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Take your indoor or outdoor garden to a new level with beautiful hand-painted metal floor planter...Read More

Take your indoor or outdoor garden to a new level with beautiful hand-painted metal floor planters. Browse the wide collection of decorative floor planters for the balcony on ExclusiveLane.Read Less

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    Spread a little greenery inside with floor planters

    A house filled with lovely green plants looks vividly refreshing. Instead of keeping floral arrangements in every room of the house to make it look pleasant, adding fresh live plants works better. It helps in cleaning the air of the house while making it look cheerful and pleasant. By picking the right floor planters and pots, you can make them an essential part of home décor as well.


    Create a green space that soothes your soul

    Looking at lovely luscious green plants can make anyone happy. It creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the house bringing a sense of positivity. To enhance this plant your lovely greens in handmade floor planters with stands indoors. Using stands, you can avoid getting the floor stained from water leakage. These vibrant flower pots will make your home look inviting for all. Use Vastu-approved plants like a jade plant, money plant, snake plant, bamboo, tulsi, and orchids bringing luck and goodness.


    Gift a planter on every occasion

    Instead of usual gifts, giving a live plant with gorgeous outdoor floor planters or a small pot for indoors is a great idea. Give something lavish with copper planters with stands on Diwali, anniversary, weddings, and such other special occasions. You can even gift colorful iron hanging planters to your loved ones. It will surely bring a smile to their face. Explore the wide range of presents like floor planter online on ExclusiveLane.


    Shop quirky handmade floor planters on ExclusiveLane

    Revamp your indoors with beautiful handmade floor and railing planters. With a handmade touch, these planters can add a pleasant vibe to your home. They are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes so you can easily get something suitable for your home décor. Buy garden décor online for your home or for gifting only on ExclusiveLane. Crafted by expert artisans, these pots and planters are great for adding vibrancy to any home. Get them online and ExclusiveLane will deliver them to you wherever you want them in India. 


    1.What can I put in the bottom of my indoor planter for drainage?

    While filling the indoor planters, you can add a few large rocks or pebbles for drainage. Apart from this, you can also add wood chips as well. You should fill at least 1-3 inches of the base of floor pots with these rocks.

    2.How do you use planters without holes?

    For the planters that do not have holes in them, just a little of water is enough. Further, you need to create a drainage layer using 2-3 inches of rocks and pebbles, the second layer of activated charcoal and on top fill it with soil.

    3. How do you protect the floor from a potted plant?

    To protect the floor from potted plants, add a tray underneath it. Indoor floor planters usually come with a plastic tray that collects all the extra water. If there is none available, you can use a molded iron stand with rubber legs to protect the floor.

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