The Most Exclusive Must-Have Range Of Coffee Mugs of 2021!


Imagine you wake up on a beautiful morning when winter has only started humming its way into windows and filling you with a nice morning chill. You get up to get your preferred cup of beverage only to get your mood spoilt seeing the usual mug that you have been using for years now. Yes, it is definitely time for some new mugs now, and don’t worry, because we have got you covered! This year treat yourself with some of the best coffee mugs from ExclusiveLane because you surely deserve it. Add to your beautiful kitchen some of the must-have coffee mugs of 2021 and you don’t have to wake up to boring morning beverages anymore.

List of the best must-have coffee mugs of this year

Here is a list of some of the best must-have coffee mugs of this year that you can buy easily now only at ExclusiveLane. We are sure you will find some stunning sets on this list to hold your attention and awe.

1.‘Blues Of Sky' Studio Pottery Glazed Ceramic Coffee Mugs: The collection “Blues of Sky” has been inspired by the tales of life in rural areas. The essence of these places has been captured into several sets of ceramic coffee mugs and sets which are beautiful hand-made pieces of art and utility and have been delicately glazed. This particular set of ceramic coffee mugs contains two mugs and has a beautiful teal glaze inside while showing off a stone-blue glaze outside. They are perfect for your morning cup of tea and coffee and can also be used as milk mugs.

2.'Cocoa Rims' Studio Pottery Tea & Coffee Mugs In Ceramic: You would probably not think so for coffee mugs such as these but the name of the collection “Cocoa Rims” is quite literal. Over the glazed cream color body of these ceramic mugs, there is the rim of the cocoa brown color on the mugs that gives this collection its name. Isn’t that so unique? These coffee mugs can also be used to drink tea or milk and come in a set of two. These coffee mugs are not only great to add to your own collection but also are a great option for gifting to your loved ones.

3.‘Leaf Sips’ Hand-Painted & Handglazed Studio Pottery Coffee & Tea Mugs In Ceramic: Yet another beautiful collection that you would find on our website is this stunning set of hand-painted coffee mugs which have been glazed by hand as well. They are one of the best mugs to show off the studio pottery ceramic material of this set. These mugs portray exactly what you would think after hearing the phrase “leaf sips”. The bodies of these ceramic mugs are adorned with little motifs of leaves that would brighten up your instantly.

4.'The Hut Jumbo Cuppas' Hand-Painted Mugs In Ceramic: The ‘Hut’ collection of ceramic mugs on our website represents the old, rustic villages of South India. All the ceramic mugs in this collection have been hand-painted with the picturesque shapes of houses and symmetrical windows which are typical in those South Indian villages. You would also find bright red strokes with yellow and green which makes an abrasive yet unique paint on these mugs. As with all other ceramic sets on this list, this set is not only great for personal use but makes a great gifting option for your loved ones as well.

5.'River Rims' Studio Pottery Glazed Coffee Mugs In Ceramic: You would probably guess by the name ‘River rims’ and find it similar to ‘Cocoa Rims’. And indeed, you are quite right. ‘Cocoa rims’ collection of coffee mugs depicted a cream colour of the mugs with dark brown or cocoa colour on the item. While, in the ‘River Rims’ collection, you will find that these mugs have been done in a dual-tone of sand yellow as the base with teal blue in the rims. They are handmade, of course, and depict studio pottery beautifully.

6.'Crimson Lava Dome' Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Coffee & Tea Mugs: The collection “Splashes of Black & Crimson: A Volcanic Story” was inspired by the exquisite volcanoes you would find in the islands of Andaman. In this collection, you would find this set of ceramic coffee mugs that have been handpainted and hand-glazed with the crimson of lava oozing out of volcanoes to capture the true essence of the inspiration behind this collection. A simple yet elegant addition to your kitchen, this ceramic mug set of two is of course, great for personal use and for gifting as well.

7.‘Leaf Sips’ Hand-Painted & Handglazed Studio Pottery Coffee & Tea Mugs In Ceramic: Yet another beautiful set of ceramic mugs of the ‘Leaf Sips’ collection that you could buy from our collection is this set of ceramic tea or coffee mugs that portray dual hand-glazed studio pottery. These mugs have been made in a unique way such that during their manufacturing process they were doubled fired at 1200 degrees celsius which gives these mugs their stunning look. This set too has the typical leaf motifs that characterize the “Leaf sips” collection.

8.'Blues Of Sky' Studio Pottery Glazed Coffee Mugs In Ceramic: If you have been captivated by the simplistic yet elegant collection that is “ Blues of Sky”, this set of two ceramic coffee mugs could be another one that makes you want to buy it right now. They are the epitome of studio pottery and are great for personal use besides being a great gifting option for your loved ones. Since this collection is characterized by the dual-tone of stone-blue exterior and teal on the interior, these mugs too, have been finished in the same way.

9.‘Amber & Teal' Studio Pottery Tea & Coffee Mugs In Ceramic: Yet another collection inspired by volcanoes is the “Amalgamation of Amber & teal: A Volcanic Story of Pompeii”. This particular ceramic mug set from this collection belongs to the luxury collection of our website. Yes, these mugs are that good! If you like to drink your morning cup of coffee in style once in a while, this is the ceramic coffee mug set that you must invest in. As with all our other products, these mugs are handmade and hand-glazed as well at a temperature of 1280 degrees celsius thus giving them a unique look.

10.'Amber & Teal' Studio Pottery Mugs In Ceramic: If you want the mug set from the ‘Amber & Teal’ collection but are not fond of the design of the above product, we have got you covered. This ceramic mug set is of a different design from the previous one and could very well be the one you fall in love with (wink). This ceramic mug set has been hand-glazed and hand-painted as well and is the perfect example of studio pottery.

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