Famous Indian Handicrafts from 29 States of India


India's abundance and warmth have nurtured many thriving civilisations that have enjoyed the bounties of the motherland and, in turn, have devoted themselves to the golden pages of history. Every phase of India's history has left an indelible mark on the art and cultural scenario of the nation. 

The rich history and culture, traditional Indian handicrafts and art forms share a sacred bond that has sailed through the sands of time. The inception of the indigenous handicrafts dates back to time immemorial, but when one tries to trace an exact timeline, one is taken back in time to around 3000 BC. The affluent era of the Indus Valley civilisation indicates the genesis of the famous handicrafts of India. Subsequently, people found an expression for their spirituality and devotion through art. 

When we talk about Indian handicrafts, we are basically alluding to a blanket term that harbours in its wake a rich mix of art forms from all corners of India. Let us walk you through the brimming lanes of all 29 states of India, and in that process, let us gaze at and embrace the beauty of the famous handicrafts of India.

Handicrafts from Gujarat 

Gujarat is famous for its rich religious history, natural beauty and thriving atmosphere of culture and art. This state is renowned for its Bead Craft and Khavda Pottery. The artisans have managed to preserve these art forms through generations, and just a sight of these rich crafts of India is enough to fill one’s heart with pride and joy. Bead craft is an age-old art of making decorative items with beads, and Khavda Potters use sand exclusively from Rann to give shape to their artefacts which are subsequently dried and painted in desired shapes and sizes. 

Handicrafts from Madhya Pradesh 

Madhya Pradesh has been a tourist hotspot for decades, and the place continues to entice many people for its lush landscape and natural beauty. But Madhya Pradesh has more to offer than self-evident beauty. It has also nurtured, for generations, the age-old art of making beautiful artefacts from leather goods. Another noted contribution from Madhya Pradesh has been the coveted Chanderi fabric. This gorgeous fabric which is a combination of silk and cotton, continues to find takers on a global level. 

Handicrafts from Maharashtra 

The state of Maharashtra is well known for being the home of the Indian film Industry. Apart from this, the place prides itself on being rife with beautiful palaces, caves, temples etc. Maharashtra has also been the birthplace of some of the most famous and traditional handicrafts of India. The famous Warli paintings, Banjara art and Kolhapuri Chappals, have managed to transcend the barriers of time and even today, these handicrafts and art forms find takers locally and globally. The Kolhapuri Chappals have managed to make a comeback on the fashion scene in modern times owing to their durability and comfort, and timeless style. 

Handicrafts from Manipur 

Manipur is a melting pot of all things beauty and grace. The state is rife with forests, hills and valleys. Manipur is also very famous for hand-woven cotton textiles and mats made of a water Reed called Kaun. Apart from that, the region also nurtured an ancient art form of daily use items like glasses, trays etc., carved out of stone. So many of these Indian handicrafts are also available online, and people take joy in purchasing them for their homes or for gifting them to their loved ones. 

Handicrafts from Meghalaya 

This beautiful state is often touted as the Scotland of the east. Nestled in a lush landscape, Meghalaya prides itself on being home to the amazing handicrafts of India. Among various art forms, this state is well known for its hand-woven textiles and various other handicrafts made of bamboo and cane.

Handicrafts from Karnataka

Karnataka is home to various traditional crafts of India. Widely popular among those are the famous sandalwood carving handicrafts and the world-famous Mysore paintings which are popular for their grandeur and categorical attention to detail.

Handicrafts from Kerala

Kerala is often regarded as the most academically endowed state in India but it does not take away from the fact that this state is also home to some of the most ancient handicrafts of India. The elaborate Kathakali face masks are made in Kerala and are the most favoured souvenirs from the state. Apart from that coir artefacts and products are also widely made and sold in Kerala. Coir is derived from a coconut tree and Kerala has an abundance of coconuts as well. 

Handicrafts from Odisha 

Odisha was formerly known as Utkala, and as the name rightly gives it away, the state has an abundance of art. The state is famous for its Pattachitra paintings (already given) and a special kind of silver jewellery called Tarakasi. This ancient art form of India is used in making delicate handcrafted jewellery, photo frames etc. Many products of this ancient Indian handicraft are also sold online. 

Handicrafts from Punjab 

This particular state is very well known for its open-hearted people and their exuberant attitude towards life. Punjab prides itself on being the custodian of some of the most difficult distinguished crafts and art forms of India. The state is very well known for its handwork known as Phulkari. This particular art form involves intricate and elaborate floral hand embroidery on textiles. Apart from that, Punjab is also famous for its authentic hair accessories known as Paranda and footwear known as Punjabi Juttis.

Handicrafts from West Bengal 

West Bengal is home to some of the most beautiful traditional handicrafts in India. This state is the homeland of the world-famous Madur mats which are handmade in the region. Apart from that, sholacraft involves making products from the components of a wild plant that grows in the region called Sholapith. This particular art form is used as an embellishment for the bride’s headgear during Bengali weddings. 

Handicrafts from Uttarakhand 

This state is called the Devbhoomi by virtue of its rich cultural heritage and ancient history. The forests of Uttarakhand have an abundance of timber and hence a special kind of wood carving called Likhai is popular in the region. The Bhotia tribe’s woollen handicrafts are also very popular in the area which includes socks, shawls, blankets etc. 

Handicrafts from Tripura 

Known for its old-world charm and simple appeal, Tripura is famous for its weaving. The tribals of the area are greatly into Handlooms, and they are famous for weaving beautiful patterns in unique colours. This place is also famous for its bamboo and cane handicrafts. 

Handicrafts from Telangana

Telangana is famous for its Intricate needlecraft, known as Banjara art, where the tribal groups from the region make beautiful patterns on clothes. The region also prides itself with an old art form called Dhokra art and Bidri craft. Bidri art entails a delicate silver engraving on metal done with the help of a metal gun. It is used to make various products like boxes, vases etc. 

Handicrafts from Sikkim 

Sikkim is rife with natural beauty and its handicrafts also pay homage to that fact. Carpet weaving is a very old art form that has been practiced in the region. Sikkim’s foldable tables made from a special type of wood called Kath are also very popular. These are known as Choktse tables. Many other art forms like Thangka paintings and wood carvings are also prevalent in the state. 

Handicrafts from Rajasthan 

Rajasthan is also regarded as the land of royalty as the region has been home to many kings and rulers. There are many art forms popular in the state namely Blue Pottery, Meenakari, Rajasthani miniature paintings etc. The world-famous Blue pottery originated from Rajasthan. This art form gets its blue colour from a cobalt dye which has a rich blue colour. Painting a camel's hide is called Usta art and the Meenakari patterns done on the same are very popular globally. This state is also very famous for its traditional hand block printing on cotton fabrics. 

Handicrafts from Nagaland

Nagaland is famous for its skilled artisans who are famous for carving wood to create various decorative items. Cane and bamboo handicrafts are also very popular in Nagaland and craftsmen use them to create much daily uses and home decor items. 

Handicrafts from Mizoram 

This state is very famous for its delicate craftsmanship and the artisans from the region are famous for weaving beautiful patterns on cloth. They also make various bamboo and cane handicrafts which are famous throughout the world. 

Handicrafts from Jharkhand 

Jharkhand is the native place to a large tribal population and they practice a number of art and craft forms depending upon their region. The women of Hazaribagh are famous for their Sohrai paintings which are based on the forest life of the region. Another famous art form of Jharkhand is the famous Jadupatua paintings which depict the life of Lord Krishna according to Santhal tradition. These paintings are wrapped around bamboo and they can be used as a scroll. 

Handicrafts from Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is a cold state rife with lust forests, hills and greenery. Wood carving is very popular in the region. Initially this art form was used to adorn temples but now it has made its way into many daily use and decorative items. Another popular art form from the state is a Chamba rumal which is an embroidered handkerchief. It was used by the rulers of Chamba and now the art form is in high demand worldwide. 

Handicrafts from Haryana 

Haryana is famous for its agriculture but the state is also home to many traditional art forms and handicrafts. The Sarkanda craft is very popular in the region that uses Sarkanda plant to make various products like Changeri basket and various other products. Apart from that various patterns are also made on coarse cotton called Khaddar. This is known as Bagh art. 

Handicrafts from Goa 

Goa is a very popular coastal state of India. It is known for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty. The state is very popular for its seashell craft and Rita the artisans make beautiful chandeliers, ashtrays and various other products from it. Goa is also famous for its beautiful tile art called Azulejos. 

Handicrafts from Chhattisgarh 

This state is home to a number of old art forms and handicrafts. The world-famous Dhokra art has gained applause from people across the globe. Apart from that, terracotta figures and idols, clay idols etc are also very popular in the region. Also, check out the blog to know more about Terracotta.

Handicrafts from Bihar 

Bihar is the birthplace of famous Madhubani paintings which is popular in the national as well as the international market. Bihar is also famous for making many products from a special kind of grass grown in the region called Sikki grass craft. 

Handicrafts from Uttar Pradesh 

This state has a very rich cultural history and has been home to some of the greatest kings and thinkers. This state is known for its Chikankari embroidery and Banarasi silk sarees. Both of them are amongst the most famous traditional handicrafts of India. 

Handicrafts from Assam 

Assam has breathtaking natural beauty and the region is also home to a beautiful range of bamboo and cane handicrafts. Another important art form from the region is called the water hyacinth handicraft, which uses a wild water weed to create various products like baskets and bins etc. 


Handicrafts from Andhra Pradesh 

Andhra Pradesh is famous for its many art forms and handicrafts. The famous Kondapalli toys made from softwood  from the region find takers all over the world. The region is also home to a popular textile art called Kalamkari art. Amongst all the beautiful crafts of India, Kalamkari art is amongst the oldest and the most celebrated. 

Handicrafts from Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu is home to centuries old Indian Handicrafts. The state is famous for its Toda embroidery which is done by the inhabitants of Nilgiris in the state. Tanjore paintings which have originated from the Tanjore region of Tamil Nadu are also very popular. The famous Kanjivaram sarees are also Tamil Nadu’s gift to the world. 

Handicrafts from Arunachal Pradesh 

This beautiful state of India is very famous for its many beautiful and old art forms. The most famous of them are the Thangka paintings which are dedicated to Lord Buddha. The state has a large tribal population and women from those tribes are famous for weaving intricate and beautiful patterns on cloth. 


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According to the Jammu and Kashmir reorganisation amendment bill, our 29th state of J&K has been bifurcated into the Union territory of J&K and the Union territory of Ladakh. Therefore we have discussed the famous handicrafts of 28 Indian states.

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