6 Local Handicrafts Markets in Delhi

Local handicrafts refer to handmade artisanal products that have been made from scratch by local craftsmen, either entirely by hand or through the usage of automated tools. 

The families of these artisans have usually been involved in their respective crafts for centuries and their proficiency is impeccable. 

In a world that is experiencing rapid westernisation in terms of culture and fashion revamp, India prides itself on its growth of the local handicrafts market. (1). The traditional Indian handicrafts have managed to amass a huge fan following, not just pan India but globally as well. 

The landscape of handicrafts in India is very diverse owing to the fact that our country is a melting of different cultures and beliefs. Each form of art and craft is a beautiful personification of the specific culture, history, tastes and preferences of the respective state. 

For an art lover, it might seem like a tall order to visit each state of India to experience the richness and beauty of its respective art forms. Therefore, we have put together a list of handicrafts markets in Delhi.

Delhi is both the heart and heartbeat of our country. Artisans from across the country bring their creations to this city to afford a larger audience for their creativity. 

If you are planning a trip to Delhi, we suggest you visit some Iconic Handicraft Markets In Delhi to get world-class handicraft products without burning a hole in your pocket :

  • Dilli Haat 

Dilli Haat is an open market that is modelled like a village. This place exhibits some of the finest artefacts from all over the country. The stalls at the place keep changing to provide an opportunity for different artisans to sell their products. The aim behind establishing this place was to allow the craftsmen to sell their products directly to the consumer without the meddling of any third party. From rugs to lamps, sculptors to paintings, you name it; they have it. Furthermore, Dilli Haat also has an expansive array of state-wise good options for you to indulge in. 

  • Central Cottage Industries Emporium

This five-storey building was established in the year 1952, to promote the visibility and sales of Indian handicrafts. If you are looking for Places to Purchase Handicrafts in Delhi, this one has to be at the top of your list. From ethnic home decor items to bespoke wall hangings, this place is a Mecca for art lovers. For over half a century, the Central Cottage Industries Emporium which is situated at Janpath has managed to be a successfully bustling market that stands tall promoting traditional Indian crafts. There is a cafe in the complex as well for you to grab a bite while shopping. 

  • Kisaan Haat 

This place was primarily established as a farmer's market but due to a lack of success a crafts organisation known as Dastkar took over this place and developed it as a traditional handicrafts market. If you are looking for a place to get bulk and wholesale orders, this one right here is the perfect place for you. Kisaan Haat in Chhatarpur is also known as Nature Bazaar and it is a hot spot for traditional exhibitions that showcase an array of handicrafts from all over the country. They have a few permanent stalls and many others come as pop-ups during exhibitions. 

  • Janpath Market 

When we talk about the local handicrafts market in Delhi, we cannot skip mentioning the famous Janpath market that is located at the intersection of Janpath and Connaught Place. It is the perfect place to buy souvenirs ranging from coffee mugs to bathroom accessories. No matter what you need, they have it all! A pro tip for you two is to remember that bargaining is sort of the norm here, so don’t hesitate to take it to get the perfect bang for your buck. 

  • Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhavan 

This Victorian building has an imposing presence in Connaught place and it is one of the best places to buy Indian handicrafts in Delhi. It is a treasure trove for the finest creative produce from all over the country including wall decor products, ethnic wear, traditional jewellery etc. This place has a fixed price policy and often no bargaining is entertained. In terms of culinary choices, the state-run Indian Coffee Home is a quaint cafe in this complex, selling simple snacks and beverages. 

  • Khadi 

This multi-storeyed store in Connaught Place is another good spot for shopping for Indian handicrafts. Khadi is essentially a hand-spun fabric which is made from jute and cotton. This particular fabric gained widespread traction when Mahatma Gandhi spun it himself during the freedom struggle. The Khadi Gram Udyog Bhavan in Connaught Place is an outstanding place to shop for traditional Indian clothes, sarees, spices, honey, condiments etc. Their range of apparel is super exciting and if you have been meaning to revamp your wardrobe and add some traditional touches to it, this place is a must-visit for you. 

By shopping for traditional handicrafts you get some snippets of different parts of India and you can make them a part of your own home. Each handicraft is a physical manifestation of the cultural richness of a particular part of India and the ownership of such a product brings a sense of pride as well. One tends to feel exhilarated and inspired by the kind of talent that our country nurtures. Shopping for Indian handicrafts is nothing shy of getting a slice of the history of our country into our homes. 

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