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The effectiveness of your home's construction will play a significant role in how joyful your future life in it turns out to be. Due to this, many individuals follow the guidelines set forth by Vastu Shastra for home, an antiquated Hindu architectural philosophy that contends that directional connections produce cosmic unity. While most of us could be aware of the relevance of Vastu for home, only some of us are really sure about how to apply vastu tips for a new home.

Architects and interior designers face challenges in ensuring that their homes follow Vastu principles. Buying a new residence requires adhering to Vastu fundamentals if you believe in Vastu. Basic Vastu for home makes recommendations for the ideal shade, style, structure, and directives to guarantee joy and optimism in every room of your home.

According to Vastu for house Shastra Basics for Your Home, the individual residing in a house is subject to the energy which a house must possess in order to be a home. It is essential to comprehend how Vastu Shastra basics for your home and positive energy in the home are related. If you are not aware of these long-standing concepts then this is a perfect read for you. Check out a few of the best tips for home vastu that will help you spread pleasure and positivity across your home. 

Complete Vastu Guide for Your Home

Vastu for the main entrance: 

The one place that each and everyone be it an individual residing in the house or a visitor goes through. A place where everything begins and ends. The owner of a home must make sure that several important Vastu Shastra guidelines are followed in order for happiness and success to easily flow through.

A home's entrance is intended to welcome both guests and energy. The main door is the point of entry and exit for energy. According to vastu for homes, the best directions for the entrance gate would be north, east, or northeast. Before you buy your new house, make sure to examine this.

Tips for a better entrance:

  1. When building the entrance, choose wood of the highest calibre.
  2. A new home entrance shall not have a restroom near it. 
  3. It is advised not to paint the front door black.
  4. Opening should be in a clockwise direction

Vastu for living room

The living room is indeed the hub of activity in any home and where visitors enter and presume a first impression. There should be no mess inside the living room. Your new residence's living room must face east, north, or northeast. It is also advisable to arrange the furnishings in that space in a west or southwest direction. With these simple steps, you can ensure your house is free from uncertainty. 

If your living room faces east, towards the sun's path, choose a white paint colour for the walls. Choose blue paint in case the living room is situated in the west, which is Saturn's orientation. Light yellow and green hues are typically the best options for the living room. Avoid using red and black colours in your living room.

Tips for a beautiful living room:

  1. All tech devices including TV and other appliances shall face towards the southeast direction. 
  2. If there is a mirror in the living room, it ought to be mounted on the northern wall.

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Vastu for bedroom

A bedroom is a place that brings peace to your mind after a long tiring day. When you sleep here you allow your body to rest and heal. Therefore it is necessary to guarantee that you can sleep soundly in your bedroom. Using certain tips related to Vastu for the bedroom one can make their bedroom the safest and quiet place for their mind and body. 

Ideally, bedrooms should face southwest. If your bedroom is in the southeast direction there are high chances of frequent arguments between you and your partner, on the other hand, the northeast direction can cause unwanted health issues. The bed must also be positioned with the head tilted west, in the southwest corner of the room.

As per Vastu principles, a square or rectangular shaped bed is the best for your bedroom. Do not choose beds that are round or oval-shaped, despite the fact that they may suit your aesthetic preferences.

Tips for a peaceful bedroom:

  1. The bedroom shouldn't include a temple.
  2. Waterfall or stream paintings shouldn't be in the bedroom because they might trigger temper tantrums.
  3. To create a serene retreat, ambient lighting should be used. You can also burn scented candles.

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Vastu for kitchen

Vastu Shastra places significant importance on the way a kitchen and kitchen accessories should be constructed and managed such that it repels negative vibes and draws in positive energies that promote happiness and well-being. To achieve this, the five factors of earth, air, water, fire, and the sky must be perfectly balanced.

According to Vastu, the kitchen should be located in the southeast corner of the house. Kitchens should not be built in the north, northeast, or southwest of a home. The southeast direction is preferred to store kitchen appliances.

It is recommended to instal kitchen drains, hand basins, and water lines towards the north or northeast direction. The washing and the cooking stove in your kitchen must be installed on separate platforms because water and fire are diametrically opposed components. This will prevent certain accidents in the kitchen.

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Vastu for bathroom

An unbalance equation of the five elements can be brought about in this area by drawing in bad energy. Due consideration must be given to using Vastu principles when designing and keeping restrooms in your new home.

According to Vastu, your bathroom must be located in the north or northwest. When creating the restroom, the south, southeast, or southwest directions should be prevented.

It is advised against placing the bathroom next to the cooking or the pooja area.

A new home should be a place of tranquillity, optimism, and success where we can relax and enjoy ourselves. Simple Vastu suggestions can make a new home Vastu friendly, which will bring a significant amount of positive vibe within. You'll see a difference if you use this advice!

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