11 Unexplored Local Jaipur Markets for Traditional Handicrafts of Rajasthan


Introduction: Famous Handicrafts of Jaipur

Pink City of Rajasthan -Jaipur, is an abode to a rich Rajasthani culture. 

The culture has left a lasting heritage that promises everything from beauty to dignity, and flair. With the evolution of Indian culture over the years only a few locations in the entire country have managed to hold onto its aura and Jaipur is one such place.

Handicrafts from Jaipur are some of the most sought-after decor products people love to buy. Indian handicrafts products of Jaipur are known for their distinctive patterns, precision in each design and attention to every detail. Some of the most famous handicrafts of Jaipur include lacquer work, metalwork, miniature painting, marble handicrafts, textiles, and wood carvings.

Come let’s explore the best places to buy these lovely pieces of handicrafts.

11 Local Handicrafts Markets in Jaipur

    1. Chandpole Bazar

When it comes to handicrafts, marble carvings, and other hand-loomed items, Chandpole Bazaar, one of Jaipur's oldest shopping areas, is where creativity comes to life. You can purchase the most adored decorative handicrafts in Jaipur at Khazanewalon ka Rasta in Chandpole Bazar including traditional jootis, lovely handicrafts, sculptures made of wood and stone, carpets, turbans, and everything else you adore!

     2. KishanPole Bazar

The market is best known for its affordable and quality textiles. The place is home to many talented artisans known for their exemplary wooden carving skills. If you are fond of wooden mementoes then this place is a must-visit handicraft market in Jaipur for you.

     3. Bapu Bazar

Go on a shopping spree at this one-stop destination where you can find the best Indian Handicrafts.  Here, you can take pleasure in the originality of Jaipur's street shopping. Additionally, the bazaar is in a lovely setting, so you will be able to witness the city's "pink" side! This is one of the most famous local Jaipur handicrafts markets.

     4. MI Road

Jaipur is world famous for its drop-dead gorgeous pottery, specifically, Blue Pottery. As soon as you lay eyes on its creations, you'll fall in love! Visit MI Road, the busiest shopping street of Jaipur, to shop for pottery creations that date back to the Rajput monarchs' usage of the pots to adorn their Indian palaces. Make your way there to fill your home with some lovely Indian handicraft products in Jaipur. Additionally, you can also search for wooden and brass products.

     5. Kripal Kumbh

This location has historical value and has been selling lovely studio pottery ever since the 1960s. The intricate details and beautiful designs will definitely make you fall in love with them. This place is for you if you're looking for locations to shop in Jaipur that provide clay items with high-quality designs. The appealing blue pottery makes for a perfect gift item or keepsake for your loved ones.

     6. Nehru Bazar 

A traditionally constructed bazaar is well known for its ready-made clothing, home furnishings, wall decor products, shoes, bags, and gifts. The largest display of Rajasthani handicrafts is found in the market's modest stores. A bustling and colourful bazaar, Nehru Bazaar offers everything from Rajasthani jootis and trinkets to textiles, perfumes, and colognes. You can find the top handicraft item dealers in Jaipur at Nehru Bazar.

     7. Tripolia Bazar 

Are you looking for a shopping extravaganza while visiting Jaipur? If Yes, then Tripolia, situated between Manak Chowk and Choti Choupad makes for a must-visit place. The bazaar will steal your heart with its old-world allure. You may still experience the city's rich cultural diversity even if you're not in the mood to shop, just take a stroll through the streets. This market is well known for Rajasthan’s hallmark- exquisite lac jewellery, a hallmark of Rajasthan.

       8. Johari Bazar 

The oldest and most archetypal part of the Pink City of Rajasthan, Johari Bazaar is well-known for its Jaipuri jewellery, composed of gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious stones. This location will therefore wow you if you're looking for some superb jewellery. Another main draw of Johari Bazaar is the several shops that line the narrower passageways and sell vibrantly coloured printed blouses, sarees, and lehengas.

       9. Sikar House 

Commonly known as the "Haaji Market," Sikar House is one of the major centres for Rajasthani printed fabrics. Here, you'll find a wide variety of stores selling things like handmade bed sheets, printed bed sheets, and vibrant kurtas and shirts. Here, you can purchase bulk and wholesale orders at extremely cheap costs if you have a firm grasp on your negotiating skills.

     10. Sireh Deori Gate 

The Sireh Deori Gate market in Jaipur is well-known for its luxurious and elaborately embroidered quilts, blankets, shoes, and delicious Rajasthani sweets. This Indian handicraft market in Jaipur is located right next to the city's iconic Hawa Mahal.

       11. Aravali Bazar 

Bedspreads and quilts from Jaipur are well-known worldwide and are available in Aravalli Bazaar for reasonable prices. Top Handicraft Item Dealers in Jaipur may be found in Aravalli Bazaar, which also sells handicrafts, home décor, and ethnically carved furniture and woodwork.

Renowned Indian Handicrafts Products Of Jaipur

  1. Blue Pottery

Blue pottery, a Mughal-introduced art style, arrived in Jaipur from Persia and Afghanistan. In this design, quartz is used instead of clay to create the objects. Sodium sulphate, Multani mitti (fuller's earth), and raw glaze are among the other materials used to make blue pottery. The lovely blue and turquoise hues of the pottery are given using copper oxide and cobalt oxide, which gives it a characteristic appearance. You can buy a variety of items, such as ceramic plates, coffee mugs, flower vases, soap dishes, door knobs, and glazed tiles with hand-painted floral patterns.

 1. Miniature Paintings

These paintings are famous for their beautiful artworks here, ranging from Radha-Krishna imagery to Mughal Kings and queens. Precious metal powder is added by artists to make their creations shine. The majority of colours used in these paintings are inspired by nature and are free from chemicals. If you love to purchase something unique for yourself or are thinking of gifting to your loved ones then these miniature paintings are must-pick Indian handicraft products in Jaipur.

 2. Wooden showpiece

Jaipur's hardwood furniture is renowned for its style and themes. This furniture often has latticework as a feature. Different products made of wood include chairs, stools, cabinets, picture frames, wall hangings and household and bathroom accessories.

  3. Terracotta items

One of the first types of art and craft that humankind found was the terracotta heritage. Rajasthan has a long history with terracotta dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization. 

Because the figurines are hollow, they have a unique quality that makes them lightweight works of art. This method uses less clay while also preventing the occurrence of cracks. Jaipur’s terracotta artwork is prized around the world, and thousands of pieces of this exquisite artwork are exported abroad each year.

  4. Marble Handicrafts 

Marble deity sculptures have been carved by artists in Jaipur for generations, as religious imagery became a noble art. The easy accessibility of beautiful marble from the well-known Makarana mines, not far from Jaipur, made this possible.

Khazanewalon ka Rasta a lane in Chandpole Bazar, is famous for workshops dedicated to carving tiny and large images of Hindu deities for temples all throughout India as well as for temples abroad.

Wrapping Up

If you are enticed with the details on the local Jaipur handicrafts market and the gorgeous Indian handicraft products of Jaipur, then it's time to make a purchase and decorate your place too. With the list above you can hop onto the best places in Jaipur to stock these handicrafts but, if you want them online at an ease then ExclusiveLane has got you covered. 

Influenced by a generation which is rooted in culture, ExclusiveLane brings to you the masterpieces of skilled Indian artisans. At the ease of your home, you can shop for the famous handicrafts of Jaipur and other home decor items such as warli art, dhokra art and Madhubani art

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the most famous Indian handicraft product in Jaipur?

Blue Pottery is one of the most famous handicrafts of Jaipur. It is used in making vases, brass, serving tray, crockery, lamp shades, jewellery boxes, etc. 

Are handicraft manufacturers in Jaipur facing problems?

The rivalry from mills, power looms, and organised units are getting stronger making the local manufacturers sell their products at lower prices. 

Which materials are famous for handicrafts made in Jaipur?

Marble crafts from Jaipur are renowned worldwide for their intricate designs. Vases, sculptures, furniture, serving trays, etc are some of the best home decor items to pick from iconic handicraft markets in Jaipur.


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