Home Decor Accessories You Need For A Dreamy Home

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Every house becomes a home when it carries the spirit and warmth of the people living there. It can be something as simple as putting up pictures of your loved ones, of all those little moments you spent together, or it can be something extravagant as recreating an entire space with your favorite elements, colors, and murals. If you are also looking for a way to make your home look fabulous, filled with love, here are some ideas to give a little makeover to your home abode turning it into a dream. These ideas include handmade décor accessories that can easily be a part of every home.


Let your walls tell a story

Just painting walls is not enough if you want your home to look different and magnificent. There are many amazing wall décor ideas available especially handmade ones by Indian artisans that can easily enhance the beauty of a wall. Place the wall hanging as a centerpiece in any room, surrounding it with small pictures or craftwork. If you want to keep it simple, handmade wooden wall clocks or brass statement pieces can also work well.

Create more space in your house with handmade wooden wall shelves. Light up your puja room with a wall hanging made of brass with diyas on it. For a kids' room, vibrant looking animal-inspired hangings are the best options. Why just stick to the walls inside the home if you are planning to decorate the place. Handmade and hand-painted nameplate personalized just for you is indeed going to make your neighbors envy your loving home. 



Make every meal fascinating with the best kitchen décor

There is an adage that says, “You eat with your eyes first”. It means that the way food looks served on a plate can make it more appetizing if it is done properly. Make your every meal look appealing and scrumptious by serving it in the best serveware. Handcrafted ceramics, terracotta, and wooden serveware is an ideal way to upgrade the kitchen.

You can go for the dining accessories like platters, bowls, mugs, cups, and saucers or choose ceramic and wooden handis with lid and ladle. Not just for your everyday meal, but during the festive season and attending guests, handmade serveware can make your kitchen the envy of all.

Along with the platters and trays, why not decorate the kitchen area and dining table with the best kitchen accessories. Tissue paper holders carved with wood, spice boxes with brass engraved structure and little additions like coasters, salt, and pepper shaker, toothpick holders and trivets, made with wood, ceramic and terracotta are going to add a personal warm touch to your kitchen.



Lighting That Brings Out Soul of The House

Lighting is an essential part of any home décor. Without proper lighting, your house can lose the essence that you want it to reflect. Along with the CFLs and LEDs, why not use handmade lamps and deepam to work out light for different moods? Set the mood in your bedroom with cozy lighting and lamps for the home created by artisans in India out of wood. Make your puja room feel blessed with handmade brass deepam and wall hangings with diyas on them.

For your balcony or garden, terracotta hanging tealight holders are the best option, while your living room deserves a lavish chandelier crafted with brass and hand-painted in the most vivid shades.  For every corner of the house, wooden tealight holders and candle stands can help in spreading light with gentle warmth. There are so many ways to decorate your home with lighting décor accessories, all you have to do is select the right one.



Upgrade Your Garden Regardless of Space

To have a beautiful garden, no one needs a lot of space given you are willing to add in some creativity. Use your green thumb and transform any space into a lovely, lush garden with a little landscaping and gorgeous garden accessories. For the balcony area, use rectangle pots to cover every corner and plant your favorite herbs.

Hanging planters will help in using the space smartly for creepers. Throw in artificial grass and you have the perfect garden. For relaxing mornings and evenings, add musical terracotta wind chimes or brass bells. In case you do not have a lot of space in the balcony area, go for railing planters. You can also use these ideas for a larger garden area to make it lively and colorful.

If you are wondering how to make all these possible and where to get all these décor accessories, no need to fret. Online stores like ExclusiveLane are providing all kinds of handmade accessories, decoration pieces, kitchenware, lighting, and many other amazing things online. They also make for a fabulous gifting solution for all kinds of occasions. You can simply go through the various options, choose the one in your budget, and make it a part of your home or gift it to a loved one.


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