Fill Positivity In Your Home With Decorative Showpieces and Idols

Home décor is incomplete without nice showpieces and idol figurines. However, to enhance the appearance of your home’s interior, you must invest in quality pieces of décor. The collections of home décor items at ExclusiveLane are perfect for you if you look for affordable yet beautiful showpieces to add to your collection.

How many times while visiting a relative or a friend’s house have you been mesmerised by the interiors of their homes decorated with beautiful showpieces and idols? But in India, statues of idols and other showpieces are nothing new, and you probably won't be surprised that one could have such beautiful collections of such showpieces. Indeed, In India, a lot of money goes into decorating the religious spaces in houses. At present, our culture is being modernized, and we are trying to decorate our home spaces so that it adds to the overall décor of our home instead of stacking upon on showpieces and idols. Moreover, having beautiful showpieces and statues of idols also fills your home space with positivity and radiance. The décor has a positive effect on the subconscious mind, thus filling you with positive vibes. But you must be wondering what would be some showpieces or idols to add to your collection to make your house look beautiful and have a soothing effect on your mind. Here is a list that would help you decide on some collectables that you could buy.

1. Feel Royal: Your house will feel positively majestic when you buy the 3-piece elephant showpiece from the “Meenakari Collection” at ExclusiveLane. An ethnic masterpiece crafted with intricate details and decorated with jewellery clothing, it is bright and colourful and would be perfect in your home. However, the most eye-catching aspect of this piece is that it is adorned with skilled Meenakari work, which makes this showpiece royal in its true essence. The 3-piece Royal Elephant set comes with one Baby Elephant, a big royal elephant and an Ambari elephant, all made from metal. The engravings on the pieces depict the scenes of Royal Marriages of ancient India.


2. Wiser: One of the unique showpiece figurines are owls. Our subconscious belief that they are wise urges us to get the figurines of owls to adorn our homes. Yet, we can’t deny that owls formed the base of our bedtime stories and the folktales that have passed on for generations. The figurine of the ‘Wise Owl’ from the numerous beautiful collections of ExclusiveLane is made of brass and is handcrafted such that it is the perfect addition to your home décor.


3. Music: What do you do when you start feeling sad or depressed? It won’t be very wrong to assume that most of us listen to music. Music is a positive aspect, a silver lining whenever we feel down. It uplifts us and helps us feel alive again. The brass figurines of two ‘Happy Flutists’ would give you the same positive feeling if you decide to buy them. The subtle beauty of the figures advancing such a powerful message is enough to make your home décor look gorgeous and fill the air with positivity and happiness.


4. Romance: Moving in with your partner or spouse is always a big step, but there are even more things to worry about after you have settled in. Yes, you guessed it right- home décor! Of course, the living space is best adorned with idols of Ganesha idols or the Enlightened Buddha, giving your living space a sense of piety and positivity. But the more private spaces such as the bedroom, you could adorn with more romantic pieces such as the hand-enamelled metal set of the White Swan, sculpted with Meenakari work on them. This piece is subtle and would look lovely in the bedroom.


5. Vibrant: If you are fond of vibrant showpieces and idol figurines, the ExclusiveLane has the perfect collection to cater to your needs. One particular piece that is sure to catch your eye is the handcrafted, colourful ‘Vibrant Turtles’. These figurines are made from eucalyptus wood by hand and hand-painted as well. A beautiful collection to add to your home décor, this piece is eye-catching and would fill your living space with positivity and happy vibes.


6. Get Enlightened: ExclusiveLane’s collection called the ‘A Tale of Hand Carved Divinities’ has many beautiful pieces of home décor showpieces that would fill your home space with positivity and make it feel divine. However, among so many pieces, the ‘Enlightened Buddha’ stands out. It is a handcrafted sculpture made from Babool Wood by the most skilled artisans. It depicts Buddha in his enlightened state. The sculpture itself is brown but is bathed in an essence of golden. This idol figurine will fill the spaces of your home or working space with divinity, peace and positivity.


7. Furry owls: You must have heard the folk tales from generations past, from your grandparents. You may have also wished to escape into the fantastical world, where the animals talked – the elephant, the wise owls and other such creatures of the jungle. Those were the days, weren’t they? Yes, we do grow up, but that’s no reason not to live those fond memories, and the best way to relive them is to buy the brass figurines of the ‘Furry Owls’  online.


8. Indian all the way: If we talk about one of the many positive traits of ancient Indian society, women’s empowerment through knowledge and education. A wise man once said,” Educating one woman would mean educating a whole generation.” A positive quote such as this resonates with the hearts of millions of women in India and the entire world. The handmade brass figurine of a ‘Reading Woman’ pays homage to the Dhokra Art of the Kandha tribute community. It also symbolises uplifting women and their education in present India, where women are finally finding their voice.


9. Golden figurines: Paying homage to the Kandha tribute community from Mayurbhanj, in the beautiful state of Odisha where the legacy of “Dhokra Art” continues, the Golden Birds set is a positive delicacy for your house. The delicate figurines made of metal are given life through copper and brass-based alloys by using lost wax casting. The figures of these two golden birds are vivacious in their beauty, and these are art piece that commemorates the positivity of life. These figurines have a final layer of patina besides a coat of wax that would help protect the figurines and add a layer of adornment.


10. Get playful: We talked about the ‘Furry Owls’ figurines and grandma’s folktales just a while back. But don’t you wish there were more? Don’t you feel the curiosity of a child waiting to hear what happens next in grandma’s stories, and don’t you want to feel the rush of serotonin after you know the whole story? So if you want to keep your inner child alive and if you are someone who has a quirky taste in home décor, the brass figurines of the “Playful Penguins” would be a great addition to your home décor collection.


ExclusiveLane brings you tIndia’sich culture and heritage through its handcrafted showpiece collection and idol figurines made by the most skilled artisan. These artisans bring to life the old folk tales that pass onto generations and the heritage, which is the foundation of the rich land of India. In addition, ExclusiveLane curates the best collections of home décor.

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