20 Must Buy Indian Handicrafts that are truly a Class Apart!

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Think of investing in a piece of objet‘d desir whose value will only appreciate ever time?! May we suggest an awe inspiring compilation of goodies that reflect the art and culture of the eons gone by whilst retaining their contemporary charm? Intrigued?! Read on for exquisite handcrafted awesomeness put together by team Exclusive Lane coming your way…


  1. “Twelve Blends” Spice Box with containers and spoon in sheesham wood: Indian cuisine is famed for its unmatched spices and flavors. The recipe of your favorite dish that you devoured with much relish at your grandmother’s home in the summer vacations is probably something that will be priceless and irreplaceable for you. Though we may not be able to furnish the secret ingredients of her finger licking spreads, we can definitely offer something that will take you down the memory lane. The “Twelve Blends” Spices Box with 12 compartments and a spoon made with richly textured sheesham wood is actually a box of memories that will open the gates to piping hot food with a delicious odor that wafted in from the kitchen jharokhas and enticed even the passerbys… 
  2. “Desert Stash” Hand-painted Chapati Box in Mango Wood: Imagine coming home after a long day at work, sitting down to a lovely spread of freshly baked bread served in a casserole that is equally enticing to hold & behold. The 'Desert Stash' from the collection 'The Deserted Blues' is a tableware item comprising of a round-shaped chapati box handcrafted in Mango Wood which comes with a lid. This dark brown coloured tableware item is hand-painted elegantly by our artisans in turquoise blue and peach coloured desert flora art.
  3. “Cocoa Rims” Studio Pottery Tea & Coffee Mugs in Ceramic (Set of 2): Sip your morning cup of coffee with panache served piping hot or cold exactly the way you like it in the hand glazed ceramic mugs that have a distinctive character of their own. Share a cup of the good stuff with your loved one or maybe just relish some well deserved alone time all cuddled up with a book maybe?!
  4. “Flavored Leaf Drop” Hand crafted spice box in pure brass containers (8 containers): 'The Brass Rebounds' is a set of tableware in the form of spice boxes comprising of a base container, 7 small containers of 30 ml each, 1 big container of 58 ml and 1 lid, made in pure brass. The lid on this product is oxidized and lacquered to give a brown antique look and its containers have been polished to provide a golden matte finish. 'Flavoured Leaf-Drop' is a perfect home item which can be used for safely storing spices as well as refreshments like sugar and aniseed in the kitchen and bring a perfect blend of desire, enthusiasm and charm into your home.
  5. “Colored Fish” Handmade & hand-painted garden decorative wall hanging in terracotta: ‘Coloured Fish’ from the ‘The Farmyard Sunrise’ collection is a wall-hanging depicting four fish with unique traditional patterns, handmade from Terracotta and hand painted, reminiscent of the rustic farms we all visited as kids. Since it is painted with eco-friendly acrylic paint, this product aims to preserve the nature that it depicts. This wall-hanging would be a perfect addition to the monotony of urban life, and a model gift for near and dear ones.
  6. “Desert Spatulas” Hand painted wall décor in mango & pine wood: The 'Desert Spatulas' from the collection 'The Deserted Blues' is a wall décor in shape of a spatula pair handcrafted in Mango Wood on a rectangular-shaped base of Pine Wood. This light-brown coloured wall décor is hand-painted gracefully in turquoise blue and peach coloured desert flora art by our artisans. This perfect item is ideal to be used for décorating your wall and can be used as a gift option for housewarming parties.
  7. “Shimmering Mughals” Floral Hand painted tea light holders in ceramic (set of 6): The 'Shimmering Mughals' from the collection 'Mughal-e-Zahra' is a set of tea-light holders comprising of 6 round-shaped holders made in ceramic. Made available in red colour with multicolored hand-painting, this exclusive set of tea-light holders is hand-painted elegantly by our artisans depicting Floral-Mughal patterns also making it an ideal gifting option for house-warming parties and festive seasons.
  8. “Exquisite Creatures” hand carved, hand block printing blocks in sheesham wood (set of 4): Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the traditional wooden blocks, Artisanal Blocks of India, they preserve their legacy in an aesthetic yet utilitarian manner, creating a fusion of sorts, making it appropriate for a contemporary context. Made out of Sheesham wood, these products are elegant little keepsakes that can create a sense of taking one back to the past, reminiscent of an ancient culture.
  9. “The Jute Shade Log” Madhubani Hand painted table lamp in wood: Delicately handcrafted in liptis wood and hand-painted with intricate folklore by craftspeople from the interiors of India, ‘The Jute-Shade Log’ is a beautifully artistic table lampshade with a wooden log for the base holder. Inspired from the historic art of Madhubani in Bihar, the natural brown of the wooden log base has been hand-embellished with indigenous Madhubani art, depicting an elephant with a plant motif, in earthy Indian colours. In Madhubani painting traditions, the elephant is considered to be an auspicious aspect of nature and that it brings luck, power and tranquility.
  10. “The Old Fashioned” Hand glazed studio pottery ceramic oil bottle (1000 ml): Revisit the way you store oil with this alluringly hand glazed ceramic oil bottle. Double fired at 1200 degrees and handcrafted in ceramic, it makes for the perfect housewarming gift.
  11. “Bird collection” brown elegant napkin holder in sheesham wood: This exquisite holder is embellished with colourful birds designed to perfection which elevates the beauty of the area wherever placed.
  12. “Lanterns in color” terracotta pendant cum hanging lamp in tangerine orange: ‘Lanterns In Colour’ is a pendant cum hanging lamp, inspired from the ethnicity of traditional village lanterns that have been in use in rural Indian households for centuries and embellished with detailed cut-work of a myriad of small circles. The complementing rich tangerine orange on this lamp beautifully adds to its raw aesthetics and looks stunning when light falls softly through it, making delicate formations; swinging the lamp as the breeze flows.
  13. “The Golden Bowls” Table Planter Pots (Set of 2): It a set of garden décor comprising of 2 detachable bowl-shaped planter pots made in iron with 2 unique cross-shaped stands made in galvanized iron to avoid rusting. Handcrafted with so much love and elegance by our artisans, this set of golden colored planters and black colored stands come in glossy and matte finish respectively.
  14. “Blue Jays in the Wind” Hand painted decorative hanging wind chime in metal: The Blue Jay bird, in the spiritual realm, signifies clarity and vision while in animal symbolism, it resonates truth, faithfulness and solidarity; vigilant in tasks, it keeps the same mate for life, showcasing exemplary qualities of patience, endurance and loyalty. Brought to life with two delicately hand-painted Blue-Jay birds complete with minute feather details; from the interiors of India, this wind-chime is handcrafted with love to make the perfect art addition that livens up your favourite spaces.
  15. “Teal Blocks” Antique finish tea light holders in mango wood (set of 3): Delicately handcrafted in Mango Wood and skillfully hand-painted by craftspeople from the interiors of Rajasthan, ‘Teal Blocks’ is a set of three complementing tea-light holders that also double up as table top accessories. The elegant contrast of rich teal blue and natural brown on these holders beautifully add to the raw aesthetics and look stunning when the tea light is lit, making delicate formations.
  16. “The Jute Shade” twin owl motifs table lamp: The perfect night lamp for someone who likes to burn the midnight oil, you just cannot go wrong with this beauty. The twin owl motifs are handcrafted in wood attached to the base of the lamp.
  17. “Celebration in sand” Warli hand painted tea & coffee cups in ceramic (set of 6): Handmade & hand-painted with love from the interiors of India, ‘Celebrations In Sand’ make the perfect addition to any kitchen and table spaces as art pieces, displaying an exemplary glimpse of Warli tribal traditions.
  18. “Crimson Nightfalls” Studio Pottery Glazed Ceramic cups (set of 6): With a crimson-dark brown glaze on the exterior and a dark brown glaze on the inside, it almost feels like the last remnants of the sun on a village evening skyline turning to nightfall. Out of the ordinary, this set of dual-toned cups is endowed with simple round handles, broad stout bodies and easy to grip forms with striped textures making them effortlessly elegant tableware.
  19. Terracotta Handpainted Multi colored hanging shankh tea light set of 3: The perfect way to ward off negativity and to illumine the confines of your home with the gift of warmth and positivity, this handcrafted delight is truly a sight to behold!
  20. Ceramic Gas Stove Brewing Aroma Diffuser: Bring home the delicately handcrafted Aroma Diffuser with kettle as a symbol of the culture of coastal India along with our love for aromas. 

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