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Dining chairs are one of the best accessories that make your food time comfortable and unique wit...Read More

Dining chairs are one of the best accessories that make your food time comfortable and unique with the different variety of designs available. Get your hand on the ExclusiveLane's beautifully handcrafted dining chairs online. Wooden dining chairs make your Sunday lunch special, and your weekly meals happy when sharing the food with your loved ones.Read Less

4 products

    4 products

    Get the comfort and elegance of dining chairs at ExclusiveLane.

    Dining is one of the most beautiful social art forms when you surround yourselves with friends and family to enjoy your favourite meal. What makes dining enjoyable and truly special are comfortable dining chairs and a dashing dining table to set the stage for your next power lunch, family reunion, or just a chat with your best friend over coffee or tea. So whether you're going to build a new home or remodel an existing one, now is to consider dining room chairs for your home decor.

    Buying dining room chairs online can be a great idea if you're looking for something elegant and high-quality but don't want to spend a fortune. When searching online, it's essential to keep in mind the cost of each chair. Since you will usually buy multiple chairs at a time, keeping the cost pocket-friendly is good. This is what makes buying dining chairs online so popular. ExclusiveLane offers tons of styles, choices, and designs that are affordable. In addition, you can choose an aesthetic that fits your existing decor — whether you're going for a classic or modern look.

    ExclusiveLane makes it easy to find the best dining chairs suited to your style.

    People usually buy a complete dining table set when buying solid wood dining chairs. In this way, their dining room looks and feels tied in and cohesive. However, it's also good to purchase dining table chairs alone. This way, one can quickly give their dining room a refreshed look. 

    Also, so often, we worry about the décor of our living rooms and bedrooms but never give a thought to our dining room décor. However, the place where your family congregates for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes even late-night dinners is as essential as any other room in the house. You can make your selection based on the available space, design principles or individual preferences. But in most cases, you will not go wrong in choosing one of these dining room chair designs at ExcluisveLane.

    So, what makes unique dining chairs? Great looks and comfort? Modern dining chairs are functional works of art used for long hours, combining cutting-edge style with excellent support that provides optimum comfort. Exclusivelane offers you an exclusive range of handcrafted dining chair designs. You can choose a modern dining chair design of solid acacia wood material. This wooden dining chair can be further decorated with colourful fabric cushions that can be used to match your table and to set on a personal level. If your décor is modern, you need the latest and most stylish dining chair designs to give a new look to your home by replacing old chairs with ExclusiveLane's quality pieces!

    Why choose ExclusiveLane?

    Home decor is a very subjective affair. What may be the best choice for you could be a complete “NO” for another. Therefore, choosing home decor is to understand your taste and preferences. We at ExclusiveLane Indian handicrafts store have helped many people in the past furnish their houses and bring their dreams to reality! Our online catalogue contains an exhaustive range of furnishing items and decor items such as dining tables, study furniture, study sets, study tables, dining furniture, dining table sets and many others. We strive hard to create unique pieces of home décor that are beautiful and retain their freshness for years. Therefore, you will find something that stays within your budget and needs at ExclusiveLane.


    What types of woods are used in making Dining Chairs?

    Different types of wood are used for making furniture. Teak wood is a popular choice because it is durable and highly fire-resistant. Rosewood, deodar, oak, and mahogany are other types of wood commonly used for furniture.

    What are the different styles of Dining Chairs?

    There are different types of dining chairs available in the market. Some of the common types are as follows:


    Side chair

    Parsons chair

    Folding back chair

    Ladderback chair

    Q. What type of dining chairs are there?

    There are different types of dining chairs. Some of the common types are described below:

    Side chair- This is a standard dining chair without arms featuring an arched back and a plain wood seat.

    Parsons chair - A Parsons chair is designed with clean, simple lines. It often has wood legs and a fully upholstered seat and back. A Parsons chair can be adorned with buttons for a decorative touch.

    Armchair- The armchair offers the comfort of a traditional side chair with the convenience of arms. The construction of the armchair can vary, but the most common method attaches the arms to the back and seat via narrow pieces.

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