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The exquisitely designed ceramic plates and platters from ExclusiveLane are every dining must hav...Read More

The exquisitely designed ceramic plates and platters from ExclusiveLane are every dining must have. Browse the handpicked collection of elegantly crafted handmade plates and platters.Read Less

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    174 products


    India is a beautiful country where food is not only served to whet one's appetite. Here, food is regarded to welcome guests in high esteem in Indian culture like many other Asian Cultures. Serving plates and platters have become popular and take up wider use in today's world, but there was no such distinction in ancient times. A plate had a traditional name, size, shape, and design. In today's modern world, everything is brought to the doorstep through a couple of clicks of the mouse. In the same way, plates and platters online are available. India is a culturally rich country with artisans who can make handicraft products, including stylish serving platters, serving platter sets and ceramic plates online shopping, hand painted dinnerware, ceramic quarter plates, and platters designer plates aside from made of other materials. These products are born out of love and affection, and it is believed in the Indian household that food is close to being spiritual that needs regard and respect and a lot of care and compassion.


    Food styling and food design go hand in hand. Dining space is regarded in many homes, not only in India but in many countries of the world, as the most important place. In traditional homes, it is looked upon as auspicious also, and consuming food is a kind of ritual when the whole family gathers together to sit around the table with the head of the family presiding over the affair. Style and design of serving platter plates, wooden serving plates, plates, platters, designer hand carved serving plates and platters and serving trays, including small articles like the salt and pepper shaker and kullads, dinner plates set of 6, depending on the aesthetic taste of the family and the homemaker.

    The meal table plays a central role, with the family spending a lot of money on purchasing a choice table with a matching tablecloth and other tastefully decorated accessories. In addition, the table design itself includes different design elements that exude warmth and create a satisfying meal experience.


    A plate is broad, slightly concave, a flat vessel that is used to serve food. A plate has other ceremonial utilities, like during the worship at the temple where prasad is placed on it to offer the deity. Plates are mostly circular. But, other shapes like squares or rectangles cannot be eliminated. Plates in ancient times used to have highly raised edges containing curry and pulses and the main course. Plates are also made of wood, pottery, and metal, and their origin dates back to antiquity. Ceramic platters and plates, designer hand-painted plates, and platters cannot be found in every home. They are exclusive in so far as their availability in the homestead is subject to the class of the family and their unique taste. Their application is sometimes restricted to some special guests or occasions.


    A plate is a specific dish from which the food is had or is used to serve food. If the food is not liquid and does not tend to flow away, a plate is suitable. Liquid food is kept in katoris and tumblers or ceramic bowls.



    Q1. Are round or square plates better?

    - A square plate has so much surface area; a circular plate, on the other hand, is more contained.

    Q2. What's the difference between platter and plate?

    - A dish is a container in which food is consumed or served. A plate usually refers to a flat dish that is ideal for storing food that does not have a lot of liquid. A bowl is another common form of container. A platter is a large serving plate that is used to prepare meals.

    Q3. Is a platter a plate?

    -A platter is a broad, flat plate that's used to serve meals.


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