10 Stylish pots and planters for your favorite plants

Plants instantly add life to a mundane space. Today, indoor plants are used to add color and life to a room, balcony, garden, or even the favorite corners of your home. The decoration and aesthetics of a room changes with adding a splash of green to your interiors. Plant lovers constantly look for stylish pots and planters online to add to the beauty of the plants. 

As you put your tiny plant into a stylish planter, it certainly pops up and magnifies the beauty of the greenery. A carefully selected planter can effortlessly attract the eyes of the onlookers. Be it a kitchen, a living room, or a balcony, pots, and planters play an essential role to make the tiny plants stable as well as look stunning.  

To help those plant lovers out there, here are 10 stylish pots and planters online that are carefully selected for your indoor plants. These pots and planters will create a lot of difference to your interior design. 

Let us take a look at the top 10 stylish indoor pots and planters that are available online

  1. The Two Morocco Pod' Hand-painted Planters Set In Ceramic- Ceramic has been a love for one and all for ages. The clean finish and the pop of blue and white on the glazed ceramic pots make it the best to add fresh vibes to your interiors. Place this on a table top and create continuity in your indoor decoration as it comes in a set of two.

  1. Triple Blooms' Hand-Painted Metal Railing Cum Table Planters Pot (Set Of 3) - This decorative hand-painted planter set of 3 is a perfect match for your balcony. With the easy handles that are attached to the glossy planters, you can hang them at your balcony handrails without the fear of breakage. 

The best suitable plants for these pots are creepers. When you hang the planter on a railing the creeper will flaunt with elegance from the planter. 

  1. "The Golden Rounds" Table Planter Pot With Crossed Stand In Iron (10.5 Inch)- One of the most favorite of all times, this golden rounded planter will surely bring you several appreciations. The black and gold combination will complement your interiors and will instantly lift the mood. The warm tones of the color will also help to enhance the warmth of the décor.

You can choose from the different shape and finish of this decorative copper planter. The set comes with a detachable galvanized iron stand, which prevents it from corrosion. 

  1. Pattern on a Barrel' Handcrafted Terrazzo Planter In Concrete- The concrete Terrazzo planters dates back to the Egyptian times, and was first originated in Italy. These geometric patterned pots are elegant and are appropriate for modern as well as classic interior decorations. These pots and planters online come in different shapes and sizes and various hues as well. 

  1. The Thirsty Crow' Handmade Garden Decorative Showpiece In Terracotta- Inspired by the childhood story of a thirsty crow, this can be a real deal if you want to recollect memories from your childhood. If you have kids at home, they will be amazed to see this decorative terracotta planter that will be their next favorite.

  1. 'Plant In A Cup' Table Cum Floor Planter Pot In Glossy Red- This contemporary stylish planter is best suitable to blend color to your interiors. Be it on the floor or on a raised platform this black and red planter is one of the finest pieces of balanced art. 

  1. 'Bloom in Tube' Handcrafted Wooden Planter Tubes With Holder- This simple yet elegant decorative pot is sleek and stylish. It has a vibe of modernism and can fit even the small corners of your home. So, if you have less space for plants at your home, do not worry as this is the best match for you.

  1. Decorative Garden & Balcony Hanging Planter In Ceramic- How about adding a bird to your little balcony garden? This hanging planter is in the shape of a bird. It is attractive and useful. This handcrafted ceramic pot comes in white color of the detailing of a bird. You can easily hang it from the ceiling or on the railings of your balcony. 

  1. The Organising Blocks' Handcrafted Terrazzo Stationery Organiser & Planter In Concrete- Have you ever wished for a table organizer with a planter? Here is the most suitable planter for you, which will not only enhance the aesthetics of your work desk but will also help you organize little essentials on your table. 

  1. 'Plant On Wheels' Table Cum Floor Planter Pot In Glossy Grass Green- With a hint of mobility, this planter can be your next best friend for your indoor as well as outdoor plantations. This grass green color pot is glossy with a perfect finish. What makes this stand out is its wheel stands. 

So, what is stopping you from decorating your home and garden with these beautiful planters? You can now buy these pots and planters online from the comfort of your home. So, choose from a wide variety of options and be the proud owner of these hand-crafted and elegant planer pieces.

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