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It has always been the dining table sets that have enhanced the dinette with their presence. A di...Read More

It has always been the dining table sets that have enhanced the dinette with their presence. A dining table is a necessity for any home. ExclusiveLane offers beautiful wooden dining table sets online. There is a wide range of wooden dining tables online crafted with love that can instantly transform your dining room. Purchase of wooden dining table set online that fits perfectly with your decor.Read Less

7 products

    7 products


    Wooden Dining Table Online in Best Design

    A dining table is a place for family and friends to gather and eat. It’s a space where people can gather and share stories around the table. A dining room table is also where people can sit and talk while they eat or get work done when they need to be quiet. The dining table symbolizes shared life experiences and memories, and it should be a place that brings people together. The dining table is the heart and soul of a home. Here, family and friends come together to eat, laugh, and share stories. Dinnertime is when we all gather around the table, whether for a casual meal with friends or a formal celebration with loved ones. The table can also be a place for reflection and contemplation, where we set our napkins down and focus on our day.

    Dining tables are the most common furniture piece in a home. They’re where you eat, host dinner parties and store your dishes — and that means they have to be stylish but also functional. Luckily, modern dining tables are both, which means you can have a beautiful piece of furniture that works as hard as it looks if you’re looking for modern dining table ideas.

    Dining tables come in various styles and sizes, designed for everything from casual family dinners to formal banquets. The most common type is wooden dining tables which can be grouped to form a dining area. The style of a dining table can reflect the theme of the room in which it's set, though modern dining tables tend to feature clean lines and a minimal design. For example, choose a dining table with a leaf for a formal dining area. Other types include mango wood dining tables, acacia wood dining tables, etc. Also, check out the unique wooden tables online collection of ExclusiveLane.

    A beautiful collection of handmade dining tables at the best prices

    Your endless search for a tremendous handcrafted dining table ends at ExclusiveLane. You can look at some amazing pieces of dining table furniture on our website and choose the best one for you. All our products are of the highest quality and suitable for every house type. We have dining tables made of the different kinds of finest solid wood handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans. Their ergonomic design and minimalist aesthetic make it one of a kind masterpiece. 

    Why buy from ExclusiveLane?

    At ExclusiveLane handicraft store, apart from fantastic dining table sets, you can also find coffee tables, dining furniture, home furnishing, and other home & decor products. We believe in supporting local Indian artisans and their skills and talent. Our customer-friendly customer care and easy-to-surf website will help you have a hassle-free shopping experience. Get the look of your dining room, living room, or kitchen more enhanced with our dining tables. 


    What type of dining table is most durable?

    Tables made from hardwood are found to be long-lasting. They are durable and also easy to repair. 

    Which shape dining table is best?

    Rectangular is considered to be the best shape because it accommodates a large number of guests. However, you can select the best shape dining table based on the structure of your house and the space dimensions where the dining table will be set. 

    What type of dining tables are in trend?

    Round tables, modern multifunctional tables, make min marble tables, wood, organic tables, informal and less traditional tables, etc., are currently in trend. 

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