Best Serving Handi that you must have in your kitchen

Best Serving Handi that you must have in your kitchen

A functional kitchen is one of the first things that you must have in your home. Whether you have friends or family over, you should be able to cook and serve food in proper utensils which are not only efficient but add to the aesthetic value of your home as well. Moreover, having the right utensils also makes cooking, serving and also cleaning, easier. Anong such utensils, a ‘handi’ holds a very special place in the kitchens of many households. Not only can it be used to cook many kinds of dishes but it also adds elegance, that is, aesthetic value to your dinner table. Initially, handis used to be made with clay or copper but now you can find them made with stainless steel. You can even find ceramic handis these days. Besides handis, yet another important kitchen utensil is serving platters. If you frequently have friends or families over, serving platters will certainly make your life easier. At ExclusiveLane, we curate the best of both worlds so check out some amazing handis and serving platters from our collection.

7 Best Serving Handi You Must Have In Your Kitchen

'Sorcery Pot' Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Serving Handi With Cane Handle: ExclusiveLane is just the website where you will find the most amazing handcrafted home and kitchen decor that would not only be functional but also look gorgeous in your home and dining table. This exquisite serving handi from our ‘Sorcery Pot’ collection is made from hand-glazed studio pottery ceramic and the most unique part about it is the beautiful cane handle.


‘Whispers of Warli’ Handcrafted Ceramic Serving Handis with Lids: The collection ‘Whispers of Warli’ is inspired by the ancient and thriving Warli tribe in Maharashtra. In this set of serving Handis, you will get 3 Handis, all of the different capacities and thus you can interchange between them depending on the kind of dish you are serving. These handis are made of ceramic and also come with lids. The best part about this handi set is that it is completely handcrafted.


Crimson Sky’ Hand-glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Serving Handis with Lids‘: Like the first listing, this set of handis too is made from hand-glazed studio pottery ceramic. But definitely do not make the assumption that both are the same. This set of handis contains two and belongs to our ‘Crimson Sky’ collection. Featuring splashes of black and crimson like a volcanic milieu, this is a must-have set of handis if you love unique and different kitchenware.


‘Shatranj Checkered’ Hand-painted Serving Handis with Lids in Ceramic: By now you might have guessed that all of our listings have something new to offer and have incredible aesthetic value, and this listing too would not disappoint. Here is a set of hand-painted serving handis that are made of ceramic and come with lids that show off a unique pattern. From our collection called ‘Shatranj Checkered’, this set of handis feature a checkered pattern in yellow and white and would look exquisite on your dining table.


‘Mughal Gardens-2’ Hand-painted Ceramic Serving Handi with Lid: The ‘Mughal Gardens-2’ is one of our collections inspired by the Aram Bagh in Agra. The Aram Bagh was the first Mughal Garden in India. If you love intricate floral designs, then this hand-painted ceramic serving handi is a must-have in your kitchen. It comes with a lid and also is microwave-safe.


‘Mughal Floral’ Hand-painted Ceramic Serving Handi with Lid: Yet another serving handi if you are a fan of floral is this set of hand-painted ceramic serving handis that comes from our ‘Mughal Floral’ collection. These handis too come with lids and all three of them come in different sizes which would suit your needs when you want to serve different kinds of dishes. The bright colours, yellow, brown and black featured on these handis also would look great on your dinner table.


‘Mughal Bageecha’ Hand-painted Ceramic serving Handi with Lid: The best part about floral patterns is that they can be experimented with in lots of ways and this hand-painted serving handi is made from ceramic is the perfect example to show how beautiful floral patterns can turn out. Belonging to our ‘Mughal Bageecha’ collection, this painting on this handi features the spring season in Shalimar Bagh in Kashmir. This handi too will make you reminisce of the paradise on Earth.


Why Choose Handcrafted Kitchenware Products?

At ExclusiveLane, you will not only find kitchen utensils, kitchenware, serving plates and dining room decor but also all types of home decor and garden decor as well. Each of our products is unique and beautiful and uphold the many cultures and traditions of our rich country. Another great advantage of buying from ExclusiveLane handicraft store is that you can buy items in bulk, that is, at wholesale prices as well. So buying gifts for your friends, family, colleagues or setting up a business just got a lot easier!

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