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Buddha represents tranquilly, spirituality, and fulfilment. Positivity and peace are brought into...Read More

Buddha represents tranquilly, spirituality, and fulfilment. Positivity and peace are brought into your life by keeping a Buddha statue at home. It is the ideal present to give your loved ones love and calm in their lives. Browse the Buddha statue selections at ExclusiveLane to buy & send Buddha statues internationally and inside India. We have several Buddha sculptures available online.Read Less

3 products

    3 products

    Decorate your home with beautiful wooden buddha sculpture 

    Born into a royal family, Siddhartha soon understood that leading a conditional life would not grant him inner satisfaction or let him live peacefully. Siddhartha made the decision to abandon his royal responsibilities in order to pursue wisdom after encountering anguish. He departed covertly and over the course of six years, practising with meditation teachers before deciding to stay in meditation under the Bodhi Tree for as long as it took him to overcome much anxiety and desire. 

    He evolved into the Buddha, who has been represented by statues of him for ages.

    Buddha sculptures all have more meanings than simply being physical representations of him. Asia is home to several Buddha idols that remind of the Buddha's teachings and journeys. Each statue has recognisable physical characteristics, gestures, and positions that express its meaning. You can find various types of Hand Carved Wooden Buddha Statue at ExclusiveLane. 

    Buy Buddha stature wood online from ExclusiveLane at best prices

    Wood Buddha statues represent more than just a home decor object. When you truly comprehend the significance of the Buddha postures, the artwork takes on a whole new level of significance. Everytime you take a glance at the buddha statue you can feel a sense of positivity and serenity around you. These wooden Buddha statues will further motivate you to lead a peaceful life. 

    At ExclusiveLane you can find best quality of buddha idols online. Different postures of wooden buddha products collection can be found at our website. The Buddha idols are the best option to embellish your homes and workplaces with a sense of tranquilly and respect. You can also find best buddha gifts at our online store. The Buddha statue can be used as a home decor item, gifting option, or simply as a showpiece. Gift your family and friends a buddha statue on several memorable occasions such as house warming party or beginning of a new stage in their life. ExclusiveLane is the best place to find any type of idols online. You can find many types of varied postures of Buddha statue. Select the one that suits your requirements. 

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane?

    At ExclusiveLane handicraft store, apart from spiritual buddha statues, you can also find showpieces, Ganesh idols, home decor items, Bookends, Desk Organisers, Magazine Stands, Terracotta Vases online, and best Ceramic Vases online. We promote the abilities and creativity of regional Indian artists. You'll have a hassle-free purchasing experience thanks to our accommodating customer service staff and user-friendly website. Our Buddha figurines will help you spread happiness throughout your space.


    1. Why are Buddha sculptures important?

    Buddha sculptures serve as a reminder of virtues like compassion, positivity, and accepting accountability for one's acts. They serve as a reminder of Buddha's teachings, good fortune, inner tranquilly, and human drive.

          2. Are the wooden Buddha Sculpture breakable?

    Wooden Buddha sculptures have hard texture qualities and therefore are not easily breakable. Also since they are made from Eucalyptus would they are less likely to break easily.

         3.Is the budha sculpture made of thick wood?

    The buddha sculpture at ExclusiveLane are made of Eucalyptus Wood with Babool Wood stand. Even though it is a dense wood, eucalyptus is a fairly robust material. Because it is thick, it is less prone to shatter quickly.

         4.What are the three types of Buddha statues?

    Generally there are three types of Buddha statues; virasana, vajrasana, and pralambanasana.

          5.  Is it OK to buy Buddha statue?

    Buddha statues are symbolic of joy, abundance, beauty, love and protection. A stunning Buddha statue as a gift is a thoughtful way to wish your friends or family members all the luck and happiness

          6. Where should you not put a Buddha statue?

    Buddha statues should never be left unattended in bathrooms or on the floor. Additionally, make sure to place the statue based on the recommendations of Feng Shui and in a neat place.  

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