21 Vastu Tips For Home To Bring Positivity, Without Changing The Construction


 What Is Vastu Shastra For House

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that aims to harmonize the environment and the people living in it. Vastu shastra came to be as part of one of the four Vedas of the Indian Vedic times, the ‘Atharvaveda.’ Vastu shastra translates literally as ‘science of architecture’ dealing primarily with the relationship between man and his buildings. 

Vastu for home involves the principles of architecture, design, and construction that promote balance and positive energy flow in the home. Following Vastu principles can have a significant impact on the overall well-being of the residents, including improved health, wealth, and a positive impact on relationships. 

The Influence Of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra can have a deep and lasting impact on homes, both positively and negatively. By following its principles, homes can be designed to promote positive energy flow and create a harmonious environment. Such careful observation of the laws of Vastu shastra for house at your home leads to enhanced health of the residents among other benefits. 

However, ignoring Vastu principles can result in negative energy flow as well, leading to conflicts, financial issues, and health problems among the members of the household. Therefore, using Vastu Shastra for house is a powerful way to transform your home into a haven.

Tips To Improve Vastu Shastra For House

If you’re one of those people who have always had doubts about Vastu, its rules, and its application to enliven your home and enthuse it with positive energy, we have compiled all the necessary tips for you. ‘How to improve Vastu?’ is supposedly a daunting question. Well, not anymore. With our tips and tricks, you can learn easily and efficiently about all the Vastu principles that’ll help bring prosperity, luck, and positivity to your household. 

Vastu Tips For Home- Kitchen Area

  1. The kitchen should ideally be located in the southeast corner of the house, as this is considered to be the direction of fire. You can bring in positivity by including some handmade showpieces in the area. 
  2. Appliances like the gas stove and other kitchen appliances should be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen. The sink and water-related appliances should be placed in the northeast direction to attract positive energy.
  3. The storage cabinets and shelves should be placed in the southern and western walls, and well-organized to promote positive energy flow.
  4. The colours used in the kitchen should be warm and inviting, such as shades of yellow, orange, or red. 

Vastu Tips For Home- Bedroom

  1. Placing the bed in the southwest direction of the bedroom, with the head towards the east or south, gives sound and comforting sleep by aligning your body with the magnetic forces of the earth.
  2. Bath accessories should be kept properly. Decor items like mirrors should be added and kept clean and dust-free.
  3. Colouring the bedroom shades of blue, green, or lavender offers calmness. Bright colours may cause restlessness so should be avoided.
  4. Vastu items for home like lamps and creative wall hanging act as a soothing influence. In addition, the windows should be positioned in the north or east direction. 

Vastu For Tips Home- Garden

  1. The garden should ideally be located in the northeast direction of the house, with minimal decorations.
  2. Including elements like a fountain, pond, or water feature in the garden can help attract good luck. However, you should be careful about keeping the water clean. 
  3. Plants should be placed in the west or south direction of the garden, and they should be well-cared for. Plant decoration for the balcony can also add to the pure and comforting aura. 
  4. The ideal garden area has soft or warm lights. During the day the garden area should receive natural light which will promote relaxation and positivity. Plus, outdoor seating should be placed in the south or west direction.

Vastu Tips For Home- Mandir/Puja Room 

  1. The mandir/puja room should ideally be located in the northeast direction of the house, as it is believed to cause spiritual growth.
  2. The idols or images of the deities should be placed above eye level facing the west or east direction, and they should not be placed facing the south. 
  3. Avoid using harsh or bright lights, as they can disrupt the spiritual atmosphere. Vastu for the puja room in the house suggests keeping the home decoration minimal.
  4. Keep the Mandir room clean and clutter-free. Avoid placing unnecessary items in the room. Ensure that the room is well-ventilated. Pooja essentials should be kept prim and proper at all times. 
  5. The colours used in the mandir/puja room should be calming and soothing, such as shades of white or yellow.

Vastu Tips For Home- Living/Dining Area

  1. The furniture in the living/dining area should be arranged in a way that promotes conversation and interaction among family members. Furniture should be positioned in the south or west direction for optimal energy flow.
  2. The colours used in the living/dining area should be warm and inviting, such as shades of beige, cream, or yellow.
  3. As per Vastu's direction for the home, the living/dining area should ideally be located in the northeast, northwest, or southeast direction of the house.
  4. The living/dining area should have adequate light and simple home decoration. Additionally, soft or warm lights can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, promoting relaxation and positivity. 

Vastu For Home Entrance Can Bring You Good Vibes

To decorate your home entrance as per Vastu you can add wooden name plates or handmade showpieces that can also create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in the home, promoting mental and emotional well-being. 

Applying Vastu principles in the home can involve small changes such as home decoration artefacts placed in your home to align with the principles of Vastu. Hopefully, we’ve answered your queries about how to improve Vastu for home. Ultimately, the goal of Vastu is to create a balanced and harmonious living space that promotes positive energy and happiness for its residents.

Frequently Asked Question 

Can Vastu Affect Health? 

Principles of Vastu for home highlight the importance of correct placement and arrangement of elements in a home, such as colours, lighting, and furniture. Certain principles also direct practitioners to understand which showpieces, plants, etc. are to be kept at home. 

As per Vastu, improper placement of elements can lead to blockages of energy flow, which may result in negative impacts on physical and mental health. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow the Vastu shastra for house, when decorating and arranging your home to revel in the positive influence of the powers of Vastu principles. 

What Are The Best Plants For Entrance As Per Vastu Shastra For House?

According to Vastu principles, here are some of the best plants to be placed at the entrance of a house. Such plants not only enhance the look of the entrance but also have great benefits for the residents of the house:

  1. Holy Basil- Known in India as ‘Tulsi,’ is considered auspicious and is believed to bring positive energy and purify the surrounding atmosphere from all negativity.
  2. Money Plant- It is believed to bring prosperity and good luck, making it an ideal choice for entrance decor, following the laws of Vastu shastra for house. However, a money plant is considered most effective when received as a gift.
  3. Jasmine- The jasmine plant is regarded as a symbol of purity, and happiness and promotes a peaceful and positive environment.
  4. Bamboo- is believed to bring good fortune and peace, and also purify the air.
  5. Neem- It is known for its medicinal properties and is believed to keep negative energy at bay.

What Are Some Vastu-Friendly Living Room Seating Arrangements? 

According to Vastu for home, living room seating arrangements should help prompt interaction and communication. One of the best Vastu friendly seating arrangements is to position the seating towards the south or west, with the guests facing east or north for a balanced and positive energy flow.

Which Colour Is Best For The Bedroom According To Vastu? 

As per the Vastu principles, the best colours for a bedroom are soft shades and calming colours namely blue, green, pink, or lavender. Such colours are known to promote a relaxed and restful environment and induce good sleeping patterns by creating a peaceful atmosphere. As per, Vastu shastra for the house It is recommended to avoid bright and bold colours as they can create a sense of restlessness and may adversely affect the residents.

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