four key hooks, this keyholder in Sheesham wood is portrayed with a classic floral hand block. This unique keyholder will attract the attention of everyone with its mystical art style and adorn your wall, which is ideal for everyday use. You can even gift this beautiful piece to your loved ones to make their day and house better with a beautiful keyholder flaunting their main door. So grab one for yourself and enjoy the craftsmanship of this beautiful keyholder today!

'Owl Family' Decorative Key Holder In Mango Wood

Do you adore the mystical animals designed in contemporary fusion art? Then, ExclusiveLane has just what you need! This keyholder with six key holders consists of a family of four owls looking over your keys whenever you go out. The wisdom of these owls will enrich the serenity of your house and make it convenient to hang your keys every day without having to worry about misplacing them. Furthermore, this keyholder will not just act as a place to organize your keys but also help decorate your wall with an elegant family of owls!

Dhokra And Warli Handpainted Key Holder With Ghungroo Brown

This keyholder crafted with a beautiful shade of Ghunghroo brown in Warli and Dhokra work of brass figurines will glow up your house with the festive and indigenous vibes of the Indian tribal culture. It is equipped with four key hooks and finished with two metal hand-embellished bells adding to the artistic look and energetic tones. So avoid the hassle of finding your keys every day you head out of home and get this fine piece of workmanship for yourself today!

'The Sun Centre' Warli Hand-Painted Teak Wood Key Holder With Dhokra Art

The sun is a figure that has been worshipped by many in our ancient Indian culture, and you can adorn the wall of your house with this godly figure itself with the handicraft Warli art-styled keyholder in Teak wood. Today!

The powerful aura of the sun will flourish your house with vibrant energy and make a perfect place to place your keys on the six hooks provided along with it. So what are you waiting for? Get your sun center keyholder today and boost the spiritual energy of your house!

Brass People On Teak Wood Warli Hand-Painted Key Holder With Dhokra Art

Decorate your house with the authentic Indian culture on your door side with this hand-crafted keyholder depicting Dhokra art and brass people on Teakwood with four hooks to hang your keys, and never worry again about misplacing them! This key holder with metal bells hanging on all four sides will make an exquisite decorative piece, and the brass figures with Dhokra art in between will adore your wall will the cultural Indian art.

'In-Key-Geneous' Madhubani Hand-Painted Key Holder In Sheesham & Teak Wood

Adored with natural dark brown color, this keyholder will cast a magical aura in your house depicting its hand-painted mystical animals in the historical Madhuban art form. It is provided with six hooks and plant and fish prints to enrich your wall with raw Indian tribal culture and give you a look into the traditional art of India. It is carved out of Sheesham and Teak wood on which four hand artistry embellished metallic bells have been attached as a finishing touch, making it a perfect decor piece and keyholder for your everyday use!

You'll find a wonderful choice of handcrafted goods at ExclusiveLane that are specifically created to embellish the indoor corners of your home. These gorgeous patterns, created by highly talented experienced craftsmen from remote parts of the Indian subcontinent, will steal your heart. We have a large selection of wall clocks, wall hooks, and wall hangings in addition to a spectacular assortment of ceramic jars and containers.

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