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Add a dash of elegance to the interiors of your home and office with the exclusive collection of ...Read More

Add a dash of elegance to the interiors of your home and office with the exclusive collection of antique and beautifully crafted wooden showpieces and curios for your living space from ExclusiveLane.Read Less

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54 products
'The Enlightened Owl' Hand-Painted Showpiece In Wood
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'The Staring Owl' Hand-Painted Showpiece In Wood
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Explore ExclusiveLane for Stylish Showpieces For Your Home.

There is no room for error when it comes to decorating. That's why home decor has to be planned in a certain way. But the world of decor is so vast, is time-consuming and can take forever to plan. Not only that, it can be expensive!

Have you ever wished you had somewhere you could go to get the best home design ideas? A place where you can get affordable options for home decor items and accessories without sacrificing quality or style? If the answer is yes and your room needs a makeover, think about ExclusiveLane! ExclusiveLane believes that no one should sacrifice style for designs and quality! That's why we offer a wide range of products that complement all sorts of home decor, showpieces and interiors.

So, find out below what exclusive showpieces ExcluiveLane has for you all!

Significance of Showpieces

A showpiece is a single, stand-alone decor item that adds visual interest to a room. Usually, these are artefacts which anchor the rest of the décor and define spaces in a home. A showpiece is often designed as the centrepiece of a room or group of rooms, like an entranceway. Showpieces can be decorative or functional, but they always help tie an interior design together effectively. They add style to your home without having to resort to expensive renovations. You don't have to sacrifice a thing or spend more on renovating.  At ExclusiveLane, you can get beautiful pieces of these artefacts at a wide range of prices, so they can fit into any budget.  So, mix and match them with furniture and other pieces of décor to create the perfect look for any room in the house, making it look like a masterpiece! We offer both modern and classic showpieces that can change the way you view décor forever!

Vastu tips to put Showpieces make the house peaceful 

In Vastu Shastra, everything has its importance, and it is the utmost importance to maintain a balance of good and bad energies. We should be aware of each item which is arranged in our house. Following some simple tips that include using other items in accordance with Vastu can help us decorate our home much better. For example, if we place a mirror close to the entrance door, it will reflect positive energy into our home; this reflects that we are welcoming positive vibes into the house as well.

Vastu for the home means maintaining a positive home environment, lessening the stress and improving interpersonal relations between family members. It is also true that a beautifully decorated house not only creates a good impression but also invites good energy.

Buddha is known to bring Prosperity

Vastu experts say that placing a Buddha statue at your front door is one of the most powerful Vastu for home tips. It will keep you away from negative energy and bring prosperity to your life.

Ethereal elephant  for Strength

Elephants are often considered the symbol of strength. This is because they are known to be very powerful and tough. If you have an elephant decor piece in your home, it is important to know its place and its placement in relation to other objects in your house.

Owl for enlightenment

The owl is a symbol for wisdom and enlightenment. Owl statues are frequently used in homes, businesses and organisations as symbols of personal growth, success and good luck. An owl by itself is believed to bring prosperity and bring you closer to your goals in life. 

Bring A Room To Life With Our Unique Showpieces

If you are looking for gorgeous show pieces that will remodel your house and make it look amazing, we have it for you! At ExclusiveLane, we have an extensive collection of unique handmade showpieces that can transform any room into something beautiful and eye-catching. Our range includes beautiful, unique showpieces such as Buddha head, Ganpati head, Peacock Head showpieces and many others to add extra elegance to your décor choice. So, if you are looking for unique showpieces for your home, then ExclusiveLane is the right place to start. Just give us a click, select from our wide range of showpiece items and sit back and relax while we take care of the rest!

Decorate Your Home With A Diverse Collection Of Showpieces

Looking for unique and exclusive showpieces for home or office? Look no further! Exclusive Lane offers a great collection of hand-made antique wooden showpieces. We have an extensive range of collection such as that of  Curios, Garden Décor, Hanuman Idol, Mobile Stand, Showpieces, Statues & Sculptures and Toothpick Holder. Sophisticated and ornate, these antique showpieces are unique in design and materials. Each handcrafted piece is an exquisite work of art. Browse our selection to discover a variety of showpieces that represent a path to discovering the antique style and aesthetic that you will love in your home. Each piece is hand-made by skilled artisans and picked according to your taste. Browse through our large collection of wooden showpieces today!


Car Ganesha

If you’re looking for a way to embrace the spirit of Ganesha, this beautifully handcrafted Car Ganesha is perfect. ExclusiveLane offers a huge range of beautiful Car Ganesha idols that are beautifully crafted by local artisans. With all the modern features, our car dashboard Ganeshas will ensure that you get maximum value for your money and lot's of prosperity in your life.


Want to decorate your home with these cute little curios? ExcluisveLane brings you cute little curios where in different folk art has been demonstrated in the form of little decorative idols. You can get Folk Music Mahotsav curio, Rajasthani Kalbeliya Dance Girl, Festive Oxen, Tribal Storytellers, Sharp shell and many others at ExclusiveLane. Our products are handmade by our talented artists, who take pride in their work and yearn to satisfy your need for uniqueness. ExcluisveLane preserves its product's traditional values and fine craftsmanship throughout the production process.

Ganesha Idol

Worship Lord Ganesha by keeping a Ganesh idol close to your heart. The elephant-headed deity brings you benefits in many ways. It is the remover of all obstacles; hence, his worship is always considered auspicious and beneficial. ExclusiveLane brings you beautiful handcrafted Ganesha idols made from Eucalyptus and Babool wood. So, get one for yourself and remain surrounded with abundant positivity.

Hanuman Idol

ExclusiveLane offers you a beautiful handcrafted Panchmukhi Hanuman idol made from Gular wood. Exclusively crafted with the finest wood and traditional techniques, this icon brings inner peace, prosperity and knowledge to your home or place of worship. This idol is intended for those who believe that Hanuman is the epitome of human intelligence, piety, chivalry and devotion.

Mobile stand

If you want to keep your cell phone safe and secure when stored, we have the perfect solution for you! We offer a variety of mobile holders such as Folding Stand, Chocolate Roller, Elephant Trunk, Standing Owl and many others beautifully crafted in Sheesham, Steam beech, and Cedarwood. These stands allow you to hold your smartphone anywhere in the room without worrying about falling or scratching it on the way.


Discover our wide range of handmade brass showpieces At ExcluiveLane. The exclusive pieces are carved, hand-painted, and handmade. The variety of artwork crafted with brass is broad and includes such as Sharp Shell, Trident Tackles, Tribal storytellers and many others. For lovers of unusual wood showpieces, Exclusive Lane provides you with a chance to buy amazing wood showpieces crafted by craftsmen. This collection comprises of some of the most delicate artefacts such as phone stands, Ganesh idols, owl pieces, and many more.

Statues & Sculptures

ExclusiveLane brings you beautiful statues and sculptures such as Tranquil Buddha, Meditating Buddha, Enlightened Ganesha, Blessing Ganesha and many others. These items are hand-made and of extreme quality in Euclayptus & Babool Wood. These sculptures are the perfect pick for any home decor. Don't miss out on this opportunity to purchase these showpieces!

Toothpick Holder

ExclusiveLane brings you beautiful “Terracotta Handpainted Warli Toothpick Holder Set Red” and “Small Twin Owl Pot-Faces” Toothpick Holder In Terracotta. This set is made with the finest quality materials, which makes it is an absolute must-have for your home or office. These unique hand painted pot in Indian terracotta are safe to use and very easy to take care of, they are very attractive and an excellent item for home decoration.

Explore Showpiece By Product Material

Material Type

ExclusiveLane offers a wide range of hand-crafted products in various materials such as Brass, Cedar Wood, Ceramic, Eucalyptus Wood, Fibre, Gular and Eucalyptus Wood, Gullar Wood, Iron, Mango Wood, Metal, Sheet Metal and Wood. Browse our exclusive collection to choose the best items to suit your style or gift someone you love. We have many different types of showpieces such as Buddha idols, Ganesha idols, sculptures and so much more. The craftsmanship is beautiful and will make a great addition to your home for years to come.

These showpieces are hand-crafted by talented craftsmen and artisans who carelessly make these stunning products. The work of skilled artists is very evident in these showpieces. They will surely add some flare to your home while also serving as a helpful addition that can be placed anywhere in your house. Our products are unique in design, made from high-quality materials and different material varieties. You can choose the one that suits your taste, budget and the kind of environment that you want to present.

Art Type

At ExclusiveLane, we have a large collection of antique showpieces and handicrafts. These products range from authentic and hand-crafted pieces made by skilled artisans to beautiful and unique designs that are very much in demand in the market. We provide you with some very exciting antique wooden showpieces and other decorative items. We have expert artisans who ensure their work is beautiful, unique and artistic in design.

Our range includes beautiful handcrafted showpieces in different art form such as Dhokra Art, Hand-Etched, Hand-Painted & Hand-Carved, Hand-Woven, Handcrafted, Meenakari Art and Studio Pottery. You can get different types of items such Tribal story tellers, Buddha idols, Ganesha idols, Trident Tackles, Folk artist idols, and likewise many other sculptures, curios and statues beautifully handcrafted by talented artisans in these art forms. You can find all sorts of these antique wooden showpieces at ExclusiveLane with the easy browsing of different catalogues. We offer you finest quality items at affordable prices that are also attractive looking and can be purchased online easily too. Handmade handicraft products are among the preferred choices of most customers these days as they always prefer unique products that are unique in their own manner and own style.

So. get your hands on these beautiful showpieces from ExcluiveLane and give your home a complete renovated look, without any renovation. Elevate your home interior and embrace the environment with ExcluisveLane's beautiful art pieces.

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