7 Best Handmade New Year Gifts For Employees

For a long time, the words "corporate gifts" and "corporate giving" were used interchangeably. Corporate new year gifts are often valuable gifts provided to employees by their employers as a token of appreciation or goodwill without any obligations. Most large corporations and organisations have protocols in place for distributing corporate gifts to their employees.

The issue now is, what are the greatest presents for your employees? Well, your search is over because ExclusiveLane represents some of the greatest corporate gifts or unique new year gifts collection from lamps, aroma diffusers to planters, cups & mugs, etc., all of which are of the highest quality and pricing owing to our objective or vision of maximising the use of traditional crafts globally so that craftsmen may receive the respect they deserve or realise their worth. Employee appreciation presents are among the new year gifts ideas for corporate clients to offer with all coworkers.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful countries on the globe, India, is famous for preserving centuries-old customs and culture. This culturally diverse country is home to a multitude of old artisans and handcrafted objects that have been stripped of their original identities and are now seeking to restore their real value in metropolitan and global marketplaces.

As a result, ExclusiveLane was formed from a profound love of handcrafted items. The company intends to handpick handcrafted items from rural craftsmen in various parts of India, allowing them to exhibit their abilities via their wonderful handicrafts. 

Best Handmade New Year Corporate Gift Ideas:

#1) The 'Old Fashioned' Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Oil Bottle

The 'Old Fashioned' Ceramic Oil Dispenser is handmade from ceramic and double fired at 1200 degrees. It is ideal for adding elegance to your kitchen. The off-white bottom and brown foundation give the design a rustic feel.

#2) "Coloured Fish" Handmade & Hand-Painted Garden Decorative Wall Hanging In Terracotta

The 'Coloured Fish' wall hanging from the 'The Farmyard Sunrise' series displays four fish with distinctive traditional patterns, created from Terracotta and hand-painted, reminiscent of the rustic farms we all visited as children. This terracotta fish wall-hanging is ideal for your balcony, patio, garden, house, or children's bedroom, and you may also hang it from the ceiling. This nearly abstract depiction of the fish, paired with the brilliant colors and colorful beads, gives a unique touch that evokes a sense of innocence while also igniting a childish spirit. This product attempts to conserve the nature it symbolizes because it is made with eco-friendly acrylic paint. This wall-hanging would be an excellent addition to the monotony of city life, as well as a kind present for family and friends.

#3) "Twelve Blends" Spice Box With 12 Containers & Spoon In Sheesham Wood

This container is ideal for holding 12 various types of spices or drinks. After removing the compartments, you may also use them to hold trinkets or as a medicine box. It comes with 12 removable containers (45 ML) and a spoon made of Sheesham wood on the inside.

The box is lacquered and comes with a see-through glass cover and a metallic lock on the front. The Spice Box is handcrafted from Sheesham wood and lacquered.

#4) The 'Flowy Flora' Mughal Hand-Painted Ink Blue Decorative Ceramic Oil Bottle

The 'Flowy Flora' Oil Dispenser is great for adding elegance to your kitchen. It is double fired at 1200 degrees and handmade ceramic with Ink Blue flower designs. The off-white background and Ink Blue flower pattern provide a distinctive touch to the plan.

#5) 'The Hut Family' Hand-Painted Ceramic Quarter Plates

The collection includes tea and coffee cups in various designs, dinner plates, food bowls, chutney and hand bowls, and other household items or housewarming gifts such as bathroom dispensers and flower vases. The collection is one-of-a-kind in that each item is hand-painted by an Artisan and features subtleties of his painting style. There are no two patterns that are the same, and it is the minute variances in the design make these things a fantastic complement to your home and kitchen.

#6) Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging

Hang this ethnic and lovely wall hanging with the Gayatri mantra printed on it near your front door. It will bring positive energy into your house or any place where it is hanging. Ghunghroo's are placed at the bottom to improve the overall appearance of this masterpiece. The item has a maroon background with the Gayatri mantra printed in white.

#7) 'Sorcery Pot' Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Serving Handi With Cane Handle

The Studio Pottery Hand Glazed Ceramic Serving Handi is ideal for serving dal, veggies, rice, curd, or curries. This item is part of our collection "The Splashes of Black & Crimson: A Volcanic Story" and includes 1 ceramic handi.

It features handcrafted and hand-glazed studio pottery with an Ombre blue tint over Crimson and Black. This studio pottery is twice fired at 1200 degrees Celsius to ensure durability.

Because the glazing is done inside the furnace fired at 1200 degrees Celsius to make the product sturdy, there may be a slight variation in the product's dual-tone glazing/color/finish. Due to the natural property of the studio glazing, it is impossible to predict the color of the glazing/finish, which will eventually come on the product after the firing process.

In a nutshell...

The arrival of a new year brings with it a mix of emotions: an assessment of the previous year and plans for the incoming new brand year. As a result, presents that help employees enjoy the current moment while also preparing for the future are warmly received by employees.

The ultimate new year gifting starts with determining what employees don't want as handmade gifts, and chocolate boxes, dried fruits, and things with corporate logos are at the top of this list.

Employers should consider the novelty, utility, personalisation, and freedom of choice of items while giving. Knowing the ability to combine worldly items with heavenly experiences, is thus the true silver bullet.

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