Famous Artforms from Maharashtra

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Maharashtra is one of the most culturally diverse regions in India. It's home to Bollywood, Marathi cinema, and a vibrant performing arts scene that includes theatre and dance. Other aspects of Maharashtra culture include folklore, classical music, Madhubani art and ancient architecture.

The famous handicrafts of Maharashtra are also known as its "traditional performing arts" or "folk art" and include:

  • Kollam (a form of folk percussion)

  • Lavani (a type of folk song)

  • Tamasha (a form of street theatre)

What are the famous art forms from Maharashtra?

It's no secret that Maharashtra is one of India's most culturally rich states. From the history of arts and crafts in Maharashtra, including the Maratha attires and modern musical contributions like those found in Bollywood, this state has a wealth of cultural traditions that have influenced Indian art for centuries.

Here are some of the unique arts of Maharashtra:

  • Warli paintings

Warli is a tribal craft of Maharashtra. It is a painting that uses only black, white, red and yellow to depict stories from their culture and everyday life. This art form is said to have been developed over the years by the local tribes who used the walls of their caves to paint stories from the cultural heritage of Maharashtra and everyday life.

The Warli art is usually drawn on wooden panels or cloth using natural pigments mixed with gum arabic or vegetable paste as a binder. The paintings depict mythology scenes and daily events like weddings, festivals and hunting expeditions. These paintings have become popular among tourists from all over the world because of their colourful nature.

  • Sawantwadi craft

Sawantwadi craft art form is one of Maharashtra's trending arts & crafts practised by wood carving. The carvings are made using only a chisel, hammer and knife without any glue or adhesive material. The carvings depict scenes from everyday life, such as religious ceremonies, festivals and other important events. They also depict famous historical figures from different eras, like Shivaji Maharaj.

This hand-painted art of Maharashtra has resulting patterns that are often floral or geometric designs that can be used on anything from bags and clothes to wall hangings and accessories like jewellery boxes or picture frames.

  • Dhokra art

Dhokra art is an art culture of Maharashtra that includes metal casting practised for centuries in Maharashtra. It originated with the tribal communities in the region, who would use it to create household items such as lamps, pots and plates. The process involves making a clay mould from which a metal sculpture can be formed by pouring melted metal into it. The moulds are made from wood or clay and then covered with a mixture of clay and straw ash before being placed in an open fire pit. Once the mould has dried out, molten brass or bronze is poured into it and allowed to cool down slowly over several days before being removed from its mould.

  • Biridware

The art form of biridware is one of the most well-known in Maharashtra. Biridware is a form of studio pottery that dates back to the Neolithic era when it was used for making cooking vessels. It's also termed as "dish-on-stand" or "handmade ceramic."

The pottery has a unique shape, with a round body and a raised lip. The body can be made from many materials, including clay, mud or porcelain. The lip is often decorated with geometric patterns and designs, which may be painted or glazed over once fired in a kiln.

Biridware is usually made for ceremonial purposes, such as weddings or births. Traditionally, women created these pieces and passed them down through generations as heirlooms.

  • Ajanta paintings

The Ajanta paintings are rock-cut Buddhist paintings that date back to the 2nd century BCE. These paintings depict scenes from the lives of the Buddha and other religious stories. Lay people created them without formal art training—they are considered some of the most important early examples of Buddhist art in India.

  • Paithani sari

Maharashtra is home to the Paithani saree, a traditional sari that is a testament to the state's history and culture. The sarees are hand-woven with intricate designs, created using techniques like tie-dyeing, block printing and stencilling. The Paithani sarees have been worn by women for centuries and continue to be popular today.

  • The Mashru and Himroo

The mashru and himroo are two types of shawls that were traditionally made in Maharashtra. The mashru was a rectangular piece of cloth that was worn over the shoulders over clothing or as an undergarment. The himroo was a small square piece of cloth that could be used as a scarf or head covering. Both shawls were woven from cotton threads using traditional methods such as hand spinning, weaving and embroidery.

  • Kolhapuri chappals

The Kolhapuri chappal is a type of footwear worn by men in Maharashtra, India. It is made from leather and has a thick sole and a strap on the ankle. The shoes are usually dyed red and are often worn with traditional Indian dress.

The chappal was originally designed for hard work in the fields, but it has become a fashion accessory for many people who wear it with jeans or other casual clothing. The Kolhapuri chappal is available in many different styles and colours, which makes it an excellent choice for any occasion.

  • Jewellery of Kolhapur

The patterns used in this jewellery are very simple, with a basic geometric design that is repeated over and over again. The most common shapes include circles, triangles, squares, and diamonds. This pattern can be seen in men's and women's jewellery pieces. The main colours used in this jewellery are silver-grey or gold-yellow; however, some other colours may also be used depending on the design you want to create with your piece.

The most famous piece of jewellery from Kolhapur is a chain necklace of many individual strands linked at regular intervals by a clasp (usually made out of silver). Men and women have worn this type of necklace throughout history because it makes an excellent accessory when paired with other pieces, such as bracelets or rings!


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