Ways To Upgrade Your Home With a Wooden Showpiece in 2023

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Like fashion is changing rapidly, home decor like wooden showpieces, and different wooden showpieces designs are also changing and just fashion and clothing home decor also follow a trend these days. Earlier people used to change the home decor and furniture once every 10-15 years but now people have a tendency to change the wooden showpiece designs, and home decor furniture every 4 months or so.  

But of course, that doesn’t mean you should change your entire furniture every now and then. Shifting and bringing in some new wooden showpiece designs and changing something or the other can also make your home look updated and matched with the trends. 

Out of all the furniture and home decor items, wooden showpieces have a different aesthetic feel and can definitely make your home look aesthetically pleasing. 

Decorate your home with a premium wooden showpiece

1. Customizable Dhokra nameplate with handwritten fonts

You don’t know what to gift someone who has called you for a housewarming party and you don’t want to end up gifting them something that you know everyone is going to give and you also want to give them something that has a personal touch to it, look no more the customizable nameplate could be the best present as it looks really aesthetic and also is a unique gift for someone you are close to and you want them to think about you whenever they see that particular present! 

2.Ceramic Leaf Sips Mug Set (Set of 2) Hand-Painted & Hand-Glazed Studio Pottery

You have a friend, relative or loved one who is just obsessed with drinking chai or coffee and that is the first thing that they do in the morning. These cups are the best gift for someone who is a chai or a coffee lover. This is the first thing they will see in the morning after waking up and it will always remind them of you! And with the affordable price that it offers, it is probably the go-to gift! 

3. Terracotta hand-painted bird feeder for garden 

We all have those people in our lives who are animal lovers and are concerned about the well-being of animals and that too not just their own but also every other animal they see on the streets or anywhere. For people like these this bird feeder for a garden is the best gift as they are not only to feed the birds in their own houses but can be hung on balconies or a small garden of your house where the birds from outside can also come and use it for drinking water and also eating food!

Importance of Handmade wooden showpieces in home decor.

After a hectic and tiring day at work, home is the place that you look forward to going and you know the mental peace that your home can give is like no other. And when you enter the house it’s the ambience and the environment that makes us happy and content. Moreover, we also have friends and family coming over, get-togethers and parties on weekends which makes us want our home to look updated and fresh. What we think works best when you want to decorate your house is keeping wooden showpieces for home decoration. There are various wooden showpiece designs available online too that can enhance the entire look of your house.

  • Wooden showpieces for home decoration are available online at an ExclusiveLane that has amazing and unique wooden showpieces that can make your home look even prettier. With affordable prices like it and such amazing wooden showpiece designs, it’s a win-win!
  • Wooden showpieces are the oldest form of products used for home decoration, and why not? Wooden showpiece designs are unique in their own way and they never really get old, wooden home decor is biodegradable and can be used again. They can be used for generation and generation as they can be polished and they look new in no time. 

Different kinds of Wooden showpieces for home decor. 

Wooden showpieces are of various kinds, shapes and designs and can be used for different purposes as well. You can easily decorate your living area, rooms, washrooms, kitchen and even balcony with various options available for home decor purposes.  

  • Showpieces for wall

Wooden wall decor is available in various designs that can be used in all the areas of your house kid’s room, master bedroom, living room and literally every area of your house as it doesn’t really have any space from your house and can be easily placed on the walls and can fill your empty walls and give the walls an entirely different look. Adding the wooden showpiece on the walls gives it a look for artistic beauty and also gives it a classic feel altogether. 

They are long-lasting and can be reused after polishing and some wooden furniture has the amazing property that it has some chemical property of its own that prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and some other microorganisms that could damage the walls in any way. 

  • Table showpieces

Wooden showpieces are used in various ways but the best way of using wooden showpieces for home decoration is when they are kept on the side tables of your bedrooms to enhance the look of your room, wooden flower pots can be used in your living room with some fresh flowers to give that fresh fragrance to the room. Wooden showpieces can be kept at various places like at your office table, living room, dressing table, dining table, side tables of your beds and anywhere you want them to be kept. Some table showpieces aren’t just used for decoration purposes but some of them are also kept for spiritual purposes like tortoises, laughing buddha, elephants, and fishes that have some benefits of them too. 


To sum up, Wooden home decor items are the best to go for if you wish to make some changes in your house and you also don’t feel like spending so much money. As wooden showpieces uplift the ambience of any area. Wooden showpieces are long-lasting and can be used again and again. The best thing about keeping wooden showpieces for home decoration is that they can be cleaned easily and that is a task for all of us! They aren’t broken easily so they are also pocket friendly and if you have a kid at your place you can relate to this like no one else, as kids have the tendency to break anything that comes to their hands. Wooden furniture is the most ancient and good-looking item to use as a form of decoration and it just never gets old! 


  • What kind of material is used in these wooden showpieces?

They are made with various kinds of materials and woods like softwoods and hardwoods from different trees and forests, for example, Alpine trees. 

  • What are some affordable wooden showpieces for the living room?

There are various types of wooden showpieces that are available on the site of the exclusive lane that is unique and aesthetic in their own ways like the elephant tuskers, Ganesh idols, elegant dusks and various showpiece based on the Rajasthani culture are the most affordable and good looking showpieces you can find at the most affordable prices!

  • What makes wooden showpieces better than other items?

Wooden showpieces are the ancient forms of items used for home decoration and it has been used for ages, the look and ambience it provides to the area that you have decorated with wooden showpieces will give you that artistic beauty and classic feel that no other material can. 

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