Home Decor Trends from the 80s We Still Love Today

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The 80s had a different vibe with handmade home decor, beautiful paintings, and eclectic home interiors. The 80s will never get old, and those vintage items will still look good even in the most modern homes. So, if you want your modern home to have a vintage flair, then you can choose some vintage items from the long list provided here. In fact, what deserves attention is that many 80s home décor trends are actually making a comeback. 

Brass Items 

There are many brass items in different styles, colours and patterns that you will find online. They also make for cutting-edge home decor trends today. You can get various brass items for your home today, including handcrafted spice boxes, brass pooja bells, handmade brass figures, handmade brass key holders, and a lot more. These brass items are beautifully handcrafted and add a traditional touch to your home. These are not only for home decor, but they are also best for gifting purposes. You will find several options available if you check out the 11 best ideas for decorating your house as well. 

Different art styles 

One of the leading vintage home decor ideas includes traditional themed art styles. These art styles represent rich Indian culture and heritage. They are part of the ethnic Indian art styles making their way into modern homes. Some of the best art styles which you can buy online are: 

Dhokra arts

Some of the 80s home decor interior trends that are back in style include Dhokra arts. This art form originated from metal casting through lost-wax casting methods. This art form dates back to the time of the Mohenjo-Daro civilization and can completely transform the style of your living room or bedroom.  

Warli Arts Products

Warli Arts are made from basic geometric shapes which depict the different elements and forms of nature. This is one of the trendy home decor ideas that you can use. These paintings can be used as wall hangings, wall paintings, or even as kitchen jars. These can be used for decorating your gardens, living rooms, or the kitchen. You will find many such attractive home décor items online. 

Madhubani Art handicrafts

Madhubani Art depicts people and their relationships between themselves and nature. These art forms can include simple elements of nature to historical events. You can get different Madhubani art pieces like Mughal paintings, Kalamkari items, and Pattachitra forms. These look good as wall hangings or vase paintings, and bring a subtle aura of love, light and inspiration to the house, since nature and art represent love and harmony. These are some of the best wall décor items that you will find these days. 

Statues and heritage-driven paintings

Vases are one of the eye-catching home decorating trends making a comeback. Vases used to be a compulsory decorative item during the times of our parents or even our grandparents. But these have made a comeback in recent times. You can go online to find these collections of vases and pots, each of them impeccably hand painted. These are highly affordable and speak volumes about our country's beautiful culture and traditions. 

Wall pieces 

Jute is a highly sustainable home decor idea that you can choose from. There was a time when people used it for carrying things or even for decorating their homes. But, with time, people started to shift more towards plastic and other items. The good thing is that Jute has made a comeback in the last few years. Jute is one of the trending home décor ideas today. You can get exclusive "Jute Weaves" wall lamps online as well. You may also pick wall lamps made with teak wood and metal, Iron wall lamps and many items. Many wall lamps are also available, made from Sheesham wood and pine wood. These wall lamps are highly functional and add a touch of tradition and craftsmanship with their functionality. 

Wall mirrors

Mirrors are an integral part of everyone's house. You can also get a mirror with a traditional design. There are different kinds of wall mirrors, such as "Warli Red and Golden" hand-painted mirrors, handcrafted wall mirrors made with mango wood, and "Brassy hammered reflections" mirrors that are made with Iron online. They are handcrafted by the finest and most skilled artists. 

Other collections You can Buy From ExclusiveLane

There are some other vintage home decor ideas that you can also get online. These include handmade lamps, terracotta tea light holders, and normal Diyas. These lights bring out the soul of the house. You can hang these lights in your bedroom, living room, balcony, or dining areas to create a good ambience. You can also get door handles with beautiful peacock designs and brass door handles with the "Tribal Vines Pack". These look highly elegant as well. 

You can also get beautiful idols carved with wood or terracotta. There are many Ganesh idols to choose from online. These idols are a great decorative item for your desk and lend a subtle form of vintage chic to your otherwise modern home. Some of these home decor ideas date back years, if not decades, but still can be a prominent part of your house. 

Where to buy these beauties 

 ExclusiveLane is an online platform that provides different kinds of home decor items. This is your one-stop solution for Diwali decorations, lamps, wall hangings, and amazing vintage items. Professional artists carefully handcraft all the items, and all of the items are made in India. You will also find some truly exquisite 80s vintage home decor ideas here. ExclusiveLane is built on the idea that there can be a balance between modern and traditional or vintage aspects of life. You can find things perfect for a country home: 7 bedroom décor tips and home décor accessories you must need for a dreamy home among other handy resources online. 

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