Refresh Your Wall with Beautiful Wall Decor Accessories

Adding customized colors to the wall or enhancing the beauty of the room with textured walls has been a popular trend these days. Every room has a different color, adding a unique feel to it, but if you wish to make your house stand apart from others, you need to consider something out of the box. Instead of just painting your walls, why not adorn walls of your home with handmade wall décor accessories crafted by expert artisans from all around the country.

And we are not talking about putting up just frames filled with beautiful pictures of your family but considering the wall as a blank canvas ready to be adorned with lovely artifacts. If you are not sure what to add to the walls of your home or how to make it stand out most magnificently, here are some interesting ideas for you to explore. With these ideas, your home can be the talk of the town and cause of envy among your guests and neighbors. Check out these ideas to find the best wall décor options for the house, bedroom, porch, and your main door.


Wall Décor Hangings That Speak Your Heart

 A house should be decorated in a way that shows the personality of people living in it. For the kid’s room, animal-inspired wall hangings in terracotta material with little bells on them will be a perfect choice. Your little ones can enjoy the ringing of the bell and have fun while the hangings fill the room with creativity and cuteness. Adorn your pooja room with hand-carved wooden hangings having brass finishing and chants carved on to them. It can also make for a nice wall decoration for your bedroom or hall and adding a sense of peace to space.

If you have a garden or porch area in your home, terracotta hangings with nature-inspired shapes and little huts can be a pleasant addition. You can also hang terracotta or brass wind chimes to this space filling it with vibrant colors. These can also go in your balcony as well making it look peaceful and relaxing for that evening cup of tea. Similarly, such hangings can be placed all around the house, keeping the room and the theme of the hanging in mind. It can be a quote inspired or vibrant patterns carved on terracotta or wood. If you are seeking budget-friendly presents for Diwali and other festive occasions, these are great for that as well.



Shelves That Enhances the Beauty with Extra Space

Extra space is always welcomed in a household, and shelves are the best way to do it. You can put little decorative pieces on these, add photo frames with stands, little potted plants, keep books, and show off your achievements. However, these can also be the best wall decor items your house has. Instead of the single shelf ones in brown or black, add some patterns to the wall with shelves of different shapes and sizes. You can either pick the large shelf, making it the center of the room décor or add little shelves for creating a definition on the wall.

Sturdy shelves made with Sheesham wood in the classic finish with brass embellishments will make your house look classy. If you need a touch of color, use the one with a single color or multiple shades to match the décor theme. Key holders of all kinds in wooden and terracotta finish can also enhance the beauty of any wall while working for storing all the keys of your home. If a friend is having a housewarming party or buying a new house for him or her, this will be a great gifting idea.



Little Details to Turn A House into Home

Your house becomes home only when you add those little details everywhere. Skip those boring looking nameplates and add customizable wooden nameplates that are unique on every level. Bring out the beauty of those corner walls and side walls with brass wall hanging handmade, hand-carved block designs made of wood along with green indoor plants. Placing mirrors around the entrance and outside the main door on the porch are considered lucky so why not add one with a hand-painted and carved frame. You can also add paintings to bring all décor pieces in a room together and create a more centered feel in the room.


Find some of the best wall décor ideas for your home on Exclusive Lane, the best place for handicrafts, kitchenware, décor pieces, and paintings in India. You can also consider these ideas for gifting purposes as well for the festive season, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming parties, and any other occasion. There are options available for every budget and every personality so get one for your loved ones now. Exclusive collection of handmade décor pieces and kitchenware will make them feel special.

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