Your home decor is incomplete without adorning the floors with some elegant rugs! Add some classi...Read More

Your home decor is incomplete without adorning the floors with some elegant rugs! Add some classical vibes to your house with ExclusiveLane's collection of panja dhurries. Handwoven by talented weavers of Rajasthan, these dhurries will leave your guests spellbound and you feeling like a royal!Read Less

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    Adorn your home with beautiful handwoven Dhurrie rugs and bring in a whole new aesthetic!

    While different pieces of furniture and modern lighting can make your house look aesthetic and wonderful, your home decor would not be complete unless you have a rug or carpet adorning your floors. If you want to go on a different route than carpets, handwoven dhurries are the way to go. To elaborate, a dhurrie is a handwoven, thin flat rug that is widely used as an item of home decor. Dhurries can have a wide range of designs and multicolour stripes are one of the most popular patterns on dhurries. At ExclusiveLane, you can browse our beautiful collection of handwoven dhurries that not only feature different unique designs but also are available in different sizes, which you can choose according to your needs.

    Buy the top-rated handwoven Dhurries exclusively at ExclusiveLane

    ‘Vintage legacy’ Handwoven Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie in wool: Dhurrie weaving is an ancient craft that has been practised in India for ages. At ExclusiveLane, you will find a collection called the ‘Panja Dhurries of Rajasthan’ which have been created by the masterful fingers of the weavers in Rajasthan. One of the best products in this range is this handwoven Panja Dhurrie sourced from Rajasthan that falls in our ‘Vintage legacy’ category. You can find this in two sizes on our website.

    ‘Grey Heirloom’ Handwoven Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie in wool: If you would like some colour in your floor furnishing, this Panja dhurrie completely made of wool, is for you. Falling in our ‘grey Heirloom’ collection, it features shades of grey alongside bright orange and yellow, which gives it a lively yet aesthetic look. It would look great in your living room.

    ‘Majestic marvel’ Handwoven Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie in wool: If you are looking for a simple, elegant and aesthetic dhurrie, this is the perfect choice for you. It would look ultra-stylish in a modern living room.

    ‘Multicolored Medley’ Handwoven Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie in wool: Multicoloured furnishing or home decor can brighten up any space and the same can be said for this beautiful dhurrie that features multiple colours.

    ‘Crimson Chronicle’ Handwoven Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie in Wool: Weaving done on a crimson background, this Rajasthani Panja Dhurrie features stripes of multiple colours and is one that would leave your guests absolutely spellbound when you display it in your living room.

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    Q1. What is the difference between a Dhurrie and a carpet?

    Ans. There are several differences between a carpet and a Dhurrie rug. Many of us tend to get confused between hand-woven carpets and a Dhurrie rug. However, here are the characteristic differences between the two. The weaving techniques for handwoven dhurries are different from carpets as dhurries are woven flat looms and have no piles while carpets have piles. While Dhurries are reversible, carpets can only be used on one side. Handwoven dhurries are also thinner than carpets.

    Q2. What does the word ‘Dhurrie’ mean?

    Ans. According to the Oxford dictionary, the word “dhurrie” means a heavy cotton rug that is made in India. It can be described as a thick flat-woven wool cloth, cotton or rug that has Indian origin. 

    Q3. What is a Dhurrie rug made of?

    Ans. Traditionally, Dhurrie rugs have been and continue to be made from natural textiles like jute, cotton, wool and even silk. Since Dhurrie rugs are not high pile carpets but have a flat, woven structure they are sturdy and last longer than carpets.

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