10 Ways to Jazz Up A Wall with Unique Wall Hangings

Painting the walls is not enough if you are looking for making it stand out. They are your blank canvases ready to be adorned most beautifully. Instead of putting on something usual on your walls, why not try out some of the most popular home décor ideas to accentuate the natural beauty of your home walls? We have curated 10 such ways that can jazz up the walls of your home with amazing handmade artifacts. Have a look,

Perk up entrance with the handmade nameplate

Your entrance is the first thing that anyone notices. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to its décor. Bring out the beauty of your entrance with a handmade nameplate. Adorned with tribal art or with modern art, choose a nameplate that reflects your style.


Brighten up the place with lamps and lightning

Wall installed lights and lamps make for a stunning home wall décor idea. From intricate designs having little tealight holders to the wooden handcrafted ones with brass lamps on them can make your home look heavenly. Choose them for your puja room, home entrance, or balcony to brighten up the place while enhancing the beauty.


Create more storage with stylish shelves

The best way to make your walls look beautiful is to install gorgeous shelves. Instead of the engineered wood ones, go with the handmade wooden shelves made with Sheesham, mango, teak, and such other good quality wood for longevity. You can get single-board shelves or one with various shapes and additional space for storage depending on the look you are seeking.


Tribal art to jazz up your walls

Open your doors to Indian tribal art with intricate brass and wooden art pieces meant for the wall. Beautiful figurines framed in wood, handmade dhokra, warli artwork and animal prints in frames of various shapes can make any home look more vibrant and fuller of life. If you have a contrast colored wall in your home or need something for bedroom wall decor, use these framed artworks to accentuate its exquisiteness.


Handmade Paintings to add a splash of color

Paintings are the most popular form of wall décor ideas. Whether it is a large painting used as a centerpiece or smaller square or rectangle painting frames to create a collage of art on the wall, you can be as creative as you wish to be. Choose paintings with Buddha, Ganesh, or such other calming visuals.


Adorable hangings for every corner

Don’t leave any corner of your home feel left out and decorate it with wall hanging handmade artifacts. Little hangings with bells, animal figurines, and tribal artwork will make your home look more intriguing. You can use these as accents around a centerpiece or place them in corners of your home, on sides of the doors where any other décor piece does not fit properly.


Hook up your wall with rustic hooks

If you are looking for a multipurpose wall hanging ideas, go with the iron hooks with a rustic look. These can be installed beside your entrance, in the kitchen and bathroom for creating extra space. There are many options for designs and shapes available in hooks so you can create a variety of looks with them.


Mirrors for a touch of sophistication

Unlike other décor pieces, mirrors have a special meaning. They are placed according to Vastu shastra to help in bringing a sense of positivity while making your home look pretty. It can also come in handy while you are leaving the house so you can check how you are looking.


Put up frames with your heartfelt memories

Home décor is incomplete without pictures of every family member living in the house. Get handmade and painted frames with tribal art like warli and dhokra style. These are not only colorful but made with fine wood that can enhance the style of your home in every way. It is the best way to fill your home walls with amazing heartfelt memories.

Bathroom accessories that double up décor

Make your bathroom look fabulous by placing accessories that double up a wall hanging décor pieces. It can be wire basket shelves or shelves with hooks painted in warli and dhokra style. If you want more storage space, go with rustic hooks and corner shelves as they are ideal for small spaces while enhancing the beauty of the space.

Before picking up any décor item for your home, it is essential to think about the look you wish to achieve. There are various ideas with boho chic, modern art, traditional and tribal touch, so following a look for one room or an entire home is best advised. This way your home décor will appear in sync with the mood you wish to create.

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