Find everything you need for your home decorating needs at ExclusiveLane. Whether you are searchi...Read More

Find everything you need for your home decorating needs at ExclusiveLane. Whether you are searching for high-quality furnishings or beautiful home décor, we have the perfect products to beautify your space. We offer a wide array of handcrafted furnishings that will help you create an inviting atmosphere in any room of your house. Add an overall aesthetic theme to your decor with ExclusiveLane furnishings. Explore the Emperor's Flowers collection of beautifully designed objects inspired by flowers in Mughal paintings from India’s emperors. Proudly made in India with an eye on the quality that lasts generations. Our selection has something for everyone--even if they're on a budget!Read Less

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    Getting the right piece of furniture is one thing but elevating and polishing your home with unique furnishing items is absolutely a different ballgame. As they say, the Devil is in the details and you want to ensure that every little nook and cranny of your house sparkles and shines to add to your home’s cosy ambience. It is the little things that help in uplifting your home’s aesthetic. When you enter a home, the first thing you notice might be a luxurious divan or a state-of-the-art television set. However, the thing that leaves an indelible impression on you might be a set of adorable cushion covers with hand-embroidered flowers or your favourite book lying on the glass coffee table. The little things are what stay with you for a long, long time. These very little things make your home feel homier. Browse through our home decor small items collection and let these little things add up to the absolute look of your house. Home furnishing items help in giving this lift to your aesthetics. The intricacies in making your home feel special and lively are something you might never want to miss out on.


    At ExclusiveLane, we have a beautiful variety of home furnishings products that will suit every style and taste. You will find a diverse range from runners to cushions with detailed floral patterns or block prints – anything you want, we have! Buy an amazing range of home furnishings online at our website. Make your home complete with ExclusiveLane’s premium quality home furnishing items online and make everyone gush over your stylish tastes.


    Unique handcrafted furnishing items at ExclusiveLane

    We have a unique range of handcrafted home furnishings made to suit your unique tastes. From The Emperor’s Flower collection crafted with some minutely detailed floral patterns, handwoven rugs to make your home cosier and some hand block printed cushions for you to spend your lazy days getting cosy on your couch with your favourite book. There are several decorative items for the living room that you can tweak around and experiment with and let your inner designer shine. At ExclusiveLane we provide you can find Furnishings Products Online at Best Prices with assured quality and authenticity. Sure you might find online home furnishing sites but we provide an array of home accessories that are crafted by skilled artisans that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.


    Why make ExclusiveLane your go-to choice?

    We aim to promote and preserve our traditions while merging them with current trends so you can keep on par with everything. We also give craftsmen all over the country a chance to show their skills and share their traditions with everyone making this a big family, just like the values of our country. What’s best is that you get all this at an affordable rate so you can shop to your heart’s content while all your desires are fulfilled. It also does not make your wallet cry ever so it is a total win-win! We promise! Add more to your collection with our Cushion Covers, Dhurrie, Door Mats, Double Bed Cover, Single Bed Cover, Table Mat, Table Runner, Travel Organizer and get the complete range delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks. Rest assured and shop to your heart’s content! We take bulk orders too! Visit us and join the exclusive handicraft store family today!




    1] What are home furnishing items?

    Furnishing items are the decorative items in your room or house like carpets, pictures, rugs etc.

    2] What are the types of home furnishing?

    Rugs, carpets, cushions, travel organizers are some home furnishing items. You can buy beautiful furnishing items online at ExclusiveLane.

    3] Are furnishings the same as furniture?

    No, furnishings and furniture are not the same. Furniture is articles like tables, beds, cabinets etc. and furnishings are items that help decorate your furniture.

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