Set Your Table The Right Way With Serving Bowls

Getting the table ready before dinner or lunch may seem a simple task. Although, understanding the right way to set your table before a party or hosting guests can be challenging. Dining at a well-set table can enhance your dining experience and make the dinner table look more appealing.

Serving bowls in the place of regular dishwares 

 Did you know that instead of using your regular dishwares to serve, you can actually use serving bowls! Even if we normally use plates and side bowls for dining, the plates are rapidly being replaced by serving bowls. According to culinary director Matthew Weingarten, bowled foods create a comforting experience because art is more about sustenance than structure. The sentiment probably rings true for many diners, especially with casual meals and "local" dining concepts. However, the concept is relatively new.

Here are a few reasons why serving bowls are more convenient than plates:

  • It is possible to use bowls for multiple purposes

 Whether serving greens, rice, or curry, noodles, dumplings, soups of all kinds, a bowl can accommodate food of all consistencies. However, you can only serve a limited selection of food on plates.

  • Food portions can be controlled with bowls  

Serving bowls are a great way to reduce portion sizes and resist mindless eating. Feeling satisfied with less food is possible when eating from a smaller bowl as they make your food look denser. In addition, it is more appetizing to have contrasting colors of the bowl and food. When you are on a diet, these psychological tricks will help you restrict your calorie intake. According to psychologist Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology, when we are anticipating the taste and satisfaction of a meal, our brain forms basic expectations and then we try to predict the flavour of the food. It has been proven that picking up and touching a bowl would set an expectation of a hearty, fulfilling, and nutritious meal. 

  • Aesthetics - Many types of serving bowls are available today, including contemporary and old-fashioned designs that are great for Instagram food bloggers. For example, Lukas Volger is a vegetarian cook and the author of the cookbook Bowl. According to him, as bowls have taken off, there is a renewed interest in locally made pottery, adding to the visual experience of food with the beauty of bowls. Currently, restaurants across the globe are incorporating custom-made bowls into the aesthetics of their interiors and menus.

    • Ensures that there are fewer dirty dishes

    Modern times are so hectic and fast-paced that not much time is left for cooking. As a result, people also always try to minimize the number of dirty dishes while still creating a delicious meal. To solve this problem, bowls are the ideal solution. It is amazing how many recipes there are that you can try making and serving in bowls. 

    • Reduce mess created on dinner tables

     We often spill our food as we eat from a plate. With a bowl, however, spillage is reduced because the edges are raised. Using bowls instead of plates can also help you reduce clutter and clean up faster. 

    Suggestions to help you set your dining table with serving bowls 

    • Decide on a colour bowl are many themes

    Picking up the right colour is very important while setting up a table. 

    If you have a wooden glass table, you can choose ceramic bowls to contrast. Putting ceramic on wooden surfaces makes them look dainty and elegant. Additionally, ceramic bowls are an excellent choice for casual dinners. 

     Using smaller bowls paired with larger ones works best for an informal dinner party. You can keep condiments, spices, sauces, and more in the small bowls. You can serve bowl recipes in the larger bowls, such as teriyaki chicken rice or noodle bowls. Arranged seamlessly beside the rice bowl, the teriyaki chicken will look appealing and appetizing. Set the table with a crisp white cloth before placing the intricately arranged dishes on the cloth. 

    • Consider the dish you are serving when choosing the bowl

    It is important to serve every dish in its proper bowl. If you're making Chinese dishes, then you should choose ceramic or porcelain for the table settings as these materials are best for displaying Chinese cuisine. Then, arrange side dishes, plates & platters, and starters on the table, along with condiments. You should also ensure that you have forks, spoons, and other tableware on hand for eating your meal cleanly.


    • Add centrepieces 

     Putting a centrepiece or two around a table can help you create a divine dining experience. The trend has gained popularity among millennials while throwing dinner parties. Tables can be enhanced and improved with attractive centrepieces, such as vases, sculptures, or other decorative elements. If you place your wooden, ceramic, or glass bowls next to them, they will look visually appealing.   

    • Pick the right kind of bowl   

    If you are planning a dinner party, you should invest in the right bowl ware. Use plenty of small or medium-sized bowls if you are hosting a large gathering, as they help make the dining sets with the best table setting appear more spacious. In addition, smaller bowls make it easier to serve smaller portions without looking like a miser. This will allow you to save on condiments and dishes. To make the table look spectacular at smaller gatherings, like family dinners, use large bowls from one and only ExclusiveLane. For starters and snacks, you could also keep a separate platter.

     A few quick tips to help you with setting your table: 

    • Serve desserts in glass or porcelain bowls because it is easier to clean and the dessert will stand out.
    • To create a peaceful and relaxed setting at your dinner table, add a candelabrum or candle stand.
    • Napkin art plays a crucial role in giving your table a classy and more formal look. Origami art is a popular form of napkin art.
    • In the case of an official event, make sure that good drinks are served. For office parties, you can serve whiskey or wine from the bar at your home.


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