11 Bathroom Accessories For Modern & Aesthetic Washroom


One of the greatest mistakes that you can make while putting together your home interiors, is to ignore the washroom. 

The manner in which you deck up your washrooms speaks a lot about your attention to detail, flair for creativity and precision while setting up your home.

Decorative bathroom accessories sets do much more than serve a functional purpose. They give you a chance to experiment with the aesthetic sense of that space and also add a lot of style and comfort to your washrooms. 

If you are looking for the best quality luxury bathroom accessories online India, you have come to the right place.

Various types of bathroom accessories

We have put together a list of products to augment the appeal of your bathroom accessories decor:

  1. Ceramic Serenity Bathroom Accessories In Off White

This bathroom accessories set consists of a soap dispenser, a tumbler and a soap tray. This off-white set of bathroom accessories is a fine example of a traditional ceramic art called Khurja. The serene colour of these accessories will add a touch of minimalist glam to your bathroom decor. 

     2. 'The Hut Essentials' Hand-Painted Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set Of 3

This is one of the most vibrant sets of bathroom accessories online. The toothbrush holder, soap tray and soap dispenser will add a dash of colour to your bathroom interiors. 

     3. The 'Amber & Teal' Studio Pottery Bathroom Accessory In Ceramic

If you are looking for luxury bathroom accessories online in India, this ceramic set right here is an ideal product for you. This hand-glazed set of tumblers and soap dispenser will add an air of understated charm to your interiors. 

     4. Hand Painted Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set Of 3

This ceramic bathroom accessories set consists of a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder and a soap tray. The earthy hand-painted floral pattern on this set is very attractive. 

     5. Brown-ing Textures Ceramic Bathroom Accessories

This handcrafted ceramic set consists of a soap tray, tumbler and dispenser to beautifully complement your bathroom space. The brown and off-white colour scheme will go with other bathroom accessories as well. 

     6. 'Turquoise Mogra' Hand-painted Bathroom Accessory Set In Ceramic (Liquid Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder)

This bathroom accessories set in ceramic comes in a gorgeous powder blue and white colour. This hand-crafted set is perfect for adding a zest of vibrancy to your space. 

     7. 'Floral Feels' Hand-painted Bathroom Accessory Set In Ceramic

While choosing bathroom sets or any other bathroom accessory, it is important to choose it in a calming colour combination to make your bathroom accessories decor very serene. You can never go wrong with florals and this hand-painted ceramic set will do full justice to the space you put this in. 

     8. 'Green Leaflets' Hand-painted Bathroom Accessory Set In Ceramic

When you keep a hand-painted ceramic bathroom accessory in your washroom, you can rest assured about the overall appeal of the product. The floral motifs on this handcrafted product are uber-appealing to the eye. 

     9. 'Moroccan Essentials' Hand-Painted Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set Of 3

This is amongst the most attractive yet minimalistic bathroom sets that you can get online. The liquid soap dispenser, soap tray and toothbrush holder are adorned with a Morocco pattern to bring the charm of a middle eastern vibe to your bathroom decor. 

     10. 'Moroccan Essentials' Hand-Painted Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set Of 4

If you are a fan of the middle eastern style of decor, this hand-painted set of ceramic bathroom accessories will definitely speak to you. It consists of a soap dispenser, soap tray, tumbler and a toothbrush holder. The blue, white and yellow colour combination is an absolute winner. 

     11. Hand-Painted Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set Of 3

This ceramic bathroom accessory set is hand-painted in colourful stripes to spruce up your decor. You can add various other bathroom accessories such as tissue roll holders or towel holders to go with this bathroom set. 


Bathroom accessories can play an active role in setting the right mood, ambience and vibe for your bathroom. Ceramics is undoubtedly one of the best materials when looking for luxury bathroom accessories. You can experiment with the accessories setting in whatever way you like to make the overall appeal of your washroom very cohesive and alluring. 


  • How do I choose bathroom accessories online?

You can start by checking out the material used for making bathroom accessories and then looking for the desired colour pattern and designs. 

  • What are the basic bathroom accessories that I need?

The basic bathroom accessories that you will need for your washroom include; a soap tray, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, toothpaste tumbler, towel holder, tissue roll holder etc. In addition to this, you can look for various other accessories to accentuate your washroom space. 

  • How can I accessorise my bathroom? 

You can start by preparing a plan as to how you want your bathroom to look. Accordingly, you can choose the accessories that match the colour scheme and design pattern of your desired plan. 

  • Which brand’s bathroom accessories are best?

Exclusive Lane has some of the best luxury bathroom accessories online in India. Their handcrafted ceramic products will be great additions to your washroom interiors. 

  • How can I make my bathroom vibe?

You can enhance the vibe of your washroom by choosing accessories that enhance the ambient settings of that space. You can opt for handcrafted accessories and even hand-painted wall hangings to give an ethnic and elegant look to your washroom. 


  • Hori

    11 accessory ideas that will refresh your bathroom décor

  • Hori

    What an excellent guide to elevating your bathroom style! I completely agree that the bathroom deserves just as much design consideration as the rest of the home. Those small details and decorative touches can truly transform a functional space into a luxurious retreat.

    You make an excellent point that decorative accessories allow you to inject your own creativity and aesthetic into the bathroom. Scattering in a few stylish yet practical pieces is the perfect way to personalize the space while also keeping it functional and comfortable.

    You can also read my blog: https://sites.google.com/view/kerovit-by-kajaria/blog/11-refreshing-bathroom-accessory-ideas

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