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Amp up your dining table decor with these classy hand block printed cotton table mats from Exclus...Read More

Amp up your dining table decor with these classy hand block printed cotton table mats from Exclusive Lane. Whether it’s a festive occasion or you have special guests coming over, keep your dining space looking fancy and squeaky clean with these linen mats!Read Less

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    Explore a wide range of hand block printed table linens online.

    Be a part of a royal feast just like the Mughals!

    Be it an exciting dinner with friends and family or a casual Sunday evening tea party, every occasion deserves to shine! Making your dining table match with your festive feast and having to avoid messy post-meal situations is not really an easy task. Finding table linens online is easy but scouring up the premium quality ones is not. When it comes down to this, finding the best of the best is the topmost priority for everyone. Décor for your furniture can be a hassle to look for online but we at ExclusiveLane have made it super easy! Find a wide variety of elegant designs from our Emperor’s Flower range of hand block printed table linen and make your dining table look super fancy!

    Table Linens – The Purpose

    The use of linens has a thousand-year-old history that makes them some of the oldest textiles in the world. Spun around the ancient Egyptian period, the use of linens is prominent even today in a wide variety of products. Not only do they add to the décor of the place, but table linen also helps in preventing the dining table from getting spoiled. They are spread over the table right before laying down the silverware used for dining. They include a range of cloth accessories you will find at a dinner table right from a common household to a Michelin star restaurant. Most table linens are soft and daintily made of materials such as cotton, polyester, plastic or jute. You can find a variety of table linen online at ExclusiveLane handicraft store.

    From the tables of the Mughals!

    Crafted by skilled artisans incorporating hand block printed cotton table linens with the merging of a traditional technique. Every set is made from pure cotton and of different dimensions based on individual requirements. Portraying Emperor Shah Jahan’s love for flowers, each mat is intricately designed with floral patterns and adds some spice to your occasional dinners or everyday meals. 

    The best table linens online at ExclusiveLane

    If you're looking for some stylish tablecloth online or cotton table linen online then you have come to the right place! We present to you our exclusive hand block printed cotton table linens that will spice up your dining experience! 

    Not only that, we have a range of items that can cater to your needs be it decor for furnishing your house or bed linens and cushion covers as well as travel organisers! We take bulk orders too so order your now!


    What is table linen called? 

    The cloth accessories that we use during meal times like napkins and table mats are called table linens. 

    What is the difference between table linens and tablecloths?

    Table linens essentially consist of the items used to spread over the table like table mats, table cloths and table runners as well napkins. On the contrary, a tablecloth is an entire spread of cloth that covers the whole table and prevents the table from getting any stains or scratches. It is the first layer of the entire spread on top of which the table mats, table runners, napkins and other accessories are placed. Shop a wide range of cotton table linen at ExclusiveLane and make your dining space as elegant as the Mughals!


    What are the types of table linens? 

    The major elements of table linens include tablecloths or table covers that prevent the items being kept on top from spilling and staining the table. They also help add to the aesthetic and make the table look pretty. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Next in the range are napkins which are an important part as they are utilized while eating meals. Just like their other comrades, they come in different colours with intricate details to normal colour blocked patterns. Table runners on the other hand are wide strips of cloth placed at the centre of the table over which the dishes are placed. Table mats are small pieces of cloth over which an individual places their dinner plate – more specific to the person. In restaurants, they are usually used as menus or have prints of activities like riddles and crossword puzzles. 



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