Simply Pastel - Part 2


Alam Ansari, a studio potter and a hard-working family man from Sunderbans, looks up at the sky and at the dwindling Sun, with its vociferous gaze receding slowly and gradually into the black opaqueness of the open moon.

A dewdrop of water, from the far sky and the long trees, touches the cold skin on Alam's face! He continues to stare into the sky, and realizes that the Sun and Moon are a part of the same clan, playing with yellow and dark colors of the night, yet so different from one another!.

After three months of diligent working and sleepless night, our design team was able to capture the essence of this simple village story, the story of inspiration into ‘Simply Pastel 2: Sun & Moon’. This is a range of ceramic tableware with dual tones of mustard yellow and off-white, the pastels that inspired the team and Alam.


  • Nitin Kumar

    The discription is so vivid that I want to see the tableware impatiently.

  • Ankit Gupta


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