The Importance of Puja Essentials 


Puja is an important tradition for every Indian and especially every Hindu family. Puja plays an important role in the emotional mindset of Indian people. Various items are necessary for puja. To understand this, it is necessary first to understand what are puja essentials?

Puja essentials are items that must be used to complete the religious or worship process. In the majority of Indian households, puja is conducted daily. 

Puja is also conducted on other auspicious occasions. These include Laxmi Puja, Kali Puja, Durga Puja and Ganapati Puja. Each of these pujas requires different items. For example, puja essentials for Diwali include agarbatti or incense, sage, and brass plates. It also requires Diyas, candles, candleholders, Kumkum, Haldi, and many others. In every Indian household, the main importance of puja essentials is to improve the whole experience of day-to-day puja. 

Puja is the offering of light, food, flower, and water to the divine to satisfy them. The main importance of puja items is to provide a way or means of showing gratitude and a way of praying to God for the fulfillment of wishes, health, peace and prosperity. There is a right way to use puja items. These items should be properly washed and kept in a separate place. Devotion and purity are two important aspects of puja and the same is relevant for using the puja essentials in the right manner. 

Now let us focus on some of the important puja essentials:


Candles are ignitable wicks that are covered in wax or other inflammable items. There are different kinds of candles available in varying sizes and shapes. There are easily available pillar candles, scented candles, container or jar candles, votive candles, and others. Candles are used for many purposes. Some people consider candles as a symbol of prosperity, hope, and enlightenment. This is also a symbol of light, which is used for praying to the divine. Different kinds of candleholders are also available which are also used at the time of praying. Candles can be flavored and these can come in different designs. Some candles can be made out of soy wax and this adds a rather unique touch to the proceedings.  


Candleholders are places where the candles are kept. It works as a form of support. These candleholders can be used by hand or put on tables. Candleholders are available in different designs such as rustic patterns, Dokra art, iron candleholders, and others.  


There is a spiritual importance to every puja essential itemPeople use Diyas to light puja rooms. They represent enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity. Diyas are a symbol of good over bard, and people lit Diyas in every household during Diwali. Moreover, it also enables the devotees to see the face of the lord within the sanctum sanctorum, which can be the home puja room, temple and other places.

Diyas are also available in different shapes and sizes. . There are different kinds of Diyas available, such as clay Diya, LED Diyas, reflection Diyas, floating Diyas, terracotta Diyas, and others. Each of them is unique in its own way. It is a custom to light a Diya twice every day. 

In India, people celebrate Diwali on a new moon day when it is dark. They light millions of candles to ward away evil spirits. An oil Diya also signifies the dirt of the human mind. The cotton of the Diya is the symbol of the soul, the self, or Aatma. The Diya is lit when the wick is burnt in the oil, which symbolizes the self or the soul is purified of greediness or ill thoughts and bad karma. 

ExclusiveLane Puja essential products 

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Many Indian houses also use lamps. This website has lamps of different sizes and shapes. There are table lamps available in sizes like 14 inches and 13 inches. Jute lamps and terracotta lamps are also available. Lamps are great for decorating puja rooms or the house in general. There are also wall lamps available here. Wall lamps in dome shapes, mandala-shaped lamps, metal wall lamps, and many other designs are available at affordable rates. 

ExclusiveLane also has a wide range of tea lights available on their websites. Tea light candles are put in thin metal or plastic cups. These candles are liquefied within the container while they are lit. People use tea lights for Diwali decorations in different places on the house and terrace. These are also kept in front of the idols while lighting puja rooms. Tea lights with iron and glass holders are available. Bottle holders and ceramic geometric shapes are also present online. Take your pick from the enchanting collection and order at the soonest.

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