Significance of Nameplates in Indian Culture


In India, a house is not just a building where people live, and it is much more than that. Every member living in the house connects themselves with their home and feels emotional about it. Even if they live in a leased home or rented house, they want it to be a part of their personality. This is why while purchasing one’s own home, they emphasise the nameplate.

A nameplate is necessary for every house, whether you live in a small flat or have a lavish bungalow. Sometimes it can have the eldest person of the family giving the home their name, the breadwinner of the family, the lady of the house, or every person living in the house if it is a small family. Whatever the nameplate says, it has to look beautiful and different from what others have on their homes’ entrance. So if you are still wondering why your home needs a nameplate, or you have not installed one yet on the entry, here is why you should get one.



Much more than just a nameplate

A nameplate is not just a board with your name and address written on it, but it is a part of your identity and the people living in the house. For Indians, it is a form of marking the day when they entered the new house, giving respect to the elders by mentioning their name and identity to every family member. Apart from this, many other aspects make it essential to choose the nameplates carefully. One such aspect is the Vastu behind adding a nameplate. If your home does not have a name on the gate, opportunities might miss you.

Along with this, it adds a welcoming touch to the entrance of your home. Without a name written on the gate or without such identity, a house has a bit of an uninviting feel. People start making an impression about everyone living there, so go for something more suitable to your taste. It can be a handmade brass nameplate, a glass nameplate for home, or even something out of the box like carving on stones or rocks. By putting up a name on the entrance of your house, you add a touch of belongingness, calling this house your home.



Handcrafted nameplates that go well with any décor

Finding a perfect nameplate for the house is essential. It is the first thing that anyone will notice about your home while passing by or visiting your home. Go for the nameplate that reflects the soul of your home in it. If you love to keep things simple, a classy looking handmade wooden nameplate is perfect for you. For those who want a bit of quirky touch on everything, a wooden nameplate for your new house with an owl family or animal family theme in vibrant shades will suit your home.

Add a rustic touch to the gate nameplate with Warli and Dhokra art having handwritten fonts with metallic carvings if you like everything extra. You can find all these frames in various materials such as teak wood, mango wood, Sheesham, terracotta, and brass handcrafted by artisans.



Gift a handmade nameplate to a loved one in India

Some people go with cemented nameplates with names and details painted on them or even a wedding entrance name board. However, if you are looking forward to getting something for your beloved home, handmade nameplates are nothing but the best for every house. You can gift these to a loved one as well, a friend, or a family member. It is indeed an ideal present for Diwali and housewarming.

If you are invited to a wedding, where the couple will be moving out to a house of their own, gift them a nameplate with Mister and Mises title, adding both the couple's names. This is a lovely personal touch making your present extraordinary. In case you need to send a gift to any other part of the country, Exclusive Lane can deliver it to them for you.

Not just nameplates, there is a wide range of handcrafted décor pieces, accessories, jewellery available over here made by expert artisans. Every piece of art available here is exclusive in every sense, mainly because they are made with hands, adding a personal touch by artisans. So make them yours to feel the true beauty of Indian art with this handcrafted goodness. Have a look at the beautiful range of home decor also. Handcrafted goods make excellent corporate gifts, and housewarming gifts are also popular handcrafted gifts.



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