How To Choose The Right Wall Hanging For Your Space

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Before we talk about the implications and aesthetic appeal of choosing the right wall hangings for your home, let us try to understand the significance of home decor in the grand scheme of perfectly put together your living space. 

A home speaks volumes about the creative inclination, artistic flair and eye for detail of the home dwellers. Building a home for yourself and your family is a great milestone that is cherished for times to come. 

The concept of building and sanctifying your home is an old-age concept which has undergone tremendous revamping over the years. There are so many ways to accentuate and bedazzle your living space, that you are going to be spoilt for choice. 

4 Ways To Choose The Right Wall Hangings

Articulately chosen wall decor items can become an anchor point of that space’s interior decor and that is among the best reasons why you should use wall hangings in your home. A statement wall art painting for your living room will not just solicit compliments from your guests, but it will also bring cohesiveness and character to the room’s decor. From Hand-painted key holders to decorative wall hooks, you can adhere to the following pointers while choosing the right wall hanging for your space:

  • Pin Down The Style

When we browse through unique wall hanging for living rooms or any other space, we have got to keep a theme or style in mind. One can even hinge the entire look of a room on one statement wall art. Furthermore, you can choose from vintage, colonial, ethnic, floral, and various other themes while choosing wall hangings for your home. 

  • Fit The Folk

If you can't pick out between traditional wall decor hangings and modern ones, it would be a safe bet to stick to folk art. The best thing about choosing folk art-inspired living room wall art decor is that you can hardly go wrong with it. Their appeal and vibrancy are soulful and time-tested. You can choose from an impressive range of hand-painted terracotta and sheesham wood wall accessories from Exclusive Lane. 

  • Be Careful About The Size 

When you pick beautiful wall paintings for your living room, make sure that their size complements the wall that you want to adorn with the respective wall art. If you choose an ill-fitting size for the wall hanging, the entire vibe of your wall decor can get impeded. Always look for pieces that resonate with your living space, both in terms of sizing and style. 

  • Collect And Exhibit Memorabilia From Your Travels 

You can pick out exquisite wall art pieces while travelling and place them beautifully on your walls. They will embody the well-versed nature of your perspectives and even remind you of your fun-filled travels. 

4 Tips To Incorporate Wall Art Into Your Space

If you are as fond of wall decor as us, but are unable to zero and down on the exact location to place that wall art, we suggest you read along. 

  • Make A Gallery Wall 

You can make a gallery wall at the entryway, along the alleys or alongside the stairway and designate that space to put decorative hand-Painted Mirrors and other wall accents. You can acquaint yourself with wall decor accessories every home must have, to equip yourself with better knowledge about choosing wall accessories. 

  • Look For Bold Pieces 

You can opt for bold pieces that can become conversation starters. You can opt for sculptural pieces that accentuate the aura of your room and add definition to the decor. 

An iridescent Handmade Terracotta Wall Plate or bright-coloured traditional wall decor hangings can be excellent additions to your living room’s wall decor. The idea is to look for wall art pieces that best represent you and personify your understanding and appreciation of art. 

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  • Don't Ignore The Powder Room 

While doing your home interiors, or choosing wall accessories, do not ignore the importance of adorning the walls of your washrooms and powder room. These spaces have an immense utilitarian value and you can look for soothing and tranquil pieces to embellish the walls of these spaces. Just imagine, laying in your tub or taking a warm shower, in a space that feels like a spa and not just a washroom! It will help you in giving aesthetic value to your washrooms and giving them an attractive as opposed to a basic look. 

  • Choose Quirky And Vibrant Pieces In The Entryway

It would be a good idea to go for something dazzling if you're looking for wall art that welcomes you upon opening the door. Figurative art, landscapes, pop of colours, abstract art or anything else that soothes the senses and calms the mind. 


When it comes to choosing wall art or any kind of home decor art, you must always take this fact into consideration that you will be seeing a lot of it and therefore, your choice should be super appealing to you. While choosing kitchen artwork, make practical choices, for bedroom wall art, make easy-going choices and so forth. Your choice of wall hangings and other home decor items should be in perfect contrivance with the area and design palette of your home. Having said that, the walls of your home are like a canvas for your imagination and you can experiment to your heart’s content. Moreover, you can always add or change your wall hanging depending upon the style and the mood that you wish to create and you won’t even have to be too invasive in terms of re-modelling for changing the look of your room. 

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