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Tired of all your travel accessories creating a mess in your bag while travelling? Keep all your ...Read More

Tired of all your travel accessories creating a mess in your bag while travelling? Keep all your travel essentials and valuable items neat, clean and organised with multi-utility travel organisers by Exclusive Lane. Crafted from cotton and available in various printed designs, these attractive travel organisers fit easily in your carry on luggage or day packRead Less

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    How to use your travel organisers in the best way

    Travelling is an important aspect of our lives. Be it a business trip or a fun-filled vacation, it is always a concern regarding what to pack and how to pack. You certainly cannot pack up a storm in your suitcase and need to sort out your essentials and organise them to avoid a hassle later on. This is where a travel organizer comes into the picture – or your suitcase! For small things like toiletries to make-up kits to other miscellaneous tidbits, these travel organiser pouches come to your aid in helping you store your items by category. So, no matter if you are going for a sophisticated look or a cheerful vibe, these vibrant yet elegant hand block print travel organisers will reflect the best of you.     


    The heart of your suitcase – why are travel organisers important?

    When all of your essentials are neatly stored, it not only helps you cut down on the time to scour through your suitcase and find the item you are looking for but also makes you pack neat and tidy as well as just enough as required. Since a travel organiser pouch comes in different sizes to suit your needs it helps you stay organised. It also helps you to keep your things protected. Bathroom items like shampoos and body washes do not come with the guarantee of not spilling all over your items. Thus, storing them in a separate box helps prevent such mishaps from taking place. You can shop the best cotton travel organisers and best travel cotton pouch at ExclusiveLane – different designs in a set of three different sizes.

    Why shop from ExclusiveLane?

    For all your needs, you’ll find the best multi-utility travel organisers at ExclusiveLane handicraft store catering to every style. Intricate floral patterns depicting the grandeur of the Mughal era in our ‘Emperor’s Flower’ collection made with pure cotton and a High-grade PU Leather zipper, you can’t go wrong with this one. We also have a wide range of items from furnishing to cushion covers, bed linens, table linens, accessories like earrings and bathroom sets. We take both bulk orders and single orders.  


    What are some of the best travel organisers you have?

    Our range of the Emperor’s Flower consists of multi utility travel organisers that come in three different sizes that ensure a multitude of uses. It can be used to store make-up, toiletries, medicines and even other accessories like your jewelry. You can also use it to store stationery, earphones and other similar items. You will find some of the best travel pouches at our website. 

    What are the tips to pack using a  travel organiser? 

    Small things first – just as the old saying goes, ‘it’s the smaller things that count’, we give priority to the smaller things first. One reason is when you pack them effectively and not mix them up with your other larger items and possibly get lost at the time you need them the most.

    One size does not fit all! – especially when it comes to travel organisers. Why? Because every category of item has its own specifications. You might carry minimal jewellery but more toiletries. In this case, it makes no sense to have a bag of jewellery that is huge. It takes up more space than required.

    Categorise – Sweaters in winter and tank tops in summer, right? Just like that, categorise your items to pack them into groups like skincare in one bag, makeup in the other and so on.

    Review - after you're done packing, review your bags once again to make sure you have everything you need and haven’t missed anything or packed something you don’t need. Extra is good but more than extra is unnecessary.

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