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Metals have always been a part of home decor items, used in various festivals and also numerous rituals are performed with their help of it. Silver, Gold, and Copper have always been a part of these decorative items. Out of all the metals, brass which is an amalgamation of zinc and copper has been used for decorative items for ages. 

Brass has a beautiful colour which is gold-like. It is easily available and accessible and beautiful designs and sculptures are made out of it. These can be easily moulded and can also be crafted in various designs which are used throughout the home decoration. 

Nowadays Brass is not only used for home decorations and for Puja utensils and accessories but also is used for fancy items that are used for home decors such as Vases, lamps, clocks, tables and a lot more. Brass is also being used for furniture and bathrooms and even as photo frames and any frame for that matter. 

Decorate your home with brass artefacts.

Adding Artefacts to your room or any area of your house is not just added for decorative purposes but some are also added with a meaning that is put behind it. Some artefacts not only add more to the ambience but also adds a cultural history to it. Some of the artefacts are made with a modern touch to them, and when you look at some they will remind you about the cultural history behind them with really great and appealing gestures, and of course, some are made with reference to the local ideas and thoughts and it can be of various shapes, forms and sizes. 

The Headstrong Horse Hand-Etched Showpiece In Brass

We all have someone who believes in spiritual things like keeping a tortoise at home, hanging Nimbu- Mirchi in front of the house and a lot more. For people like these gifting, this attractive Headstrong gift is the best option to go for. It is one of the most attractive brass decorative items for a home that can be kept in a showcase in your living area and also be good luck for the ones they are for! 

Marvellous Peacock' Hand-Etched Carved Diya In Brass

Confused about what to gift your grandmother this year? We all go through this same problem of gifting grandmothers something and whenever you go and ask them about what they are looking for? You will always end up with one answer and that is ‘ I have everything, you save your money But the one thing that she will say no to is these beautiful antique brass decorative items like Diya which she could use every day for her pujas! 

'Tribal Dhokra Leafy' Bohemian Earrings Handmade In Dhokra Art

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with Bohemian earrings and just buys them whenever she sees them, this could be the perfect gift for that friend. These beautiful Bohemian Earrings can be paired with so many outfits and can just uplift the entire look in a second and the best part is when you put or hand it in dressing time it looks no less than a brass decorative item for home. 

Best Ideas For Decorating Your Home with Brass items

We all love decorating our homes with various items of decorations. The kind of decoration we do in our houses represents our creativity, thought processes and beliefs.

Brass is the kind of metal that is an ancient metal used for various decorative purposes and is closely associated with the roots of Indian culture. Brass also symbolises richness, as it was used in ancient times in daily needs such as utensils, puja accessories and a lot more. Brass has always been and will always be in the trend. 

  • Brass Flower Vase

Decorating your home with flower vases is something that everyone does and it is somewhat a common thing to do, although adding flower vases adds a peaceful environment to the house and is also a charm to the eyes. Brass decorative items for home like Brass flower vases look classy and rich and add elegance to wherever it is kept. If we just keep some real or artificial flowers in them and just put them in the living room, bedroom, dining table. Side tables of your bed or even your office desk just look beautiful. And most importantly unlike other materials like ceramic or glass home decor brass items like pooja essentials are much more long-lasting. 

  • Brass Hanging diya / Oil Lamp

Hanging Diyas is a popular tradition in Indian Culture and is used throughout the nation. It is used for traditional purposes but it is a great brass decorative item for the home and looks really rich and classy. They are used on a daily basis and are long-lasting and amazing to look at. It comes under the antique brass decorative items for home and is used for ages.

  • Decorative Hanging Bell in Brass

Decorative hanging bells are one of the best home decor brass items. The kind of royalty and Spirituality hanging bells signifies is just beautiful. Hanging bells are not only used at home but are also used in big temples and royal palaces for decorative purposes. They are antique brass decorative items for home too, they are used in almost all the festivals like Diwali and Navratri. 


Brass is one of the most antique brass decorative items for the home, it symbolises royalty, and the cultural history of our ancestors and that is why it is widely used all over the nation. Apart from all the value, it has as a decorative item. It is scientifically proven and accepted that brass is also good for health. Water stored in the brass has numerous health benefits: it boosts immunity, solves guts problems and is also great for the skin. Brass items are used for pujas, and various rituals from the early times and are also considered spiritual items. Brass decorative items for home never go out of fashion and it is blended with every trend that comes up with brass items! 


  • Does brass home decor have any vastu benefits?

Yes, home decor brass items have great vastu benefits, it has been for ages. For example, a tortoise that is made up of brass, if kept in a house, lends positive energy to the house.

  • Why is brass so special for home decoration?

Antique brass decorative items are very special for home decoration as it has a beautiful gold-like colour and it looks aesthetically pleasing in homes and looks beautiful. It adds a different elegance to the home and makes it calm and peaceful. 

  • Are brass home decor items beautiful?

Home decor brass items are the most ancient items used in decoration for ages. It has a beautiful shine to it which makes the home an artistic beauty. It also has various health benefits which have an added advantage to it. 



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