Unique Homemade Gifts For the Wedding Season


No matter what connection you share with the couple- whether you are the brother or sister, mother or father, best friend or relative of the groom or the bride. You have been a part of the journey of this final big day for sure. Finding the perfect or just the most unique gift could be a challenging task. Homemade gifts for weddings are the best as they are personalised and it has attached emotions to them. 

And with all the ideas that are available online, there are a lot of options for customising gifts and making them even more special for the couple. Personalised gifts have a way to the heart that no expensive or any gifts could ever compare. Every time it’s Diwali and you clean your home and find that gift no matter how old it is you never want to let it go and all the memories and nostalgia just come in. 

Homemade wedding gifts for the bride and groom in 2023 

Handmade wedding gifts are the best when you are on a budget and you always want to do something that people usually don’t do as it has become easier for people to just home choose some gifts and just order them, and to be honest people sometimes just don’t have the time to do things that want to do. If you know you are one of those people who just love to make everything special whether it's just ordering their favourite flavoured ice creams. Handmade wedding gifts are perfect for you. Below are some homemade wedding gift ideas which might help you: 

Handmade basket 

If you are someone who just can’t decide on one particular item for a gift. These handmade baskets are probably the best homemade wedding gift ideas for you as you can just bring in a box and put all the things you know the bride and groom would love to have and then just add some sparkles to it, you are good to go! 

Photo Frame

We know this sounds cliche and old, but the truth is as a picture of you and your best friend of your childhood just brings in so many memories and happy tears that no other gift honestly can. A photo frame where you can have your pictures growing together with a handwritten note is one the cutest homemade gifts for weddings you can ever give. Not only for weddings but you can also use this idea for a wedding anniversary gift homemade for a newly married couple and gift them their favourite pictures of their wedding! And honestly, these gifts are kept forever and ever. 

Wedding gift ideas for couples

For Couples who were not living together before, the gifting was way too easy as both of them had their individual needs and the gifts could be easily segregated and gifted. But couples who start living together almost have everything that they need and more importantly before moving in together they check and buy everything they need and gifting them gets a bit tedious, you also can’t give them something which would only be a requirement of a person because of the obvious reasons we all know! So below are some great Ideas which you could use to gift your favourite couple and it will be useful to both of them. These gifts will make them the happiest and by looking at the gift they will always be reminded of that special day!

  • Ceramic dinner sets

Dinner sets are probably the best gifts for any newly wedded couple as the guests, relatives, family and friends come over for a get-together, and there these beautiful ceramic dinner sets could be of great use. The dinner set just makes the set up of dinner more beautiful and presentable and it looks no less than a fancy restaurant! There’s no place like home and the comfort of dinner and parties you get in the house party could never be matched with fancy restaurants and clubs, so why not bring all the things possible at home that makes the entire party special? 

  • Decorative vases 

The kind of ambience a decorative vase with fresh flowers creates when it is around can’t be compared to any other thing. Decorative vases are the most useful and aesthetic gift for anyone who is looking for gifting to newly wedded couples or even adding to their showpiece collection. And the best part of gifting anyone flower vases as a gift is that it will always be seen and the gift will always remind them of you. We know flower vases are very common and easily available to give someone but the class and richness it adds to your homes are just amazing. It can be kept in the living area, and rooms. Kids' rooms and even dining tables make your home look calm and peaceful. 

  • Hand-painted wall hanging

For the newly wedded couples who have just moved into a new house and new life. What is better than gifting them something special that they can decorate their house with and make the house look more beautiful than it already is? Hand-painted wall hangings are more like personalised gift items than just a gift for decorating purposes. Hand-painted wall hangings can also be a part of handmade gifts for weddings where you can paint for your favourite couple and make that wedding gift a little extra special. You don’t also have to think twice before gifting them a wall hanging painting as it won’t take any space and can be easily put wherever they need to! 

  • Creative showpieces

Showpieces are the best and the oldest form of gifts for gifting to anyone and everyone. Showpieces are the form of gifts that also show the choices and how creative the other pieces are. Showpieces are affordable and the most creative gifts you can gift. Showpieces have the quality to enhance the look of the entire room just a piece of showpiece could make a corner look aesthetic. Without spending a lot of money you can also change the room and make it look like it’s entirely renovated. 

Showpieces are not only used for decorative purposes but also could be used for the vastu benefits of good and positive energy at home, for good vibes, and peace and happiness. It is the best gifting option if you want good things for the people you love too! 


You know weddings apart from just music, function, and ceremony rituals it is also about making the bride and the groom feel special in any way you can do it. By dancing to their favourite soundtrack, by surprising them on their wedding day if you haven't seen them in a long time. 

But when every function gets over and life is back to normal the newly married couple look forward to opening all the handicraft gifts and presents that their loved ones give them with love, and that has to be special and something that they will keep forever. It doesn’t matter how much it costs but what matters is what thought you have put behind that one particular gift or how much time you have spent looking for that one special gift. It’s the effort that matters! 


1. Do you have any ideas for homemade gifts? 

Yes, there are a lot of homemade wedding gift ideas which you might consider gifting: A handmade basket with all the gifts or snacks, cups and coffee mugs of the colours they might like. By arranging them all in a basket and wrapping it with cute gifting paper and a handwritten note would mean the world to them!

2. Which homemade gift ideas will people use and enjoy? 

The best handmade gifts for a wedding or wedding anniversary gift are a photograph which is kept forever and whenever you see that picture it just makes your heart happy! Coasters are also easily made at home and you can leave cute little messages on every coaster and first thing in the morning when they will have their chai and coffee it will remind them of you! 

3. What are the best places to look for unique gift ideas? 

There are many online shopping sites and apps where you can look for unique gift ideas. ExclusiveLane has some amazing and affordable unique gifts and ideas that can be a saviour if you are not the one who has an idea for gifts.

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