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It is important to choose good seating when furnishing your house. An armchair provides both comf...Read More

It is important to choose good seating when furnishing your house. An armchair provides both comfort and practicality. Extended side support allows you to rest your arms completely. Traditionally considered to be an outdated seating option, armchairs are now regarded as one of the most stylish chairs on the market today. Whether relaxing, reading a book or sitting outdoors, our wooden chair is comfortable and convenient. ExclusiveLane brings back the classic piece of furniture dating back thousands of years.Read Less

4 products

    4 products

    Handcrafted Arm Chair For A Dash Of Elegance

    There’s nothing truly satisfying than sinking into your plush armchair as soon as you step your foot into your humble abode. We’ve all done that at some point haven’t we? Tossed our bags to the side and planted ourselves into the comforts of our favourite arm chairs as we let the stress of the day flow out of us. 

    An armchair is that piece of furniture that we don’t actively scrutinise up until our subtle gaze cues scour out the most comfortable ones from the midst. Whether it's a modern armchair with some trendy designs or a simple yet elegant wooden armchair, we all have that one particular favourite, don’t we? Some of us want a new reading spot that we can curl up in with our favourite beverage to go along with it. Some of us want an armchair that's perfect to sit and ponder over our new bestselling novel ideas. It is not just a mark of our tastes but also a matter of our comfort, uses and preferences. 

    At ExclusiveLane, we’re here to help you choose your next favourite arm chair that will have your heart forever. Be it comfort or a dash of aesthetic that you are seeking, you’ll find some unique pieces for sure. 

    Buy Armchairs Online At ExclusiveLane

    We know when it comes to home furniture, we don’t just want the best designs. We want a variety that is versatile yet has an aesthetic that fits in with your interior well. That is not the only factor, we want something comfortable too. So, at ExclusiveLane, we have those armchairs that fit every criterion on your list. Whether you want arm chairs for living room that are the perfect spot to catch up with your guests or a bedroom armchair that you can turn into your favourite reading spot, we have the perfect products for you. Besides the place, you want an armchair for, the design and material are just as important. Perhaps you fancy a solid wood arm chair that gives off very classy vibes. Maybe you are a handicraft lover and want a handcrafted arm chair that is curated to your tastes. Maybe a sheesham wood arm chair has always been on your wishlist. 

    From the stylish modern armchair pieces to the old soul wooden armchair pieces, your home space is now as you desire it to be. Transform your home into the most comfortable and aesthetic space with the wide variety of products at ExclusiveLane. 

    Classic Pieces For Your Home Space At ExclusiveLane

    We all love to own the classic pieces that will make us look like we have the best tastes in our circles. When you have very unique and stylish pieces just a few clicks away, then why look further? Furniture shopping has never been this easy, especially when it comes down to picking just one out of the many available options. At ExclusiveLane handicrafts store, we are here to make this task easy for you. Whether it's a simple armchair, furnishing items or other artful wooden furniture you want, we have it all. Whether you want a variety of chairs such as cane chairs or dining chairs or study furniture from study sets and study tables, we have it all. Find beautiful pieces handcrafted by our artisans and decorate your homes with your favourite. Visit our store today and shop your favourites!


    What is the difference between a club chair and an arm chair?

    An armchair will always be designed in a way to have arms to rest on. A club chair is generally upholstered and might not necessarily have an arm, or might have just one arm. They are made to be comfortable and are usually low-backed. 

    How high should arm chairs be?

    The standard height for an armchair is usually 18 to 20 inches. However, overall the height of the armchairs is usually between 30 to 35 inches in all. 

    What are armchairs for?

    Armchairs are for just about anything. They are made to be a comfortable seating spot with armrests so you can sit and relax, read a book – anything a normal chair would be used for. 


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