Honey is a rich source of antioxidants and is that one ingredient that is found in almost every h...Read More

Honey is a rich source of antioxidants and is that one ingredient that is found in almost every household. We provide to you the most authentic and tasteful Natural Forest Honey harvested from the foothills of Uttarakhand. Get your jar of sweetness with the promise of both quality and quantity.Read Less

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    Have you ever wondered how honey was discovered? Probably in the ancient days, our ancestors were chasing away bees and encountered hives. While attempting to destroy the hives, they might have stumbled upon the gooey substance and on tasting it, discovered its sweetness and hence might have been the discovery of honey.

    Wil Forest Honey forms a very important component of our diet as it is a good source of antioxidants. The best way to consume honey is in its natural form; that which has not been adulterated.

    When buying honey online, it is very important to check its authenticity. At ExclusiveLane, we give you the most authentic and pure and natural honey at the best price.


    1.Pure honey is very beneficial to the human body. Due to its rich antioxidant properties, honey is good for cancer and other forms of diseases.

    2.Pure honey is also a good source of nutrients such as glucose, sucrose and traces of other vitamins and minerals that are essential for the overall development of the human body.

    3.Forest honey is a better option compared to processed sugar. For those suffering from diabetes, honey will give you the sweetness you desire without compromising your health.

    4.Organic raw honey also has medicinal properties. Honey is often used to treat burns and other less severe wounds. Its cooling property is of great help in soothing burn wounds.


    Many enterprises sell honey but in order to get the best price, do ensure that you check all the available websites and make the right decision. Here, we make sure to give you the best price for honey so that neither the quantity nor the quality of the honey will be compromised.


    The best way to determine if your honey is pure or impure is by heating it. iMPURE HONEY WILL burn while pure honey will not burn and it will form a paste. Moreover, adulterated honey will have a sweet sugar-like after taste while this is absent in pure honey. Pure honey online will pass the purity test


    Incorporating honey into your diet will aid you in achieving your fitness goals and help you build strong immunity. Honey can be mixed with a glass of warm water and consumed in the morning. It can also serve as toppings for your pancakes and waffles, leaving your kids craving for more. You can also replace sugar in your morning tea or coffee with honey resulting in lesser calorie consumption.


    At ExclusiveLane  Handicraft store, all our honey products are FSSAI certified which means that all of our honey products are pure and unadulterated. Here, we make sure to deliver our customers only the best. As  a customer-centric enterprise, our main focus is YOU, our dear customer


    How is natural honey prepared?

    Natural honey is obtained from the nectar of flowers by some species of honeybees such as the Apis mellifera. The honeybees store the nectar in their hives or bee combs and the pure honey serves as food for the bees.

    How do you extract honey naturally?

    Honey is extracted from the beehives of the honeybees. Honey extraction forms the most important part of beekeeping. The honeycomb has to be first uncapped and then extracted using an extractor. The pure honey is then kept in jars after the extraction and we get the pure liquid honey.

    What are the benefits of honey?

    Honey is a very good source of antioxidants and as such, it is very beneficial for our health.

    It helps in the prevention of heart diseases as it contains good cholesterol. It is also good for the skin; applying pure honey to the skin gives it a natural glow, leaving the skin feeling youthful and fresh. 

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