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Make your interiors look graceful and fashionable with these silk cushion covers from Exclusive L...Read More

Make your interiors look graceful and fashionable with these silk cushion covers from Exclusive Lane. Handblocked designs from talented artisans across the country, these covers are available in multiple print designs. Buy them to upgrade your furnishings, or gift them to your loved ones.Read Less

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    Buy Beautiful Cushion Covers Online

    The cushion cover can instantly add more beauty to living space. It is the one easy choice to add luxury and comfort at the same time. Look for the best cushion covers to add grace to your sofa set.  Why do you need to buy a cushion cover for the sofa ?

    1. Stay Out of Allergens

    Cushion covers are best to protect the cushions from unwanted allergens, bugs, and germs. It works as a protective shield for the soft cushion.  Indoor space can accumulate dust and germs; hence a sturdy cushion cover is a must.

    2. Home Decor

    The silk cushion covers can instantly add more luxury to the space to add more beauty to the living space. Embroidered cushion covers give a fresh and appealing look to the sofa and other furniture.

    3. Comfort

    A fluffy cushion offers comfort. Look for the best cushion covers to add a dash of comfort to your living room, bedroom and even dining space. A good cushion needs a protective cover. Look for attractive cushion covers designs.

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What fabric is used for cushion covers?

    - These combined fabrics are made from natural materials and are often used in cushion production. Cotton linen blends are cool and comfortable on the skin, have a crisp and seamless texture, are breathable, and are easy to care for. Cotton is a long-lasting fabric that can be machine washed and dried and ages gracefully.

    Q2. What type of sofa cushion is best?

    Polyester, padding, fur, or a mixture of these are often used as couch fillings.

    Foam is a type of substance that is used to build The most popular filling medium for sofas is foam, which is available in a range of densities.

    Feathers and Down are two words that come to mind when dreaming about feathers and down. For people who value softness on a couch, feather-filled cushions are best.



      Q3. What material is best for cushion covers?

      - Cushions are usually made of cotton or linen, all of which are durable and washable. Since they are made of natural fibres, they are ideal for those with delicate skin. They are also soft to the touch, making them ideal for use throughout the summer.


       In addition to a beautiful floral cushion cover for sofa, also invest in the creative name plate, attractive towel holder and table lamp to decorate your home. To bring loads of positive to your living space decorate your balcony with wind chimes and wall hanging.

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