Diwali Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones That Put The Fun In Functional

Out of all the festivals that are the jewels that adorn the crown of Indian culture, what distinguishes the glowing festival of Diwali is not merely its essence, but the sentiments and emotions it tends to echo.

Diwali is the festival of homecoming, of glimmering diyas that ward of darkness, sweets and condiments that leave you wanting for more, cities drowned in decorations and fairy lights, and most importantly, the irreplaceable feeling of togetherness – where friends, family, and loved ones make time and get the chance to spend auspicious days together revelling in the joy that this festival brings.

Owing to this, it is imperative that a festival that is the epitome of celebration, happiness, and prosperity be celebrated with the same gusto.

While everyone loves a spectacular showpiece now and then, millennials these days are opting for gift options that are not just visually appealing, but completely functional – and we have realized that these are definitely one of the best kinds of Diwali gifts you can choose for your loved ones. Not only will they be usable for years to come, but every time that loved ones use them, they will be reminded of you.


We, here at ExclusiveLane, are dedicated to making practical but phenomenal pieces that are one-of-a-kind and excellent as gifts.

Check out these home décor and dining pieces that we can guarantee your loved ones will fall in love with!



1)  LAMPS!

'The Jute-Shade Log' Madhubani Hand-Painted Table Lamp In Wood


Delicately handcrafted in Liptis wood and hand-painted by craftspeople from the interiors of India, 'The Jute-Shade Log' is an artistic jute table lampshade with a wooden log for the base holder. It is not only beautiful to look at but can also add the perfect amount of glamour to elevate any room, making it a perfect and practical Diwali gift. The lamp exudes raw Indian serenity and adds cosiness to your tabletops and living spaces.




Ceramic Gas Stove Brewing Aroma Diffuser (Studio Pottery)

Aroma diffusers are all the new rave, with more and more people discovering and enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.

An aroma diffuser, thus, makes for a thoughtful and refreshing gift that will also encourage your loved ones to sit back and relax after their hectic daily schedules.

Delicately handcrafted in ceramic, this aroma diffuser has a unique form, embellished with a beautiful ombre glaze of brown and pistachio green. Detailed with a tiny kettle as a diffuser and sleek curves, this holder makes the perfect additive to every aroma lover's corner of tranquillity with gentle scents that bring in a calm aura to your favourite spaces. A simple, rooted home accessory handcrafted with love, this aroma diffuser is an excellent gift option that your friends and family will fall in love with.






‘Invisible Ganesha' Hand-painted Iron Tea Light Holder (11 Inch)

Tea Light Holders are a timeless novelty that can light up any surroundings with warmth and light. They seamlessly add to the elegance of the atmosphere and are a festive must-have!

Lord Ganesha is a symbol of prosperity in Indian culture and is widely worshipped throughout the country. This beautiful tea light holder and aroma diffuser, inspired by the mighty Lord Ganesha, has been hand-painted in auspicious red colour and decorated with traditional motifs by Indian artisans. This new depiction of Ganesha not only adds religious value but also brings good luck and peace. It makes for a lovely housewarming gift.





Torans are the one décor detail no Indian household forgets and neither should you! Adding to the festive fervour, a toran is the trademark of celebration during the Diwali season.

The best part is that torans can be used as decorative hangings all year round even after the festive season ends.

'The Holy Hanging' Hand-Painted Decorative Toran In Ashok Wood


The Holy Hanging' is a set of walls hanging in the form of a toran handcrafted in Ashok Wood. Handpainted in intricate designs with so much love by our artisans, this set of holy torans come with 5 multicoloured symbols and 9 twirling bells strung together using colourful beads. 'The Holy Hanging' is a perfect set of home-item to be used at the entrance doors and also as decorative hangings to enhance the vibrations and energies surrounding your home.




'Sapphire Swirl' Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Dinner Plates, Side/Quarter Plates & Katoris In Ceramic (12 Pieces, Serving for 4, Microwave Safe)

Dining ware still remains a top gifting option throughout the year because there is nothing more versatile than a beautiful dinner set. Also, no matter how many plates you own, there can never be too many marvellous dinner plates in your dining collection. And to top it all off, they last for years and can be used hundreds of times.

The 'Sapphire Swirl' exquisite dinner has been masterfully handcrafted from Ceramic and beautifully hand glazed by Indian artisans. It comes with 4 dinner plates, 4 quarter plates, and 4 katoris of 160 ml each. This dinner set is ideal for serving a family of four and makes meal times and an absolute delight. It is also a beautiful gift for housewarmings and the festive season. The dinner set is microwave and dishwasher-safe.





'Dhokr-A-Rrange' Hand-Painted Wooden Table Organiser With Brass Figurines

Table and desk organizers are another multi-utility gift option that has many uses and lasts a long time.

Beautifully handcrafted in pinewood by craftspeople from the interiors of India, 'Dhokr-A-Rrange' is a compact desk organiser, inspired by the Indian tribal life and hand-embellished with minimal hand-painted borders and dhokra figurines. The compact design of multiple compartments to arrange a variety of things and the simple utility of keeping desktops organised and clean are complimented beautifully with dhokra forms, bells, and hand-painted accents.




We hope that through this blog, you came across a fun but phenomenal gifting option that will make your loved ones’ day.

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