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The bed is the centrepiece in your bedroom and the first thing which catches attention. Elevate t...Read More

The bed is the centrepiece in your bedroom and the first thing which catches attention. Elevate the look of your bedroom from boring to sophisticated with the hand block printed bed sheets from ExclusiveLane. You can buy these 'Emperor Flower' Bed linens for both single and double bed options.Read Less

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    The Best Bed Linens You Can Find Online!

    Picture this – you enter a bedroom and let yourself indulge in the ambience. More often than not, the first thing you focus your attention on will be the bed. How does it look? What do the sheets look like? And there goes your mind running around and grasping the design. So of course, while designing your own bed space, your bed sheet will be the top priority for your inner designer. Finding the best prints for your bedroom online can be tough but we’ve made it easy for you. With ExclusiveLane, we provide your inner designer with the satisfaction of the aesthetic you would like to showcase to the world with our exclusive floral printed sheets all inspired by the love of prepossessing flowers and gardens that Shah Jahan and Jehangir possessed that come in a variety. Explore the traditional range of hand block prints and boost your bedroom’s look at its finest. But first, let us tour you through all the different types of bed linens and sheets to clear and enlighten your mind a little.

    The Emperor’s Flower Range of Handblock Printed Linen

    Your bed space is your comfort zone. The way you design it should not only reflect beauty but also inner peace can tranquillity. We at ExclusiveLane have kept this in mind and created our range of ‘emperor’s flower’ – an array of cotton bed linens that encompass the skills of artisans pan India. Made from 100% pure cotton, they depict the floral patterns to exhibit and enshrine the grandeur of the Mughal era. Each piece consists of hand block printed floral prints encasing the age-old methods of fabric printing. These are the best linen bed sheets you will ever find online!

    Why Choose ExclusiveLane? 

    We have a skilled team of artisans that create a whole range of beautiful products that you need right from furnishing to table linens and cushion covers to other daily life accessories like travel organizers and artfully made home decor from ExclusiveLane handicraft store. We take both single and bulk orders. So wait no longer and order your favourites now! 



    How is a Bed Linen Different From a Bed Sheet?

    Bed linen or bedding essentially refers to the piece you use to cover the mattresses and pillows that you sleep on as well as your blankets. This prevents them from catching any dirt and or getting damaged as a result. This helps in prevailing the pristine condition of your mattress and pillows and is efficient to make them sustain for a long period of time. Bedsheets on the other hand are pieces of cloth cut out to make the bedding that can either be flat or elasticated at the edges to form a fitted sheet.

    At ExclusiveLane, we provide you with an ‘exclusive’ range of hand block printed bed linen all inspired by the Mughal architectural era.

    What are the three types of bed linen?

    Going back to the image of entering a bedroom and noticing the bed as the centrepiece, the three most prominent items would be the sheets including top and bottom sheets, bedspreads, coverlets etc. pillow covers or blankets or comforters and duvets. These three are the major components of bed linens.

    What are the different styles of bed linens? 

    From cotton to bamboo, there are a lot of materials used in making linens. Cotton is by far the most popular today as its benefits range from providing an easy-care system to being affordable as well as durable. Washing consists of using a regular detergent and nothing too fancy. Polyester is generally cheaper and durable but might feel itchy if not mixed with cotton. Silk, on the other hand, requires specific wash care as it is more expensive than cotton and polyester. However, silk is hypoallergenic and can be beneficial to people who have allergies. On the contrary, pure bamboo sheets made after undergoing a chemical process to make a softer, smoother material are termed as ‘rayon’ and supposedly sounds rather eco-friendly. Rayon is actually made out of the bamboo pulp and undergoes heavy chemical processing which is not environmentally friendly. It’s an alternative to the expensive silk and Egyptian cotton materials if you are looking for a cheaper yet cooler option. Polyester and cotton are mixed together to form the blends material which is the most common material used. It is quite affordable and is not harsh on the environment.


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